Guide to Selecting a Helpdesk Ticketing Software for Small Business

If you are thinking about including a helpdesk ticketing software in your small business, read our quick guide to find out what you need to look for!


No matter what size of business you have, you can make use of a helpdesk ticketing software. If you are thinking about implementing a helpdesk software in your own business, here are some of the things you should think about.


Can the Software Fit Your Existing Structure?

You don’t want to end up with multiple programs which all help you with basically the same set of issues. These competing programs might not integrate with each other well; resulting in a far greater issue than you had before. Instead, you should search for a solution which will overhaul your existing structure. It might be worth looking for a greater software which includes helpdesk ticketing as part of it, as this would allow you to also implement other aspects of IT support all from the same hub. Be sure to take a look at SysAid’s ticketing software for an indication of what is possible if you think about the wider picture.


Is It Easy to Use?

The right ticketing software should be intuitive for both the technician and the customer. If one party finds the software too difficult to use or too frustrating to manage, they might start resorting to other methods to fix any issues they might have. Heading to other sources in this way can result in a decrease of service. Jobs will take much longer to complete resulting in an overall loss of efficiency and productivity. Identify whether or not something is intuitive as soon as you can so you can change if necessary before any mishaps can happen.


Does It Cover the Basics?

There are some basic functions which ticketing softwares must cover if they are to be effective. Such functions can include live chat between your customers, self-help guides so people can try to fix their problems themselves, and automatic ticketing so you know that the job landing in front of you is always going to be the most important. These functions all help to speed up the ticketing process and choosing a software which does not cover one of them is likely to compromise your efficiency in some way.


Is It Affordable?

As a small business, you are not going to have access to the same sort of funds as a big corporation and you need to make sure that you are spending your money wisely. Take the time to look through all of the options available to you; if you want to go for a pricier option it needs to have the right sort of benefits to go with it. Balancing your books can be tricky with small businesses or start-ups, but the right software should be able to boost your business and take it to new heights.


Hopefully, the tips above will be able to help you find the perfect helpdesk ticketing software for your business. Take a look at what types of software are available to you and whether or not they would fit in with your business structure. The perfect software might be easier to find than you think.


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