Apple Vs. Android – Productivity Apps


With deadlines looming and distractions all around us, we’ve all been guilty of a little procrastination from time to time. So why not make your mobile device useful and try out some productivity apps?

You’ll generally find that the best productivity apps for Android are also available on iOS and they’re usually identical, but Apple’s operating system takes the prize for sheer variety, with dozens of specialist software programs that can’t be found in Google’s store.

We’ve pulled together a selection of the best from across both platforms, as well as a choice few you can only download from Apple.  

Across Both Platforms


Spike is an innovative new app that aims to revolutionize the way we think about email. It removes all of the clutter found in standard inboxes and converts them into easy-to-follow chat conversations. 

Additional features, like prioritizing messages from key people, live collaboration where multiple users can comment and amend documents, an intuitive task tracker, and group chats, all increase your productivity. By zeroing in on important emails, specific projects and key people you need to talk to, you save time trawling through your inbox looking for the relevant info.


This simple and intuitive schedule tracker lets you organize to-do lists, customize reminders and sync up your calendar across your phone and desktop so you never miss an appointment. 

You can even add friends and coworkers to the app and share tasks and reminders across groups, making it a great tool for collaborative projects or even arranging a night out. Best of all, the app is completely free, although you can opt for a premium version that gets you advanced recurring reminders, customized themes, and compatibility with WhatsApp. This will set you back $2.99 if you pay for a 12-month subscription upfront.


One of the most well-known productivity apps, Todoist, has earned itself a great reputation as a dependable planner. It’s particularly impressive when it comes to integration with other apps, and works seamlessly with Slack, Dropbox, and IFTTT. 

Not just a simple activity planner, the app has functionality for brainstorming ideas, project management tools, and task delegation options. We especially like the Todoist karma feature, which awards you points for completing tasks and maintaining streaks and is surprisingly effective at keeping you motivated.

It’s another app that comes with a free version alongside an optional premium package. Extras include backups of data to the cloud, additional themes, and email integration.  

Toggl Track

Toggl Track is the perfect app for those obsessed with statistics and need to know to the second how much time they’ve spent on a specific task. Set up your tasks for the day and manually log the start and stop times of each one. 

You can organize time into billable hours, admin, productive time, or any other custom category you’d like. All of the information is displayed across colorful and easy-to-understand graphs and charts providing an audit trail over time. Find out when you’re most productive, which tasks are taking the longest, and where you might need to put a little extra work in. 

The free version is more than enough for freelancers and solopreneurs, while premium and enterprise versions can be rolled out to multiple users and staff members. The paid features include scheduled reports, employee insights, and an advanced project dashboard.  

iOS Only


If you’re one of those creatives that’s always on the go and constantly jotting down ideas, then Flow might be perfect for you. Take notes, draw sketches, brainstorm, and design across an infinite digital canvas. Everything is customizable, from virtual pens and pencils to the sketchpad you’re drawing on. 

Best for designers working with iPads, you can give this app a go with a seven-day free trial before a $1.99 per month charge kicks in. 


This virtual assistant might be most well-known for its impressive device integrations. Create tasks and set reminders across any iOS device as well as Amazon Alexa, Siri, and your desktop computer. 

It’s primarily a calendar organizing tool that combines additional features like note-taking and smart alerts. Other functions we like include the ability to set up instant conference calls with contacts, and a GPS navigator if you’re out meeting clients or heading somewhere new.

As with most productivity apps, the free version gives you a pretty solid calendar manager, but a premium subscription gets you a lot more customization options.

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