Is It Safe to Work With a Mobile Notary?

Instead of traveling to a notary office, many working professionals prefer to use a mobile notary public and redirect the time saved to handle professional and personal responsibilities. Due to the benefits it offers, more notaries go mobile every year.

Although this transition has increased revenue in many public notaries operations, relying on a mobile notary may pose safety concerns to both the clients and notaries. Although saving time and acquiring convenient notary services is ultimately beneficial for a company in any industry, it’s paramount to prioritize your safety and colleagues’ safety to an equal degree. Ensure you take the necessary precautions before hiring a mobile notary to come to your home or office.


Dangers associated with mobile professionals

It is highly likely that you’re aware of the dangers of meeting and dealing with strangers, so it’s always in your best interest to act with caution. When contemplating hiring a mobile notary, remember that you may encounter potentially untrustworthy individuals in isolated locations. Though initially unsettling, it’s relatively common to welcome an acquaintance into your home, i.e., a new neighbor, a salesperson, a repairman, etc.

In an ideal world, the average homeowner would love to screen everyone that steps into their home thoroughly. Though that isn’t necessarily realistic, you’ll want to make sure you hire a reputable company like this and take your time to gather all the necessary information to make the notarization process run seamlessly.


Safety tips when working with a mobile notary

You’re primarily responsible for your own safety, so ensure you take every precaution when seeking traveling notary services.


Since mobile notaries travel to your location of choice to deliver their services, it’s essential to choose the location carefully to ensure your safety. If you’re uncomfortable with inviting them to your home, you can pick the closest restaurant, library, shop, or another public space when you feel safe. The best notarization site is a public, well-lit place.

Regardless of the location you choose, make sure to inform someone you know, such as a friend or family member, of your whereabouts and how long the errand should take. Coordinate a time where you plan to call or text a loved one following your meeting with the traveling notary. Ensure that you give them the notary public’s address, name, and other fundamental details. Furthermore, check in with your relative or friend when you arrive at the location, either through a text or phone call. You should also schedule times to check-in when handling long assignments.


Although a notary public offers flexible bookings, meaning they can deliver services during times that extend beyond business hours, it’s not advisable to meet with a notary late at night, especially in secluded locations. It’s better to have the documents notarized during the day for safety purposes.

Notarizing for disabled or elderly individuals

An adult caregiver may need to request notarization for the individual in their care, which lends to specific safety problems. Transporting disabled or elderly individuals can be quite challenging based on their health conditions, which may pose additional inconveniences. It may be challenging to move the person around or lug around medical equipment. Therefore, it may be best to hire a mobile notary.

Proper verification is critical for any notarization work. In most cases, a notary ascertains the signer’s identity using some form of ID. However, sometimes, the individuals may not have an ID on hand, especially when dealing with a senior citizen who no longer operates a vehicle. Fortunately, a mobile notary knows how to prove identity in the absence of identification like driver’s licenses.

Adult caregivers may be accused of coercing people in their care with mental or physical issues, especially when dealing with a will. Notarization protects adult caregivers, as a notary public has to assess the signatory’s willingness, ensuring that the person is taking part willingly and is in the right mental capacity to make high-profile decisions.


Choosing the right mobile notary

Your safety and the security of your documents both heavily rely on the notary public you choose. Don’t be in a rush to hire the first traveling notary you encounter. Instead, take the time to gather all the necessary information, including the individual or company’s reputation, information on implemented security measures, and available working hours.



Although it’s better to hire a mobile notary that works outside business hours, make sure you can choose a time that works best for you and protects you against dangerous interactions. Since mobile notaries handle non-public information frequently, you’ll want to verify that these highly-confidently documents are stored securely. Unfortunately, mobile notaries may not have a safe and locked filing cabinet at their disposal since they’re consistently on-the-go. To ensure your documentation remains secure, confirm they’re willing to take necessary precautions to safeguard your information against theft.

Although working with a mobile notary presents some safety risks, you can enjoy its benefits comfortably with proper vetting and safety measures. Besides enforcing your own safety policies, inquire about your company of choice’s policies as well.

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