Best Options Prop Firms

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Options prop trading firms, also known as proprietary trading companies, operate using their own capital, allowing traders to trade options without relying on external client funds. These firms enable traders to earn from the financial markets, sharing profits based on a pre-defined split. As we approach the end of 2023, here’s a look at some of the best options prop trading firms:

Maverick Trading

Maverick Trading is well-regarded for its extensive educational framework and emphasis on risk management, offering a well-organized training and mentorship scheme for its trading professionals. The entity goes above and beyond to ensure that traders are adequately prepared to traverse the financial markets. Its assessment procedure, designed to gauge a trader’s proficiency, dedication, and potential, is stringent yet fruitful. Upon entry, traders find themselves amidst a community that nurtures development, fosters camaraderie, and promotes ongoing learning.


TradeFundrr adopts a novel methodology towards capital distribution and trader advancement. Standing apart from many conventional proprietary firms, TradeFundrr extends a warm welcome to traders of all skill levels via its inclusive approach. Its model, anchored on trust and empowerment, endows traders with significant firm capital right from the beginning. With an array of trading prospects and a pronounced emphasis on training and mentorship, TradeFundrr emerges as an appealing choice for both nascent and seasoned traders, ranking as one of the  best options prop trading firms.

T3 Trading Group

T3 Trading Group presents professional traders with enhanced leverage through access to firm capital. While the journey to becoming a trader with T3 may be more demanding and expensive, entailing high initial costs and the necessity to clear the SIE and Series 57 Examinations, the firm extends a supportive atmosphere post-admission. T3 cherishes self-driven education and extends mentorship to newcomers, aiding them in adjusting to the industry dynamics.

SMB Capital

SMB Capital adopts a highly discerning strategy, with the aim to nurture a cadre of high-achieving traders rather than merely broadening its lineup. Although their profit sharing scheme and elevated desk fees might deter some, the firm’s dedication to perpetual growth and acknowledgment for outstanding trading performance cultivates a stimulating and supportive milieu for those who are selected.

TopStepTrader and SurgeTrader

Both TopStepTrader and SurgeTrader provide funded accounts for options traders. TopStepTrader, known for its strong track record, requires traders to prove their ability to earn consistent profits. On the other hand, SurgeTrader simplifies the process with a one-step process for funded options trading, permitting nearly any type of trading activity and offering a profit split of up to 90%​.

Each of these firms has its unique strengths and methodologies. The right choice would depend on individual trader preferences, whether it’s the educational emphasis of Maverick, the innovative approach of TradeFundrr, or the rigorous yet supportive environment of T3 and SMB.

Top Crypto Firms 2023

The burgeoning realm of cryptocurrency trading has bred a new wave of proprietary trading firms, each vying for the mantle of the market’s best crypto prop trading firms. These firms offer funded accounts to traders, providing a platform for individuals to trade cryptocurrencies using the firm’s capital, thereby mitigating personal financial risk while sharing profits. As the crypto market continues its upward trajectory in 2023, several proprietary trading firms have distinguished themselves by offering superior platforms, favorable trading conditions, and educational support for traders. Many of these also offer forex trading and are among the best forex prop trading firms:


SurgeTrader emerges as a notable player, offering a range of balance options from $25,000 to $1 million, with a profit split of 75%, extendable to 90% with an add-on purchase. The firm boasts more than 200 cryptocurrency crosses with major world currencies on MT4 and over 375 cryptocurrencies on MT5, making it a versatile platform for crypto traders​.


On the other hand, FundYourFX provides a unique scaling plan up to $2 million, starting with a balance of $6,000. This firm adopts a no-challenge, no-profit target approach, promising to increase a trader’s balance every time a profit of 10% is attained. With a 5-10% max drawdown depending on the level of the scaling plan, and over 300 different cryptocurrencies and crypto indices on MT4, FundYourFX presents an appealing proposition for crypto traders​.


FTMO, established in 2014 in Prague, has entrenched itself firmly in the prop trading arena, offering traders the opportunity to trade with the top 10 cryptocurrencies. With a solid reputation in the industry, FTMO continues to be a formidable entity for crypto traders, providing a wide range of tradable instruments including forex, commodities, and indices alongside cryptocurrencies​.


Further, Fidelcrest, lauded for its swing trading flexibility, offers aggressive accounts with no limitations on holding periods. Starting with a balance of 15,000€, traders can manage up to $2 million from the get-go, without needing a huge starting investment.

Final Thoughts: Best Options Prop Firms

The landscape of proprietary trading firms has broadened to encompass both traditional financial markets and the emerging domain of cryptocurrency trading. The best options prop trading firms like Maverick Trading, TradeFundrr, T3 Trading Group, SMB Capital, TopStepTrader, and SurgeTrader have each carved a niche by offering unique programs, capital allocation models, and supportive environments for traders at various stages of their career. On the other hand, the burgeoning cryptocurrency market has spurred the advent of specialized prop trading firms like SurgeTrader, FundYourFX, FTMO, and Fidelcrest, which cater to the needs of crypto traders with varying models of capital allocation, trading platforms, and educational support.

The diversity in operational models, educational support, and trading opportunities presented across these firms indicates a robust and evolving prop trading ecosystem. Traders now have a plethora of choices, each with its unique advantages, allowing them to align with firms that best suit their trading style, risk tolerance, and career objectives. This rich array of options prop trading firms and crypto trading platforms not only underscores the growth and maturation of the trading industry but also promises a conducive environment for traders to hone their skills, manage substantial capital, and achieve financial success. The best prop trading firms for aspiring traders are at your fingertips.

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