Heinz Junkermann – A Philanthropic Perspective

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This year marks the tenth anniversary since international entrepreneur Nicole Junkermann lost her father Heinz, who passed away in his hometown of Dusseldorf at the age of eighty-three. From a business perspective, Heinz Junkermann had a range of commercial interests across Germany, from setting up setting up his own private wealth institution to managing roles the real estate and jewellery sectors. However, unknown to most he supported a number of philanthropic initiatives outside of his business world and predominantly in his hometown of Dusseldorf. 

Nicole Junkermann
International Entrepreneur Nicole Junkermann, daughter of Heinz Junkermann

Germany has a long history with pageantry and Junkermann was no exception, serving as a committee member of the Prinzengarde Düsseldorf Blau-Weiss, the largest carnival society in Düsseldorf. The carnival had been founded in the 1920s shortly before Junkermann’s birth and provided community relief and opportunities for celebration every year on 11th November. In its later years the committee approved ‘Carnival Saturday’ – a day in collaboration with the Heartbreaker foundation to support the organisation Dusseldorf Aids. Attendance of the carnival continued to increase during Heinz’s membership and the event continues to work with other charitable partners. 

Junkermann was also a member of the international service organisation Rotary International, which is well-known for its provision of humanitarian service in a non-political and non-religious context. From fighting diseases such as polio to supporting education initiatives, the Dusseldorf branch (Club Dusseldorf-Pempelfort) operates in the heart of North-West Germany and is integrated among the 53,000-member network in Germany alone. 

Heinz Junkermann’s legacy therefore is not simply that of business acumen. His and his family’s support for philanthropy is evident in his and his daughter’s contributions to the wellbeing and protection of others. Nicole’s business activity is not confined to the realms of investing and entrepreneurialism. She supports a number of philanthropic initiatives including Codes of Tolerance, an organisation that encourages people to be more accepting and understanding of those of differing beliefs or ethnicities. She has collaborated also with Fundacion NMAC to launch the JJ Collection, an organisation to provide support to emerging artists from Latin America. She has also been a member of the Tate Americas Latin American Acquisitions Committee since 2006, an independent body supporting the Tate in its development of Latin American artists. With her own socio-politically-driven, eponymous art collection, The Nicole Brachetti Peretti Collection, Nicole Junkermann has carved out specific philanthropic and artistic projects with which her father would be delighted. 

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