What’s The Best Country To Find A Loyal Wife And Meet The Best Foreign Brides?

Best Countries To Find A Wife

If you’re one of those men who can’t make up their minds where to find a wife, you probably should broaden your area of search and make an effort of finding a wife overseas. Naturally, there are lots of countries in the globe, but what’s the best place to find a wife? Foreign women of some nationalities are considered better partners for life, so look through the list of the states and choose the best country to find a wife personally for you!

List Of Best International Dating Websites

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  • Eastern Honeys—Number-one online destination to look for Asian single girls
  • FindAsianBeauty—Top site to meet Oriental girlfriends looking for love
  • AmourFactory—Perfect for Western men in search of Eastern European babes
  • CuteAsianWoman—Best for the widest selection of adorable Asian girls
  • UkraineBride4you—Leading online service with gorgeous Ukrainian women
  • DateNiceAsian—The most popular site to get acquainted with fabulous Asian women
  • KissRussianBeauty—Runner up with beautiful Russian girlfriends seeking love
  • ColombiaLady—Great dating portal with attractive Colombian singles

What makes a perfect wife?

Looking for a wife every man wants to meet a lady to be an ideal foreign bride for him. It goes without saying that qualities, features, and values may differ for some people, but it’s possible to create a universal portrait of a woman who deserves the right to be called an example for western men.

What kind of lady is it? Probably, appearance matters a lot, but the core qualities are traditional family values, excellent housewife skills, and a desire to care about her near and dear. One of the most important aspects is sexual compatibility as well as an inborn maternal instinct. Other must have qualities for marriage are loyalty, understanding nature, and readiness to support in any situation. 

If you think it’s impossible to find foreign wives with all these benefits, remember there are women who have combined lots of positive characteristics, so it’s enough to choose the best country to meet a wife of your dreams.

How to find a good woman to marry?

Finding a wife is a responsible task since you select a partner for the rest of your life as well as a mother for your future kids. Therefore, the choice of the method how to get a bride matters a lot too. In fact, there are 2 most popular approaches to meeting ladies for marriage from other countries.

Trips abroad

When you come up with the idea of the best country to meet a woman, you may need to pass through several hurdles to get to her motherland. Booking flight tickets, accommodation, looking for transportation and destinations to meet single women may become a real quest that may not necessarily have a happy ending. However, this method of getting wives exists and can be tried by lucky guys with a good financial state!

Popular online dating platforms

Another way to find the best woman to marry is through the Internet and the endless opportunities it offers. In addition to lots of dating sites that attract people looking for fun most of all, there are mail order bride platforms dedicated to single people international dating in search of true love and serious relationships. It’s a more flexible way to eliminate long distances and interact with women from Asian and European countries to find a soulmate among them! Although this type of dating requires paying the mail order bride price associated with platform membership, gifts, and visits to the bride’s country, it’s efficiency is unsurpassed.

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Which nationality is the best to marry?

Males often wonder which nationality makes the best wives, but it’s difficult to give the only correct answer to this question since males have various expectations for women to marry. However, the top of the rating still exists, and girls from some countries are considered to be better wives than others. 

  • Eastern Europe women from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and other European countries make great partners for men looking for brides with an eye-catching appearance, good education level, and respect for centurial family traditions and values.
  • Latin American ladies like Mexican women, Brazilian girls, and others are emotional and sweet-looking, so they make every day of the marriage memorable and festive. These girls are family-oriented, but they don’t hurry to obey and live a measured life. If you look for fun and impressions, Brazil, Colombia, or Mexico can be the best Latin country to find a wife.
  • Asian women have combined lots of great features. In addition to an exotic appearance and strict, often religious upbringing, Asian brides from Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, and other Asian countries have lots of other benefits that help them to become obedient, caring, supporting, and most faithful women

Top countries with the most successful international marriages

Interracial marriages get more popular every year, and not only does the number of international marriages increases but also their success rate. It happens because males can meet their expectations towards future wives more accurately, and women appreciate the possibility of meeting a good partner more too.

Asian region

If you want to build long-lasting relationships pay attention to girls from such Asian countries as Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Korea. Filipino women, Vietnamese ladies, and best foreign women from other Asian states tend to respect and honor their husbands as well as obey them. It’s rather an exception for them to initiate a divorce ever, so they do their best to preserve marriages and turn a blind eye to lots of things.

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Eastern European region

Statistics confirm the fact that marriages with women from Eastern European countries such as Ukraine, Russia, and Moldova have a high success rate too. They’re characterized by a low divorce percentage since these ladies from the most popular mail order bride countries know how to add bright colors to the marriage routine and avoid disagreements.

Latin region

Countries Wife

Latin America countries have the best foreign brides in lots of aspects but not the longevity of marriage. The majority of ladies living there are hot-tempered and emotional, so they may make imprudent acts that can lead to break-ups. 

4 reasons why women desire to marry foreigners in 2021–2022

Looking for the best places to find a wife, males often want to know why ladies from different countries prefer to marry abroad. Here are the 4 most widely spread incentives for a foreign wife to search for husbands overseas:

  1. Inability to meet love and unsuccessful relationships with local men: every failure to build strong relationships destined to success encourages a foreign wife to broaden the area of search.
  2. Desire to move: it can appear because of many reasons, including low quality of life, interest in other cultures and traditions, hope for a better future and more opportunities, etc.
  3. Admiration for males of other races: girls may fall in love with heroes of popular movies, celebrities, and idealized images created on online dating sites, so they want to meet someone similar and marry him even if they should use online dating services for this purpose.
  4. Violence and arranged marriages: there are countries where these things are still a norm, so a desire to escape from this destiny encourages an average Asian, Latina, and European woman to become brides online.

Now it’s clear why many women decide to marry overseas, but where to look for foreign brides? There are higher chances to meet the best wives in these countries.

10 best countries to find a wife

Where to look for a bride with the best qualities? There’s a dicker of the best countries to find a loyal wife. Every man should develop an image of a dream bride and compare it with the descriptions provided. It’ll be an answer to the question of which country is a number-one destination to find a wife.


The range of ladies willing to marry a foreigner is very big in Thailand. Furthermore, the success rate of families with a Thailand wife is incredibly high too. Thai ladies are renowned all around the globe for their exotic beauty and hard-working nature. They’re shy, reserved, and calm. Local girls make excellent housekeepers, but you may lack interesting socialization and fun with them. One of the most crucial things for Thai girls is financial stability in the family. However, males should be ready to take initiative in relationships and pay a dowry for a foreign wife if they’re asked.

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The Philippines

The Philippines are the best country for mail order brides due to the adorable character of mail order brides living there and the extremely low divorce rate in numerous couples consisting of US males and Filipina females. Filipino ladies are fluent in English, which removes a language gap. These Asian girls are diligent, hard-working, and patient women who become loyal, supporting, and nurturing foreign wives. PDA isn’t allowed in public places, while ladies agree to have serious relationship and have kids at a quite early age. Filipina women adore white mature men known as community elders and follow close-knit family relationships which is a great foundation for a reliable and long-lasting marriage.


A great desire to follow Western trends encourages a variety of single Chinese ladies to become mail order brides. It’s also considered prestigious to be a spouse of a foreigner in China, so ladies may turn to marriage agencies to find one. Being educated and different from Western ladies, getting a Chinese bride guarantees exotic experiences in relationships. 

Local women know how to respect, appreciate husbands, and bathe them in care and love. On the other hand, the language gap may be a problem at an early stage of dating a Chinese woman. Lots of different traditions</a> may cause some obstacles in dating and marrying Chinese women as well, so learning more about every region is a must. 



Usually, an average girl becomes a Ukraine mail order bride being not satisfied with the attitude of local men and desire to explore other cultures. Open-minded Ukrainian women are courageous enough to leave their motherland and move away in this blush of rekindled love. 

Being the epitome of beauty and an example of perfect housewives, Ukrainian women knock out males with their constant care about themselves. These are intelligent, witty, and ambitious women who’ll be a subject of envy for all colleagues and friends and the best wives! Ukrainian girls adore luxurious courtship with expensive gifts, gentlemen’s behavior, and unexpected surprises. They treat marriage seriously and agree to this step only when they’re overwhelmed with feelings for another person.

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The choice of an Indonesia wife is justified by the patriarchal upbringing dominating the country. These Asian women are raised with traditional roles in mind, so they’ll never exchange a measured family life for anything else. Both stunning appearance and abundance of amazing qualities make Indonesian women perfect and loyal wives. 

These mail order brides have a longing for knowledge and can easily combine family and work. They’re passionate sex partners and caring moms for kids too. Ladies originating from Indonesia expect males to take initiative and pay bills on dates. They’re ready for marriage even at a quite early age and look for partners who’ll provide stability not only for them but also for their parents.


Russia can boast the best wives in the world due to their unbelievable diversity. Males can meet women of all races and with a variety of characteristics there. ‘Attractive’ and ‘intelligent are 2 main epithets to describe local ladies. Russian girls are creative, ambitious, and traditional personalities who often sacrifice careers for the sake of a happy marriage and kids. 

Russian mail order brides are wise and devoted partners who know where to encourage with words and when to keep silent but kiss and hug to support. Russian women want to be treated like queens and won’t melt even if you move her to tears. Males should act like gentlemen with a Russian girl and be patient enough to conquer these beauties, and they’ll be rewarded with amazing family life in return!

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Lots of males associate Japanese women with geishas, and though not all of them possess this title, ladies living in this country have some characteristics of these goddesses of love. They’re obedient, caring, supporting, and faithful partners. Their main focus is family and kids, so Japan is one of the best countries to meet women for marriage.

Japanese brides are also tender and sweet-looking. These attractive females remain young and preserve traditional Asian beauty for many years, don’t have many requirements for a husband, and consider love the main bond for a family. There’s hardly any Japanese woman who’ll sacrifice family to get a successful career or any other achievement. Furthermore, these ladies disapprove of divorces and never initiate them, so they’re a perfect pick for foreign men looking for a loyal wife.


There’s hardly any other best country to marry a woman than Brazil since you can be a spectator of the carnival every new day with a bride from this country. Hot dances and bright intimate life are guaranteed with a Brazilian woman. Diversity is one of the key features Brazilian women have. 

These Latin America women are emotional and sensual, but sometimes their hot temper seems unbearable! However, what you’ll like in a Brazil bride most of all is her unmatched beauty worth most prominent world’s contests! Being highly connected with their strong and loving families, Brazilian ladies often need parents’ approval to date a man. These mail order brides enjoy memorable and romantic courtship, so switching on your fantasy is a must!

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A wide variety of Latin America girls with gorgeous appearance, lack of local males, and passion for white guys make Colombia the best country to find wife. Loyalty and focus on family are a strong suit of Colombian mail order brides. These beautiful women are very affectionate and flirtatious, so you’ll always feel powerful next to them. If you see Colombian girls smiling at you, it’s important to take initiative. Colombian ladies adore neat and good-looking men and don’t postpone physical pleasure for a long time if a man is in their taste. It makes them the best foreign women, so paying attention to Colombian women is a must!


Males who want to feel respected and understood should look for a bride with other European woman in Belarus. This country is the 3rd most popular with fiancées looking for classic European marriage in Europe, so its treasures shouldn’t be underestimated! If you get a Belarus mail order bride, you’ll enjoy a calm and friendly atmosphere in your family. These ladies are true chefs and award-winning housewives as well as reliable friends! 

Try to make your dates with mail order brides from Belarus sweet and romantic. These ladies adore attention and would enjoy chatting with you for hours! Don’t neglect creative compliments too.

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The best country to find a wife is different for every man. However, there’s a number of states where almost every single girl will become an excellent partner for life! Here, you found out why these countries are considered the most popular with foreign grooms and why mail order brides living there make perfect wives!

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of The World Financial Review.