Unusual Digital Marketing Strategies to Make Your Business Good to Excellent

Marketing Strategies

SMM, SEO, PPC, and whatever you’d like to choose are basics impossible to avoid in digital marketing. But if you are full of unreleased creativity, discover with us web strategies not opened to the public yet! Those strategies may remain risky, but what if they can help you to grow your online business? 

Spoiler alert: we’ll not disclose channels of promotion that can harm your brand or lead to the full blackout of a site or social media. There’s no need to get crazy if you want to try something new! 

Find Out Which Tools Are Not Toxic to Your Business

We’ll start with the most obvious but hard to use correctly tip. On the internet, you can find hundreds of tools that serve differently. To be clear, most of these apps are an empty shell that will not take too much of your money but also won’t give them back. 

Thus, you need to find solutions able to excel in your main focus of a digital strategy: attention, sales, or buzz.

Every business and even each platform has different approaches to promotion. As our recommendation, you can find tools that help to launch an email campaign, automatically buy TikTok likes, or find link building partners. 

Start with Non-Conventional SEO

All ways lead to SEO, unfortunately. We suppose that at least half of the business owners in the world had struggled through ineffective but extremely expensive Search Engine Optimization. 

We want to be googled, and we pay absolutely idiotic money for it. 

But what if you can spend less and get more using secret strategies only the best SEO managers can apply?

Add your company to Google maps. Ask your loyal clients to leave comments there. Set your business pages or promo articles on local gigantic resources. Delete pages you cannot find existing on your competitors’ webs. Transfer your blog to the sub-domain. 

Easy, cheap, and sparky! You don’t need to pay extra for these simple SEO moves. 

Dark PR as an Option to Avoid

Mentioning black public relations wasn’t our top priority. But hiding this tactic is not an ideal decision either, so here are three insights if you want to go dark without messing it up-

  1. You shall not use acute social problems for hype. It never works
  2. Come up with a smart alibi for every move; if the fire is growing, it’ll help to find a way out 
  3. Be ready to apologize sincerely and become a better company

The era of ignorant businesses has come to its logical end. The cancel culture may hit you harder than you expect! 

Memes Are the Key: Boost Your Twitter

Younger audiences love memes. If you jump at every opportunity to joke, people will advertise you by their will. Just because they agree with you or find you funny. 

But the art of memes is sneaky so you shall not make offensive jokes. For sure, being risky is a must, but some ideas are just wrong. Reconsider them; do not joke to harm or show your supremacy. 

As our experience indicates, for businesses it’s better to hire an experienced copywriter or rely on an employee that has the meme streak!

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of The World Financial Review.