Why CBD Brands Use Call Center Technology

The CBD world is exploding right now. Not only are vendors making money off their greens and herbs, but they are also turning a profit by selling seedlings and helping people grow their own CBD indoor gardens.

But just like plant growth, as companies grow, it takes more and more energy to “water” them. So why have so many CBD companies found that using contact center software is the best way to boost their workforce optimization? Let’s take a closer look.

Customer Education

As more and more customers call with questions about which fluorescent ultraviolet light bulb is best for home growers, or which local nursery can provide them with soil for the proper germination, companies need to find better customer service solutions to match their stage of growth.

As inbound calls increase it’s a real challenge to maintain customer satisfaction without a proper support team. That’s why so many CBD companies have turned to digital outbound call centers to help field customer inquiries. Customer education is a huge point of sails for many CBD companies as there is so much information that customers need to know.

Brands can’t afford to lose a customer just because they were left on hold for too long while calling about the best grow lights for their greenhouse. Using a cloud contact center allows companies access to amazing CRM integration tools just through an internet connection. Built-in features like virtual agents and interactive voice response take the burden off companies and allow them to deliver the relevant information to that experienced grower who wants a full spectrum light with photosynthetic photon flux density and a reflector for their indoor plants.

Reduced Cost

The setup and maintenance of an in-house support team are costly indeed. That’s why remote call center solutions are the best option for CBD companies. Instead of finding and paying supervisors or remote employees, CBD brands usually decide to go the easy way and opt for a digital outbound call center that can handle all aspects of the customer experience for them.

While there is some investment, call centers tend to pay for themselves as they free up time and resources. It’s just not possible for a finite team in a small space to answer all their phone calls, IMs, texts, and emails about how photosynthesis works with a fluorescent light, and also do their best at their jobs.

A cloud solution allows managers to easily monitor agent performance to make sure that it stays up to par with the quality their company is known for. Customer service solutions are generally much cheaper than an in-house support team as well, making it the better option, causing better customer experiences, which leads to an increase in sales.

Business Continuity

Another drawback to CBD companies handling customer experience on their own is that they can only provide customer support while their support teams are in the office. The remote workers at a call center, on the other hand, are available any day, season, or time of year. This means that Businesses never have to stop working.

Call centers are a great way for younger CBD companies to achieve high output because they allow for easy enactment of best practices in business, and can guide clients through the entire customer journey, from the first call to the final sale.

Digital contact centers also allow for social media integration. This means that all possible channels of communication are covered in one easy-to-use contact center software. No more redundant information is delivered to customers who call and text about the lifespan of their fluorescent bulbs. All of that data is stored for easy analytics. Companies that equip themselves with digital call centers have the right tools to inform their customers, make sales, and provide round-the-clock support.

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