How to Receive 1K Followers in TikTok in 1 Day

Tiktok Followers

TikTok is now one of the most popular platforms: every day hundreds of thousands of new users register there and millions of videos are uploaded. However, in terms of the number of users, TikTok is still inferior to major social networks like Instagram and Facebook.

This does not bother those who go there to kill an hour or two, but it is important for everyone who plans to gain a large audience of tiktok fans and build a blogging career. It is much easier to promote here: there are more ways to attract followers, the competition is lower, and the platform gives views even to no-names. Therefore, many still hope to jump into the last carriage and become famous in order to swim in the likes of subscribers and make millions on advertising.

Profile promotion methods

All methods of recruiting subscribers in Tik Tok are divided into two categories: paid and free. You can get followers in both ways, but with paid promotion options it will go faster, although you will have to invest. Therefore, they will open the top popular methods of profile promotion.

Paid promotion methods


Many novice bloggers wind up the first thousand subscribers – fortunately, there are plenty of such promotion services. Of course, such an audience will not bring much views and likes, but it will greatly help in the future, because: Accounts without followers are subscribed worse. 

After the first thousand followers, TikTok opens access to live broadcasts. And there, new opportunities for quick promotion are already opening up: someone writes the nicknames of new followers and so motivates people to subscribe, and someone is guessing on Tarot cards for their audience, and someone comes up with new formats and people also like it. In any case, every successful broadcast means audience growth.

Live broadcasts on Tik Tok work better than on Instagram or on other platforms, because not only subscribers or profile visitors enter the broadcast, but also random people leafing through the section.

But do not think that with the help of cheating alone you can break into the tops. She also has pitfalls, the most obvious of which is that she is banned by the social network.

Usually a person gets to the profile of his interest through the main section with the video. When cheating, new followers come from third-party sources. TikTok’s algorithms detect this at once, so the pages are instantly blocked. In addition, there is always a risk of stumbling upon a scam service and losing your account or money. So it is worth first thinking ten times, and then leaving this idea to others.

It is worth discussing the format of cooperation with the influencer in advance. Usually, a blogger removes a reaction, a duo, or simply marks the advertised account in the description of the video.

Free promotion methods

If there is no way to invest money in promoting an account, and you want to sign a contract with Dolce & Gabbana, then you should take a closer look at free promotion methods.


To get the most out of the method, you need to choose the accounts for the subscription wisely. Firstly, you shouldn’t follow everyone in a row – it’s a waste of time. It’s better to find bloggers with whom you do similar content. Those who follow them, who like and comment on their videos, will be the target audience to subscribe to. This way there will be more chances for public response.

Secondly, you shouldn’t subscribe to accounts with a huge audience. They have so many followers in one minute that it is easy to get lost among them. It is better to choose profiles with an audience of less than 200 people.

Do not forget about the daily limits set by the platform. The exact figure is not indicated anywhere, but many popular Tiktokers advise against subscribing for more than 200 people a day. Otherwise, instead of fast and free page promotion, you can get a ban.

You can always use services that subscribe to the desired audience themselves. This will help promote your profile faster and save a lot of time, but it’s much easier to get banned. Such promotion services are prohibited by the social network, so you need to use them carefully, taking into account the daily restrictions. Plus, it’s not free.

If you use only this promotion method, then it is unlikely that you will be able to gain many subscribers. For quick promotion, it is better to combine it with one or more of the methods from this article.

Repost to other social networks

To promote on Tik Tok, you don’t have to be limited to one social network – you need to involve others. Today, few people use only one entertainment platform, so you can try to attract subscribers from Instagram and Facebook to your Tik Tok page.

The first thing to do is leave a link to TikTok on all your profiles. After that, you can start duplicating content in Stories or in the format of regular posts. In the description, it should be noted that the rest of the videos are available via the link in the profile.

One or more social networks will provide additional reach, which in any case will bring new subscribers.

Download ten videos at once

This method is used by many experienced Tiktokers when they need to promote a new account. Before uploading the first video, you need to record a dozen videos in advance, and then upload them every hour and a half. Tiktok’s algorithm willingly gives views to new profiles, so the chances that at least one of the posts will fly into the recommendation is high. Often this will be enough to get the first thousand subscribers.

Ten videos are not the limit. Some bloggers experiment and upload up to hundreds of videos per day as a challenge. There are dozens of videos with a similar plot on YouTube. Spoiler alert: This usually doesn’t work.

Shooting one cool video

Sometimes, to get your first thousand subscribers, it is enough to shoot one video. Some big bloggers like Bella Porch managed to hit the trends with their debut video, so you have to try.

Of course, for this to happen, you need to take into account all the requirements of the social network, shoot a cool video and pray to Kanye, but even this may not be enough. Sometimes TikTok stops giving views to a video that is actively watched and liked – and nothing can be done about it.

But you can increase the chances of “shooting” the video. To do this, you need to consider the following points:

High-quality picture

Fortunately, the days when you had to buy an expensive camera to shoot high-quality video are over. Today, an ordinary smartphone is enough for this.

If there are no problems with the equipment, then the next thing to worry about is light. The right light will give the picture an expensive look and correct many visual flaws. Again, there is no need to buy expensive equipment, just a simple ring lamp that most bloggers use.

Popular track

Someone might argue with this point: “Many videos are gaining millions of views without songs at all!”. Indeed, but usually these are already promoted bloggers with a large audience. It is better for beginner tiktokers to use popular tracks in their videos – such videos collect more likes and are more likely to be included in recommendations.

Correct hashtags

Again, a lot of videos get tons of views without any hashtags at all, but this is again the exception. With the right keywords, it’s easier to get into recommendations.

It is best to use popular hashtags that appear in the Interesting tab. There you can also see what’s in trend and find an idea for your video.

Many aspiring TikTokers love to bet on their kind eo hashtags like #river or #wantrecommendations, thinking that this will help in promoting your profile. It doesn’t really work, so you shouldn’t use such hashtags.

Video duration

Although you can shoot videos up to a minute in TikTok, you shouldn’t shoot such long videos. The promotion of a video is greatly influenced by how many people watch it to the end. The longer the video, the less likely it will be watched in full. Better to fit in 10-15 seconds, to which social network users are accustomed.

An engaging description

The number of comments for videos greatly affects the promotion of a video. Therefore, it is better to make a description that people want to comment on. It will not work to write an essay – the platform has a limit of 150 characters. The best thing is to ask a question.

If there are no comments, then you can use the following trick: create another account and write something provocative under the video (only without rudeness), to which viewers will definitely want to answer. If everything goes as it should, then you can start a dispute with hundreds of comments and just watch the growth of video views.

The right moment

All efforts may not bring results if you post the video at the wrong time.

Here you have to go empirically, because different audiences are active at different times.

To get to know your potential subscribers better, just post a few videos at different hours, and then see which one has become more popular and get likes on tiktok more. After that, you should focus on this time, but still experiment periodically. Read more how to promote on Tiktok and to get more views – on the website.

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