Climbing Mount Denali – Top 5 Things To Do

You’ve never been to Mount Denali, and probably you are planning to visit it for the first time in the next few days. The excitement on your face is real, but you have no idea about what to do while there.

When visiting a new place, it’s right to go around, wanting to know how you can have the best experience from the visit. There are different activities you can engage in depending on several factors. One of these factors is safety. Before you engage in any activity, ensure the environment is danger-free, or at least you have the suitable mechanisms to guarantee your security.

Mount Denali is one of the best tourist destinations globally. If you are not aware, Denali is the highest mountain peak in North America. Possibly being a first-time mountain climber, you are wondering how to climb Denali, being tall as it is. Sure, it is a serious task, and you should treat it as it is.

However, there are a lot of activities you can participate in while in Denali to make the visit as memorable as you can. Below are a few of these activities. Read on.

1. National Park Tour

One of the most notable features of Denali is its extensive national park. It would be best if you did not miss catching the wildlife view, making many people flock to the mountain. However, the wild animals in the park are not caged; hence you need more time to exploit the scene to spot them.

The park is known for the big five animals; the moose, bear, caribou, wolf, and Dall’s sheep. However, there are more other animals of different species in the park. As the park is wild, you can only catch a glimpse while on a bus ride. Some buses take travelers and tourists across the national park; therefore, make sure to book one and explore the wildlife.

2. HikingDuring the summer season, hiking is one of the most enjoyable activities in Denali. There are a few marked trails next to the entrance and close to visitor centers. However, you should be aware that Denali is a total wilderness, and for off-trail hikes, you should prepare well.

For the hike, prepare by packing water, food, the proper hiking attire, with warm clothes. Also, remember that you can run into the bears during the walk, as they are common in the park. Therefore, pack your food in bear-safe containers and harm yourself with a bear bell and bear spray to encounter them in the event you bump into each other.

Hiking on your own can lock you out of some beautiful experiences due to the constant fear of wild animals. It might be good if you consider booking some local guides for more exciting adventures.

3. Flightseeing the Mountain

A proper way of seeing the peak of the mountain is by use of flight. This is one activity that your visit will not be complete without engaging in—signing up for a flight in advance, whether a small aircraft or helicopter, can give you the pleasure of watching the mountain peak. These could include some wildlife, climbers struggling to make it to the summit, or some attractive mountain ranges.

A small guided hike during a glacier landing on top of the mountain is fantastic. If your budget is not too tight, such experiences are unforgettable. You will be amazed by the beautiful sceneries that Alaska has to offer.

4.  Mountain BikingIf cycling is your passion, Denali is the right place for you. Visiting this place on a bicycle can be a good idea as riders use dirt roads, and off-road cycling is not allowed. All you need is a robust mountain bike. Gravel bikes can also work, but you cannot expect to race to your best speeds. Remember to carry your repair kit, tools, and some spare tires to fix your bike in case of a puncture. Check out to be ready for this biking adventure. 

If you can’t take your bike with you, many businesses near the park rent bikes for such riders. You don’t have to worry. All you need is some cash. You can jump into a bus and ride back to the entrance or ride along the bus. This is particularly good during Summer. 

5.  Rafting and KayakingViewing the Denali from the water is another fun activity to partake in during your visit. Few companies offer water guidance in Denali park. You will learn more about the flora and fauna of the region from the local guides from the trip. These are other fun activities you should consider while in the Denali region to explore the region’s serenity and gaze at the mountain peak.


Mount Denali is an excellent place to spend your summer or winter. So, you will never run short of fun activities during the visit. Also, you can check English Premier League tickets. You only need to plan yourself well and consider all the requirements.

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