Interpretation of Happiness and the Sense of Happiness

By BAO Zonghao  Since ancient times, thinkers and philosophers have interpreted happiness and the sense of happiness from perspectives such as human nature, utilitarianism, marginal...

Regulation and Culture Change in Banks

By John Mellor Responses from regulators to the failures in bank governance and standards of conduct revealed by the crisis of 2007-2008 will fall short...

The Culture Map – Decoding How People Think, Lead, and Get Things Done...

By Erin Meyer Cultural differences lead to confusion, misunderstanding and needless conflict in the business world. In this article, Erin Meyer discusses the Culture Map,...

Bridging Cultural Divides: Doing Business in China

Q&A with Steven P. Feldman In today’s global economy, multinational companies must do business in China. In his recent interview with The World Financial Review,...

Decrypting The Aspiring Indian Low-Income Consumer

By Glyn Atwal, Douglas Bryson and Ambi Parameswaran In this article, Glyn Atwal, Douglas Bryson and Ambi Parameswaran highlight the common misconceptions held by companies...

Luxury Brands Need to Chart a Course into New Frontier Markets

By Glyn Atwal and Douglas Bryson The progressively unpredictable dynamics of the BRIC markets are now challenging luxury brands to rethink their global market strategies....

China’s Product Safety Problem: How Should Marketing Managers Make Ethical Decisions in China?

By Bang Nguyen and David De Cremer China has been known to be the world’s largest manufacturer, but its growth has reduced and thus is...

Twitter, the ‘Snoopers Charter’ and Online Privacy

By Paul Reilly Has the Internet, and micro-blogging site Twitter in particular, killed privacy? Well, not quite. In June 2011, Eric Schmidt used his keynote speech...

Is Effective Waste Collection the key to a Circular Economy?

By Jonas Törnblom As urbanisation intensifies and sustainability climbs higher up the global agenda, new solutions to old challenges are more important than ever. Waste...

Globalisation is Over: The era of transnational marketing and connected consumers

By Ibrahim Sirkeci In an article based on his recent book, Transnational Marketing and Transnational Consumers, Ibrahim Sirkeci argues that there is a paradigm shift...



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