Guide On The Cheapest Mail Order Bride Search

The variety of mail order bride websites is striking. Lots of men are now interested in finding mail order brides for sale to build online and offline relationships with. Such a high demand only triggers off the appearance of new platforms. You can now get girlfriends from Cuba, Vietnam, Ukraine, Mexico, Japan, and many other countries.

With such a range of resources for online dating, the desire to find the cheapest mail order bride is natural. What is the cheapest country for mail order brides search? What are the top websites to buy a bride at? And how to save money when looking for cheap mail order brides? Get answers to these and other questions in this detailed guide.

Top Sites To Meet Foreign Women

1.    BravoDate

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

20 Free credits to chat with beautiful single girls from Eastern Europe.
2.    JollyRomance

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Lots of validated Slavic female members + 10 extra credits for email confirmation.
3.    EasternHoneys

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Chat with stunning single Asian women and get a welcome bonus.
4.    UkraineBride4you

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Your opportunity to meet a Ukrainian bride online.
5.    SingleSlavic

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Connect with the best single Slavic ladies.
6.    LaDate

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Vast catalog of Latin women searching for foreign boyfriends.


By choosing the websites recommended by experts, you ensure yourself an effective dating experience. These are the platforms reviewed and tested from A to Z so that you can know all about the features they provide even before registration. So,  let’s review each of them in more detail.



This dating platform mainly focuses on ladies from Eastern Europe, so if you desire a girlfriend from Ukraine or Russia, this is a good place for that.

BravoDate is free to join, and registration is obligatory if you want to become a regular member. Filling in your profile with all the needed information and photos, you boost your chances to find a nice girl.

For free, you can also surf the website, browse ladies′ personal pages, enjoy the NewsFeed and People sections, use Search, and send Likes and Winks.

To experience unlimited communication, you’ll need to purchase credits. The cheapest package is $2.99 for 20 credits. This allows for chatting, correspondence, watching girls′ videos and photos, sending real gifts, requesting a real date, etc.

All new members on BravoDate get complimentary 20 credits for free to test the site. It will be enough for 10 minutes of live chat or 2 opening mails.

JollyRomancejollyromanceFor those who seek a Slavic girlfriend, JollyRomance might be a helpful dating website. Here, girls from Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, and other Slavic countries are registered.

To reach the diverse female catalog, all the male users need to create profiles. It’s free.

What’s more, as a new member, you get 20 free credits that allow you to try all the site’s features before paying real money. After these free credits expire, you’ll need to purchase more. There are a few packages, the first one is available at special price: $2.99 for 20 credits.

The communication on JollyRomance website is mainly held through chat or letters. There are also a few extra features that make interaction more colorful.

In NewsFeed, you get to know about what’s happening in the members′ everyday life. The people section is about playing the “like” or “skip” game. For more emotional dating, order your girlfriend real flowers or gifts delivery, and she’ll receive them in a couple of days.

EasternHoneyseasternhoneysEasternHoneys is a good dating website for those who are searching for an Asian girlfriend. Here, you’ll find lots of ladies from Vietnam, China, Japan, India, and more.

They all add beautiful photos to their profiles and make them informative enough so that you can know key specifics about the girl before writing to her. For men, registration is also obligatory, as it’s impossible to use the site without having an account.

Besides common interaction tools such as chat and letters, EasternHoneys provide a few extra features that make online dating more colorful and fun. For instance, Streams allow you to see Asian girls live on cam. Members can broadcast themselves and you join their streams. There, ladies talk with you by voice or via chat, sing, etc. It’s free to watch a girl live and to chat with her, but you can reward her for her time by sending a donation sticker that has a fixed price in credits.

The price for credits packs starts at $2.99 for 20 credits.

UkraineBride4youukrianebride4uThis dating platform was created to bring Ukrainian girls and Western men together. If you’ve always dreamt about marrying a stunning woman from Ukraine, this is where you should look for her.

UkraineBride4you is free to join, and you can also surf the platform after registration for no cost. There are also a few free services that help you to establish connections with ladies and test how the site works. For example, new members can Say Hi to 2 users for free.

Still, unlimited usage of UkrainBride4you requires credits purchase. There are several packages so that you can choose what fits your needs the best. The cheapest package is $3.99 for 2 credits.

The main ways of communication are chat, letters, and the CamShare tool that enables you and your girlfriend to see each other on cam.



Russia is famous for its beautiful girls that make men all over the world chase them. So if you’re in the search of a free mail order wife, SingleSlavic is a website for you.

Here, stunning Russian women create informative profiles in the hope to find foreign men. Each lady adds colorful pictures so that you can see her best sides. There are a few ways to contact ladies: via chat, letters, or CamShare (video chat). You can also send Admirers and even call your girlfriend if you want to hear her voice.

SingleSlavic also provides several extra features aimed to add colors and emotions to your online dating: the Say Hi tool, the ability to send real flowers and presents to your woman, virtual gifts, etc.

To enjoy all the interaction services on SingleSlavic you’ll need to purchase credits. The price starts at $3.99 for 2 credits.

La-DateladateThis website is for those who seek to date a gorgeous Latina lady.

LaDate lists lots of single girls from Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, and more. To reach them out, you’ll need to a profile on the platform. It’s free and takes not more than a couple of minutes.

As a new member, you receive complimentary 20 free credits to test the website and understand how good it might be for your needs. After they expire, you’ll need to purchase more credits to continue using LaDate without limits.

The main communication tools, such as chat and letters, are paid. But you still can enjoy a few extra services for free, such as NewsFeed and the People section.

The price for limitless usage of LaDate starts at $2.99 for 20 credits.

Are mail order brides real?

In a word, yes. Now let’s move to deeper explanations.

Almost every country in the world has mail order brides for sale. These are girls who decide to search for love abroad and register on dating websites for that. Obviously, they all have certain reasons for doing so, but the desire to build a future in another country with a more loving man is usually common.

Every woman who creates an account on the dating platform must provide an ID to prove her age (18+) and personality. This is proof she’s a real person. What’s more, many websites mark such profiles with the Validated badge. So when you see such a sigh on a lady’s account, be sure you’re chatting with a genuine person.

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How much does a mail order bride cost?

When you start looking for a wife abroad, you probably notice the term of the mail order bride price. Does it mean you’re going to buy a bride? Yes and no.

First, you don’t actually buy mail order brides, as it’s impossible and illegal to purchase people. But you do pay certain money for reaching girls out and meeting them in real life.

These are the main factors mail order brides’ price depends on:

  • The dating platform you choose. There are many dating platforms on the web right now, and they all offer different pricing plans for their paid subscriptions. You’re free to choose mail order bride sites that fit your requirements and budget better.
  • Frequency of communication. The more often you connect with your girlfriend, the more money you’re likely to spend on the dating website. The final sum also depends on the interaction tools you prefer. For example, the correspondence might be the cheapest way to connect with mail order brides, while regular video chatting will be pretty expensive. On average, be ready to spend from a few hundred to a few thousand on online communication.
  • Extra services the dating site provides. Besides the man interaction tools every dating site provides, there are usually a few extra features created to make online dating more colorful. For example, you can send real flowers to your girlfriend or call her by phone to hear her voice. Mind that for some women, occasional small gifts and bouquets are vital in dating. This is especially the case when you’re dating a Russian mail order bride.
  • Period of your relationship. This is simple, the longer you date online, the more money you’re going to spend on that. Six months of active online communication might cost you not more than $1,000, while a few years of such a long-distance relationship will definitely take at least a few thousand.
  • Country where you plan a real date. Eventually, you’ll want to see your girlfriend face-to-face. For this, you’ll need to travel to her country to meet each other somewhere neutral. Plane tickets, hotel reservations, taxi expenditures, and more will be required for this. Obviously, you’re going to spend more if you’re traveling to Russia, while Latin countries would offer you cheap mail order brides.
  • Wedding ceremony. The price for the wedding depends on the country you want to marry in, the number of guests, and the pomp of the ceremony. For example, an average wedding with many guests in the USA will cost you around $22,000, in Ukraine—not more than $10,000.
  • Legal arrangements for moving in together. To legally bring your woman to the USA, you’ll need to take care of the K-1 visa and a few more documents. The price for this will be around $1,000.

In total, an average mail order bride price is usually $10,000-15,000.

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Cheapest country for mail order brides

Deciding to find mail order brides, you should be ready that expenditures for your search will vary depending on the country your future girlfriend will be from. These are the top 3 countries where you can get a cheap mail order bride:

  • Colombia. Latin countries are the best option if you want to find a foreign bride but still save some money. Colombia is located not very far from the United States, and the flight ticket there will cost you not more than $200. Staying in Colombia is also cheap: there are nice hotels in Medellin for $30 per night.
  • Mexico. Stunningly hot mail order brides are almost for free in Mexico as well. While the price for the communication tools doesn’t differ much no matter the woman’s location, a trip to Mexico for a face-to-face date and staying there won’t be as expensive as to Japan, for instance. A flight ticket will to Mexico is about $200, and one night in a good hotel is around $40.
  • Despite the distance, Ukraine is still one of the cheapest countries for mail order brides search. While the flight ticket might be quite pricy, staying in Ukraine is cheap. You can afford the best hotels and dining in top restaurants.

dining in top restaurants

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Tips on how to save money while looking for a cheap mail order bride

Everyone would enjoy finding a foreign bride for free. But, too often, your desire to save some money might lead you to scammers that will only make you pay more. Still, there are certain tips that are going to help you reduce your dating expenditures:

Choose reliable dating websites.

With such a striking variety of dating platforms, it’s easy to get lost. When selecting a completely free foreign brides site, you’re less secure because free websites usually attract more scammers. Opt for those that are recommended by experts.

Control the frequency of your communication.

It’s′ up to you to decide how regularly to chat with your girlfriend online. Obviously, if you’re in a serious relationship, you’ll need to keep in touch every day. But you still can control the time of your talks. For example, devote one hour for a chat every day and stick to that limit.

Focus on one woman after you’ve found the one you like.

At the beginning of your bride’s search, it’s better to reach many women at once, as this helps you find the one faster. But after you’ve found her, give her all your attention. This way, you’ll spend less money on regular communication.

Plan a meeting in advance.

The majority of airlines offer flight tickets at a much cheaper price when purchasing in advance. So, if you’re ready to meet your girlfriend, start planning a date in a few months.

Have a wedding in the country where it’s cheaper.

Getting married in, let’s say, Ukraine might be twice cheaper than having a wedding in the USA. So you can legally marry on the territory of the United States but organize the whole wedding party in your wife’s homeland.

Start your search now!

With such a big number of dating sites on the web, it might be confusing for new daters to select the platform that offers really cheap mail order brides. This is also because your desire to find a foreign bride for free might often lead you to scammers.

But it gets much easier with the selection of platforms recommended by experts in this guide and tips on where to search for the cheapest mail order bride. Pick up your favorite and make a step towards online dating.

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Are mail order brides free?

Yes and no. There’s a possibility to get overseas brides for free on a dating platform without any paid subscription. Usually, such sites are completely free but, at the same time, more scammed, as they’re less moderated. Instead, when you pay for the subscription, you ensure your security on the platform and get to the selection of the most beautiful brides.

Can I buy a mail order bride?

In a way. Generally, there’s no such thing as purchasing a mail order bride because it’s impossible and illegal to buy a person. But in practice, you do pay a certain price when searching for a girlfriend from overseas. This cost comprises expenses on the communication tools dating sites provide, a trip to your woman’s country for a face-to-face date, and wedding arrangements.

Do mail order marriages still exist?

Yes. A big share of the online relationship with mail order brides end up with marriages, and often, successful and happy ones.

Are mail order brides legal?

There’s nothing illegal in online communication or dating women from overseas. Moreover, you can lawfully marry such a mail order bride following certain legal procedures. The biggest dating websites also make sure you’re communicating with genuine girls who are over 18 by asking them to provide IDs during registration.

How successful are mail order marriages?

Certain sources claim that about 80% of marriages with mail order wives are quite successful and last for years. Often, cultural differences only help to make a relationship more balanced and emotionally filled.

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of The World Financial Review.