Simply Wall St Review 2023 – Is It Worth It?

Simply Wall St Review 2023 - Is It Worth It

What Is Simply Wall St?

Launched in 2015 and headquartered in Sydney, Simply Wall St is a stock screener and analysis platform with over three million active users. With Simply Wall St, you can keep track of 100k+ stocks across 91+ of the largest markets worldwide and access dozens of advanced research and reporting tools.

Something we like about Simply Wall St is its beautiful charts; you can choose from 9+ visual reports and gain key insights into all your investments at a glance. Simply Wall St offers two paid subscriptions, full access to the stock screener & Investing Ideas, and unlimited reports. You can also sign up for the Simply Wall St free account – no credit card required.

In this quick Simply Wall St summary, I will go over all the best features of this platform. If you want to read a more in-depth analysis, check out our entire Simply Wall St.

Pros & Cons of Simply Wall St


  • Access 9+ insightful visual reports
  • Keep track of all your portfolios in one place
  • Customizable stock screener with advanced filters
  • Investing Ideas with actionable recommendations
  • Try out the free account for as long as you want
  • Affordable monthly subscriptions
  • Synchronize with your broker and import portfolio data automatically
  • Excellent reviews on Trustpilot (4.5/5)


  • Limited free account
  • It doesn’t offer a backtesting environment

Insightful Visual Reports

For experienced investors, Simply Wall St offers dozens of advanced reports. Simply Wall St reports will save a lot of time in the short term and can be the difference between picking winners early on and missing out on key opportunities. Here are some of their most popular reports:

  • Growth Forecast: Expected performance of a company based on professional analyst consensus.
  • Valuation: FInd undervalued stocks immediately based on expected cash flow and other key metrics.
  • Risks & Rewards: Comes with daily red flags and must-act investing opportunities
  • Dividend: Access exclusive data about past dividends and projected payments on your stock holdings
  • Financial Health: Keep track of all your finances and get key insights into your assets, debts, equity, and more.

Other reports include Management & Insider Transaction, which will give you key insights into the behind-the-scenes of all companies, including board profiles and what financial institutions or individuals are backing the company.

Stock Screener & Stock Investing Ideas

Simply Wall St offers one of the most advanced stock screeners in the market, with fully customizable filters – including growth forecasts, historical performance, price ratios, financial health, and dozens more –and an easy-to-use interface, ideal for beginner and experienced investors alike. Simply Wall St supports 100k+ stocks in 91+ global markets.

Stock Investing Ideas is a set of pre-made filters that offer actionable recommendations based on the type of investor you are. You can pick one of these filters and start using them immediately, or use them as starting points and fine-tune to find the investment that better fits your goals.

Keep Track Of All Your Investments & Track Your Performance

With Simply Wall St, you can consolidate all your investments in one place while gaining valuable insights into the performance of each. Simply Wall St offers an intuitive way to track your dividend payment dates, capital gains, diversification, and overall performance of all your portfolios. With the free, basic account, you can follow one portfolio; all the premium plans, on the other hand, support unlimited portfolios.

Access A Free Account With Basic Research Tools

If you want to test the platform before committing to the Premium or Unlimited subscriptions, you can sign up for a free Simply Wall St account. The free Simply Wall St account includes:

  • Access to Global Markets
  • Sample portfolios
  • Five monthly company reports
  • Five portfolio scans per month
  • Five watchlist subscriptions
  • Access curated investment ideas

One of the most significant limitations of the free account is that you can only add one portfolio – and you can’t access the stock screener. As a Premium or Unlimited subscriber, you’ll have access to great features like:

  • Unlimited company stock reports
  • Advanced stock screener & stock comparison tool
  • Holdings summary & key insights
  • Important & timely updates for all your holdings
  • Portfolio dividend payments

Additionally, you can add as many portfolios as you want and export your data to Excel & PDF. We recommend the Premium or Unlimited plans if you want to consolidate all your investments in one place – is Simply Wall St worth it for me? – and the free plan to get a feel for the platform.

Simply Wall St Fees

  • Free Account: Free
  • Premium Account: $10/month
  • Unlimited Account: $20/month

Sign-Up Process

Simply Wall St is open for users in 170+ countries worldwide, and it supports 91+ of the largest markets. Signing up for Simply Wall St is very easy and won’t take more than a couple of minutes; here’s how to get started:

  • Visit Simply Wall St’s website
  • On the top right, click Register for a Free Plan
  • Enter a valid email address and verify it

Additionally, Simply Wall St offers a very generous referral program: you can earn $150 for every friend you refer, plus a commission for the first 12 months, depending on their Simply Wall St subscription.

Simply Wall St Trustpilot Reviews

Simply Wall St has excellent reviews from its users, and it holds an average rating of 4.5 on Trustpilot. Here’s what some of those users have to say about Simply Wall St:

  • “The app is fantastically well designed, able to get a lot of information visually on whatever aspect of investing is needed, whether it’s stock analysis, portfolio analysis, etc. This allows for ease in navigating between various aspects of a stock and a much shorter time spent analyzing it. Love it.” – Ryan Y.
  • “The research and information on Simply Wall St are clear and to the point. It’s written without technical jargon but contains the investment data required to make investment decisions. If I had used SwS years ago (to be honest, I don’t think it was around when I started), I would have saved myself a lot of heartaches!” – Stevie S.
  • “Great product at a great price due to the Easter sale. I like the snowflake summary of each stock and the stock screener to narrow down companies for further research.” – Paul V.
  • “Far better than Morningstar. Excellent comprehensive coverage, including Singapore, Germany, and Japan. The updates and news are notable – probably the best on the market.
    The Fair Values are sometimes pretty screwy (hence the four stars)” – Joseph O.

If you are not entirely convinced that this particular service is for you after reading these reviews, you can check out Seeking Alpha. Seeking Alpha is one of the largest crowdfunded stock research sites, with millions of monthly visitors and a history of outstanding performance.

Final Thoughts

Simply Wall St is a stock screener and analysis platform for intermediate and advanced investors looking to take their investing to the next level. Simply Wall St offers advanced research tools like company reports, stock comparisons, and trade ideas. You can also access robust reporting features and insightful visual reports to help you grow as a trader. No matter where in your investing career you are, Simply Wall St has got something for beginner and experienced investors alike.

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