What Is Exolix?


Finding a reliable service for swapping your crypto assets might be a tricky task. If you need a fast and secure crypto exchange, Exolix is just what you need. This platform was launched four years ago and has since proven it can be trusted. 

The service offers to convert cryptocurrencies on the best terms. Exolix has high standards of confidentiality and data protection. You don’t need to register or reveal your identity in any other way. The conversion of the coins is carried out 100% anonymously. 

The security of the services provided by the exchange platform is ensured due to the implementation of numerous data protection features, including:

  • protection from DDoS attacks;
  • SSL certificate for information transmission;
  • strong security protocols.

Therefore, by entrusting your crypto assets exchange to Exolix, you may be calm and confident about their safety.

Finally, you can buy and trade your coins at fixed price rates, which allows protecting your cryptocurrency assets from the crypto market price fluctuations. 

How Does Exolix Work?

The algorithm Exolix uses in its work involves searching for the best conversion rates on the largest crypto exchange platforms. This is possible due to Exolix being integrated into some of the best-known and most powerful platforms for crypto exchange.

Once the system detects the most advantageous offer, it starts the conversion process. Typically, it takes 5 – 30 minutes to complete it. So Exolix is not only safe, but it’s also fast.

Exolix: Our Features

Positive customer experience is what Exolix strives to provide. For this reason, the crypto exchange platform boasts the following features:

  • No KYC verification. Exolix doesn’t require any personal data to fulfill the exchange. It’s enough to comply with the Terms and Conditions of the service.
  • No limits on exchange amount. You can swap any sum of any kind of cryptocurrency that is listed on the exchange list. 
  • Fixing the exchange rates. Exchanging crypto with floating rates is risky. Exolix offers the fixation of the exchange rate for 60 minutes so that you don’t lose money because of the market volatility.
  • Anonymity. One of the reasons people invest in a crypto is complete anonymity. Exolix doesn’t violate this principle and offers its clients complete privacy.
  • Transparency for the client. You can track the exchange process at every stage, thus keeping an eye on everything done by the crypto exchange platform.
  • 24/7 professional support. The customer support service can be reached whenever you need professional assistance converting your money. 

Wrapping up

Exolix is a perfect choice for crypto owners who cherish safety and reliability and wants to swap their coins, for example like BTC to ETH, on the best terms.

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