Låne Penger Uten Sikkerhet – Loans without Security for Borrowers

Låne Penger Uten Sikkerhet

There are implications when playing the roles of lenders and borrowers in the financial market. Risk is one of the things that both financial market players have in common. The amount of risk involved is determined by the kind of loan secured by the borrower and granted by the lender.

In this context, it is either a loan with or without security is granted and secured. The lender takes more risk when a credit line is granted without security (collateral). This is because there is nothing to bank on besides the borrower’s creditworthiness. In essence, things can go bad for the lender if the borrower does not fulfill the loan’s conditions.

This explains why more stringent measures are put in place by lenders who offer this kind of loan to applicants. For more on this subject, you can check: https://files.consumerfinance.gov/.

Loans without security are increasingly common in Norway and many other parts of the continent and the world. This is despite the increased risk on the part of lenders. However, it should be well understood before attempting to secure it.

This is to avoid being rejected by lenders and so that the right lender is chosen. So, read on to find out more about loans without security. Most of the information here applies in Norway, but the details are generally relevant.

Benefits of Loans without SecurityBenefits of Loans without Security

Choosing the right kind of loan should be informed by what you stand to gain and lose as a borrower. To this end, here are some of the benefits of taking out such:

No Need for Collateral

This is exactly the clear-cut difference between loans with and without security. You do not have to worry about presenting any collateral or suitable collateral to creditors. Only your creditworthiness as informed by your detailed credit profile will be assessed before you are granted or denied the requested funds.


Mostly, they can be used flexibly. This means that borrowers are not obligated to use the secured funds for specific purposes. They can use it as deemed fit.

Chances of Getting Better Terms

One of the major points in defense of secured loans is how unsecured loans are more costly. This is because of the typically high-interest rates that apply because of the increased risk taken by lenders.

This is not far-fetched from the truth. However, some conditions apply. Borrowers with high credit scores and impressive credit profiles have an increased chance of securing loans without security at relatively low-interest rates.

This is because they are considered very creditworthy. In essence, lenders take significantly reduced risks by offering credit lines to them. So, there is very little to be worried about for those with impressive credit profiles.

Drawbacks of Loans without SecurityDrawbacks of Loans without Security

There are drawbacks associated with every kind of credit line. This one is no exception and some of the drawbacks in question include the following:

Higher Interest Rate

Loans with security can only be granted when the borrower presents collateral. The presented collateral is so important that its value can determine if the loan will be granted or to what extent.

Fortunately, this is not how things work with loans without security. As explained early, lenders simply have to consider you creditworthy enough, judging from your detailed credit profile; which inquiries will be made about.

But even when borrowers are considered eligible enough, lenders will still be taking a huge risk. This is given how they have no leverage if borrowers do not fulfill the loan agreement. As a result, significantly high-interest rates are usually attached to loans without security. Effective interest rates can even be ridiculously high for borrowers with low credit scores and/or unimpressive credit profiles.

Having a very high credit score and impressive credit profile at large can significantly reduce the effective interest rate. However, it is still likely to be more than what borrowers who take out secured loans will get.

Stricter Terms and Conditions

Typically, this kind of loan comes with stricter terms and conditions. For example, there can be very harsh penalties for late payment.

Reduced Borrowing Capacity

It is harder to get extra credit lines when you are still servicing a current unsecured loan. This is why people are expected to seriously think about borrowing money for consumption purposes. You can read this article for more on this subject.

The amount that can be secured from lenders who offer this kind of loan is another way to explain reduced borrowing capacity. Most lenders who offer this kind of credit line usually place a cap on how much they can disperse. Typically, the amounts are much lower than what can be secured through loans with security. For more information on this, you should read the next part.

How Much Can You Get with Loans without Security?How Much Can You Get with Loans without Security

The amount that can be secured using this kind of credit line is between 5000 Norwegian kroner and 600,000 Norwegian kroner. However, most creditors have a cap that would not exceed 500,000 Norwegian kroner. The aforementioned range is between micro-loans to large-scale ones.

Factors such as the quality of the borrower’s credit profile, the amount in circulation, the lender’s policy, and (of course) the requested amount determine how much people can get using this kind of credit line. But by and large, the amount is typically not as much as can be gotten with secured loans.

What Is the Repayment Period for Loans without Security?

The repayment period varies. However, the most extended payment period is usually set at 5 years. People who take out large-scale loans are the ones who usually have to settle for lengthy payment periods. On the other hand, those who take out micro-loans may even pay up in a matter of months rather than a year.

At What Cost Can You Get Loans Without Security?

Loans without security can be secured for as low as a 5 percent effective interest rate and as high as a 30 percent effective interest rate. Speaking of which, the nominal interest rate is what is usually advertised by lenders.

The effective interest rate does not only consider the nominal (base) interest rate but other costs of securing the credit line. So, it should be what people consider before securing these loans. The exact effective interest rate that applies is determined by factors including:

Requested Amount

There is a rule of thumb that applies to interest rates in relation to secured amounts. It is that larger amounts command lower interest rates. On the other hand, lower amounts command higher interest rates.

For example, someone who is granted 500,000 Norwegian kroner can get an interest rate of between 5 percent to 12 percent. On the contrary, someone who is granted 50,000 Norwegian kroner can get between 18 – 30 percent as the interest rate.


Creditworthiness is a major factor in deciding who is eligible for loans without security. But besides that, it is an important part of determining the cost at which the credit line will be granted if the applicant is considered eligible enough.

The rule of thumb is that those who are seen as very creditworthy get lower interest rates than those who are less creditworthy. This proves the need for borrowers to improve their credit profile before considering this kind of credit line.

Repayment Period

Loans repaid within a short time frame are usually less costly than those repaid within a long time frame. This is something that people who opt for long-term repayment structures need to consider, regardless of how easier such payment structures seem.

Lender’s Policy

Lenders have the prerogative to fix effective interest rates to a large extent. There are fiscal rules that provide guidelines, but it is mostly down to the lender’s policy. As a result, some of these creditors are more considerate than others.

This is why choosing the right lender is of utmost importance. As a result, prospective borrowers need to scan through the market, compare lenders, and choose the best ones.


Some people can afford to choose between loans with and without security. Understanding the implications of both options is crucial if you are one of such people. This way, you are better positioned to know hva du vil (the Norwegian translation of “what you want”) between both options.

People who can only settle for loans without security also need to understand the general implication of taking out such loans. The importance of choosing the right lender cannot be overemphasized for such people.

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