FTSE 100

Britain’s Top Firms Failing Black Leaders

Green Park's Annual Business Leaders Index Records no Black Chairs, CEOs or CFOs at FTSE 100 Companies for first time in six years. Despite years...

America is More Diverse, Racially, Then Ever Before, and it’s Testing the Republican Party

By Charles Denyer  When George Herbert Walker Bush swept to victory in 1988 over Democratic challenger Michael Dukakis, there was only brief mention of the minority...
Prisoners of Identity

Prisoners of Identity

By Namira Samir The informal economy is a place where identities of labourers become inextricably intertwined. This has severe implications for the fulfilment of labour...
The Study Of Economic History

The Study of Economic History and the Importance of Understanding the Past

By Dr. Kalim Siddiqui I. Introduction At present, academic economics in the West (i.e. developed countries) are in a state of confusion, as their dominant economic...
Multipolar World_ Featured Image

Prospects of a Multipolar World and the Role of Emerging Economies

By Dr. Kalim Siddiqui I. Introduction When we look at economic data on trade and output growth, there seems to be an economic shift gradually taking...

Joe Biden sends a clear message to the watching world – America’s back

By Scott Lucas Politics doesn’t have to be a raging fire destroying everything in its path Two weeks after the storming of the US Capitol by the followers...
US Capitol

The Dark Forces behind American Insurrectionists

By Dan Steinbock On January 6, 2021, a mob of white supremacists stormed the U.S. Capitol, presumably to overturn Trump's defeat. Their final goal may...

Where’s the Risk? Global Intelligence for Business Decision-Making

Interview with Alexander Sehmer, Falanx Assynt's Director for Geopolitical Intelligence With the complexities of today’s international political scene, keeping abreast of developments and understanding their...

Will Biden Make Transferring Data To The US Easier

By Alexander Egerton The expectation is that the new administration will look to reverse the deterioration in relations between the US and Europe. Leaving the...

Top Strategies Politicians Use to Build a Following

Everyone has a strong opinion towards politicians, different parties, and everything involving the government. Whatever your stance is, understanding how ambitious individuals seeking a...