The Best Extension for Magento 2 Product Feed Creation

The best module for advanced product feed Magento 2 has ever seen

What do you want to do first when you create something new? Undoubtedly, you want to share it with someone else. People do it for different purposes: to brag, to assert themselves, or to get profit. In terms of eCommerce, the reason is quite clear — to find consumers. You can’t earn money if you have no one to buy your goods. Therefore, it’s vital for any shop, especially online ones, to promote items and cover different customer groups. But how to achieve success in such a complicated task?

Don’t worry, you can relax and think about something else because today’s plugin will handle it on its own. Product feed creation has never been that easy until now. With the help of a special module for Magento, you can increase the overall productivity and revenue of your enterprise with no complications.



First and foremost, before configuring feeds to match your demands, have a look at the preset patterns, which are actually unique shortcodes. These calling/editing codes are divided into two categories: attributes and values. These patterns enable you to make various adjustments, such as using PHP functions or attribute code, for example.

Patterns can be selected from a drop-down menu with ease. Furthermore, the preview tool allows you to see how the stream will seem.

These designs will make your feeds more distinctive and appealing, which will help with promotion.

Here are some examples of additional customization options:

  • Dynamic attributes. Depending on your needs, you can create new qualities or change their values. You can use dynamic parameters like delivery cost or product manufacturer, for example. As a result, any product with a specific price or brand may be automatically labeled as free-to-ship. Customization becomes even more flexible as a result of this.
  • Dynamic variables. Even more amazing is this feature. In only a few clicks, you may make all variables meet your needs using PHP functions. You can make your feed as thorough and informative as possible with the aid of such variables because you may define specific values for any product: price, quantity, and so on. Dynamic variables ensure that fields with dynamic variables never get out-of-date, allowing you to keep your potential customers up to date.
  • Dynamic categories. The category in which your feed will be presented is very significant. The rationale for this is that it has a direct impact on the number of users who become clients. To put it another way, the conversion rate is determined by the promotion plan. So, if you want your products to always match their categories, just select the appropriate category from the drop-down option. With the help of this feature, your feed will never be lost.

Ready to start

Over 50 pre-made templates for the majority of the most popular marketplaces and shopping engines are available here for your convenience and a rapid start. The ability to build a feed for Google is, of course, something that people like you are seeking in such plugins. This is an example of search engines; however, if you want to pique people’s attention on social media, you can use a Facebook feed preset or an Instagram preset, for example. This strategy is applicable to a large number of people.

Furthermore, the variables included in these templates are plenty to begin functioning, so you won’t have to worry about adding more. You are good to go straight after the installation.


It’s fantastic because the number of fields you wish to show in your feed has no restriction. Using the menu, you can easily change any field. If you prefer direct modification, simply change the code of a field. It doesn’t just apply to new feeds; you may also make changes to templates. Use the preview tool if you’re unsure about how a feed will seem.

Exporting and Importing options

For more convenience, templates, new filters, and dynamic attributes/categories/variables can be easily imported and exported. This is required for backup purposes, as you will need to recover your data from YAML files in the future. You may also import XML files and a variety of other file kinds.

Filtering System

Another excellent feature of this add-on is filtering. To be more explicit, the number of possibilities you have here is incredible. Look at the available filtering parameters: product cost, quantity, parent category, unique identifier, image, and so on. Choose any parameter you want to apply as a filter.

This allows you to pick and select which products appear in the feed, allowing you to promote only specific products for specific services. This level of flexibility gives you the power you need to grow your business.

Filters are commonly used to retrieve values for configurable items that people are interested in. This can be used to connect a parent product’s link to exported products or to return a parent product’s value, for example.

When it comes to variables, there are a few possibilities, such as maintaining product inventory figures.

Operation ways

The backend panel is not the only way to generate or deliver product feeds. You can also use the command line to perform such tasks, which can be even more convenient on some occasions.


How to make all processes even easier? The best way is to let the add-on do them on its own. Luckily for you, you have such a possibility. And here is what automation option you’ve got:

  • Because the accuracy of the information consumers see in your feeds is critical, you must ensure that everything is in order. This plugin provides a number of options for keeping the data current. The most convenient is automated, which is controlled by a cron job. You can schedule the production of feeds at any moment. As a result, you may schedule some feeds to renew on a specific day and time without having to do anything else, which is really useful.
  • Access by URL.
    Feeds have unique URLs. This enables you to not only access them whenever you want but also to track them using specific software such as Google Analytics. Furthermore, the parameters you acquire here can be appended to the feed URL automatically. Different platforms support various file types. Depending on the service, your link may include txt, CVS, or XML files.
  • Automatic uploading.
    With this add-on, you can forget about manual uploading. Even the time when your product feeds should be supplied can be scheduled. To do so, you’ll need the services’ FTP/FTPS/SFTP credentials. By pressing the Connection button, you can verify that everything is working properly.


When a product feed is successfully generated or sent, you’ll receive an email notification. Also, if something goes wrong, stay tuned. Save your time and focus on your work, but stay in touch.

Email notifications aren’t the only method to keep track of what’s happening with your feeds. To examine detailed records of the creation, update, and other operations, go to the History tab. This provides you with a full, deep understanding of the working processes, which allows you to quickly detect issues.


When it comes to e-commerce, analytics is a critical component of success. Use the special tool to keep track of the efficacy of your feeds or a single feed over time.

Enable and disable clicks and orders for each feed separately. This option displays the precise transfer rate for a given feed.

A basic, clean grid will make it easy for you to keep track of the information you need about your feeds. The filtering feature also aids in limiting down the data being viewed; all you have to do is select the criteria you want to track. This grid’s data can be shown in the form of an interactive chart. Plus, you can choose either a pie chart, diagram, or histogram.

For more convenient monitoring, you can upload product feeds to Google Analytics. There, you are able to set preferable UTM parameters and view the data you need when you want it.


For those who have been looking for a good extension that is capable of dealing with product feeds, the Mirasvit product feeds Magento extension is a great choice. Here you will find everything you need and a little more. The best competitive advantages of this add-on are simple, intuitive interface, amazing flexibility, great customization, and convenient automation. It’s barely possible to find that many useful features for such a price. Besides, you will get interesting bonuses for purchasing this product. And these bonuses are really solid! If you don’t believe us, then just go and see how everything works with a free demo.

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