What Equipment Do You Need for Video Content Production?

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If you can shoot quality videos, you can create quality marketing content that is engaging, entertaining, and convincing. Whether you are marketing your own company or creating content for others, that’s a helpful skill.

Videography requires creativity, attention to detail, and other soft skills. However, your talents can only reach their full potential with the right equipment.

But which equipment will give you the best return on investment? This list will describe the best types of video equipment for producing high-quality videos.

Does Your Video Production Equipment Matter?

You’ve probably seen viral videos filmed with nothing more than a smartphone. While this is a viable option for the occasional TikTok or streaming video, you need equipment that will allow you to reliably create videos with great production values.

The equipment listed here includes items that are absolutely necessary for creating video content. It also includes some items that aren’t absolute necessities but will help you create polished and professional videos. As you learn how to make video ads and other content, your specific equipment needs will become clear to you.

List of Video Production Equipment

Consider purchasing the following equipment if you plan to create video content regularly:

Video Camera

Your camera is the most important item you will purchase. Everything else you buy will need to work with or around your camera. You may choose to use a smartphone, a DSLR camera, or a mirrorless camera. 

Consider these factors before you make a purchase:

  • The types of video you will shoot
  • Whether your videos will have audio
  • The platforms where you will share your videos
  • Your video camera budget

If you shoot different types of videos, you might invest in two different cameras. For example, you might need a GoPro-style camera for action shots and a webcam for filming other content.

Lighting for Your Camera

The right camera light can help you improve your video production values considerably. Lighting can also fill in shadows, and you can add a reflector for even better quality. 

If you plan to film your videos in one location, consider investing in a lighting kit for your studio.

Audio Cables

An audio cable attaches your microphone directly to your camera. A good cable will lead to better sound quality in your final product. You can also purchase USB cables to connect your camera to your computer during editing. Finally, MIDI cables can connect musical instruments if you plan to record live music.


A tripod may not be an absolute necessity, but it is nice to have. It will stabilize your camera and help you transition between different camera angles smoothly. The ideal tripod will be durable, flexible, and compatible with your camera.


You may find that you need a microphone to get the best possible audio quality. You will have a better chance of capturing all of the audio you need during filming, saving time in the postproduction process.

As you decide which microphone to get, you will need to consider the specific product you want. Here are some of your choices:

  • Wireless microphone to pick up audio during interviews
  • Shotgun microphone to catch audio cues
  • Boom microphone to capture audio from a group
  • Lapel microphone to get clearer sound from interview subjects or participants
  • Handheld microphone to allow you to have more freedom of movement

It may be worth purchasing a few different microphones to meet all of your video production needs.

Camera Lenses

Good camera lenses allow you to get the best picture quality based on what you are filming and the filming conditions.

Memory Cards

Always carry extra flash memory cards with you. Ensure they work with your camera and they are empty.

Extra Batteries

Running out of battery life without having spares on hand can ruin an entire day of production. Keep at least four spares on hand. For multiday shoots, you may need even more.

Camera Bag

This handy accessory will allow you to carry your equipment from one location to another. It should be durable and waterproof.


If you plan to edit your videos, invest in a quality set of headphones. These will help ensure you hear the audio you’ve captured clearly. On the topic of editing, click here to learn how to make an intro for a Youtube video.

Research and Keep an Equipment List

This list of the equipment you need to create engaging video content is by no means exhaustive. However, it will allow you to get off to a great start.

Once you pick up the basics, research new equipment options depending on the type of video production you plan to create. Then, build a list of items you would like to acquire over time.

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