Russian Mail Order Bride: How To Find Russian Women For Marriage

Russian brides are single women looking for foreign men on dating platforms. They’re mostly interested in serious relationships and marriage. You can meet different Russian mail order wives, and the majority of them are quite young and extremely attractive. There are lots of websites where men can find a Russian bride. Want to know how do mail order brides work? Keep reading to find out all the necessary information about Russian ladies for marriage.

Best Sites To Meet Russian Women


Go on reading to get more details about these websites.

Bravo Date offers online dating services for people with different purposes: dating, cultural exchange, flirting, friendship, fun, etc. Of course, the key emphasis is made on a partner’s search. For that, online daters are provided with a big database of profiles, various communication tools, and search filters. Other advantages are a friendly and welcoming community, trained customer support, and competitive price. Lots of singles choose BravoDate for its accessibility and user-friendliness, too.

The advantages of AmourFactory dating platform are numerous. Among them are free registration, active members who pass ID verification, affordable prices, and detailed profiles. Communication tools are great as well. You can interact with other daters via emails or chats. There’s a “Conversation starters” feature to help you get acquainted with members. One more benefit is extensive search with many filters like appearance, religion, city, habits, education. In a word, the platform is certainly worth your attention.

JollyRomance is a social platform for communication with people from wherever they may be. Its main mission is to connect people, making interaction enjoyable and easy. You can join the website for free and test the services yourself. Among them are emailing, chatting, sending winks, likes, and many more. By the way, if you have second thoughts on whether JollyRomance is a good choice for you, they provide 20 free credits for testing the basic features.

SingleSlavic is among the dating platforms where you can find a Russian girl or a lady from neighboring countries like Ukraine or Belarus. The website is known for its diversity of interactive tools. Members can communicate with each other via emails, chats, call services, CamShare. There’s also a “Gifts & Flowers” feature to make dating even more exciting and dynamic. The prices are reasonable, the team is well-trained, and the community is determined. Generally, there’s everything to enjoy online dating.

UkraineBride4you is another high-quality dating platform to meet a Ukrainian or a Russian woman online. Thousands of active and verified members add many photos and personal information details. There are five ways to look for members on the site. Advanced search is one of them, and members love it because it helps to find the most compatible match. Another undeniable advantage is a professional customer support team that works 24/7 and assists with any issue. In other words, daters really succeed in dating on UkraineBride4you. You can join it for free and try it yourself.

Russian Women

Are Russian brides a real thing?

All men looking for Russian women for marriage want to know if it’s possible to find them. So, are Russian mail order brides real? Here are a few facts to prove that they indeed are.

  • Verified profiles. The majority of good and high-quality dating platforms verify all newly registered foreign women. Thus, all you have to do is to make sure your Russian brides agency has similar requirements to all single Russian females. Women have to submit documents that prove their identities.
  • Success stories. There are lots of love stories you can hear today about successful international marriages between Russian ladies looking for marriage and foreign men. Statistically, about 20% of Americans found a romantic partner online, and about 30% know someone who has. This is a huge number that proves there’s no reason to question whether you can marry a Russian girl.
  • Tools to check identities of Russian mail order brides. If you still doubt whether Russian female order brides are real, check that yourself by contacting any of them using phone or video calls. Moreover, this is a great way to bring your relationship to a brand-new level and make you closer. There are all precautions taken by dating platforms so you can meet a Russian woman for marriage safely.

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Why does Russia have mail order brides?

The number of single Russian women on dating platforms today is tremendous. Men truly have a huge choice and can select the best Russian wife among beautiful and smart girls. But why are pretty Russian women so interested in marrying overseas men? Here are the main reasons.

  • Domestic violence. Unfortunately, Russian beauties for marriage aren’t protected by law when it comes to violence and abuse. The number of family violence crimes in Russia reached 33.8 thousand in 2020. And abusers get easily away with their crimes because the government regards such violations as “family” matters and doesn’t want to interfere with them. That’s why Russian women are looking for American men who appreciate equality in relationships.
  • Poor economic situation. Russia is still a developing country. About 18 million people live under the poverty line in the country. Though working very hard, single Russian women are still underpaid. They believe marriage with a man from abroad opens more opportunities for a more quality life.

How much does a Russian mail order bride cost?

Russian mail order wife cost depends on many factors. Here are the main expenses to keep in mind when planning to marry a Russian girl.

Dating platforms

The first thing to consider when counting how much is a Russian bride is the expenditures on a dating website and the mail order bride services it offers. A dater usually chooses among a few credit packages. Bigger packs are usually the most cost-efficient, so if you’re serious about a Russian mail order bride search, go for this option. On average, you’ll need about $50-200+ a month for a website.

What do you get for that price? Lots of things. By the way, some are free and even not included in your overall Russian mail order wife cost. For example, search and profile browsing are chargeless. Moreover, there are often bonus packages that allow trying lots of a website’s features, including communication tools.

Once you decide to use fee-based services and purchase credits, you can spend them on all methods of communication (chats, emails, calls, CamShare, etc.) Some sites offer the services of sharing contract details or arranging personal meetings. In a word, you get all the necessary tools for meeting and dating Russian women online.


There’s another expense category to keep in mind. Do you plan to court Russian wives for sale? It’s highly advised to purchase features like “Gifts and Flowers” on the sites, as it influences the success of your relationships. How much does a Russian bride cost if to add payments on things like presents and flowers? Approximately $50-300+ a month. It depends on you and your views on dating. Some men also help girls financially and may spend another $500+ for that.

Personal meeting

Russian mail order bride price depends greatly on the frequency of your offline meetings. One trip that includes flight tickets, accommodation, food, and activities may cost, on average, $1,500-5,000. There are lots of ways to save money if you book in advance and go for cheaper options.

So, how much is a mail order bride from Russia? If to sum up all potential expenditures, the final price would be about $2,000-7,000 for the whole dating period. Usually, it lasts for about 4-7 months. The price range is so different because you can choose from lots of alternatives. Thus, only you determine how much it costs to marry a Russian woman personally for you.

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Russian Women

Is it legal to order a Russian bride?

Lots of foreign men on dating sites have doubts about meeting pretty Russian women.
Are Russian brides really legit? Is that question bothering you too? Then here’s the answer. Yes, they’re legit if you follow all the regulations established by the law. Look at the short instruction on what steps to take.

  • Consult a lawyer. It might happen that your dating platform provides such services. The specialists will give you all the essential information on how to marry Russian women legally. Such a practice isn’t new, as thousands of mail order Russian brides wed foreigners every year. You just have to make sure you’re aware of everything that the government expects from you.
  • Apply for a visa. All legit Russian brides will have to apply for a K-1 visa to enter the USA and get married to its citizen legally. The procedure isn’t difficult but just requires time and $265.

How easy is it to get a Russian bride?

It’s certainly not difficult, but it still needs time and effort from you. Consider the step-by-step instructions on how to find a Russian wife.

  • Select a dating platform. You may start with reading experts’ reviews and other daters’ stories who have experience in meeting Russian brides for marriage.
  • Be an active online dater. The bigger number of order Russian brides you interact with, the more chances you find that one girl who’ll become your wife.
  • Meet in person. It’s always recommended to meet Russian women looking for marriage at least once before you decide to tie the knot. It helps to see if you’re compatible in real life.

Do mail order Russian girls make good wives?

Lots of foreign men admit that Russian ladies are great for marriage. Why is it so?

  • Mature. It’s highly likely your Russian mail order wife is going to be younger than you. But you shouldn’t worry about the age difference. Girls in Russia know how to take care of themselves because there are lots of challenges in their lives.
  • Hard-working. You don’t just buy a Russian bride. You get a partner to share family responsibilities with. Women in this country know how to keep their heads above water.
  • Loving. Russian girls for marriage make great wives because they know how to give love in many ways. You’ll always feel cared about and supported.

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Tips to avoid Russian mail order bride scam

How to stay safe online and be sure you won’t become a victim of Russian brides scams? How to track down Russian women scammers? Here are the recommendations.

  1. Be aware of Russian bride scams. Forewarned is forearmed. Daters encounter Russian women scams sometimes, so you have to be cautious and follow common-sense rules to meet girls safely.
  2. Report any Russian women scam. When you start suspecting Russian girl scams—block the user and contact the support team immediately. It helps greatly prevent further cases of Russian dating sites scams.
  3. Don’t send money. One of the most popular forms of Russian woman scam is begging for money. When someone is trying to cry poor mouth and say it’s an emergency, double-check the information. Especially if this is a person you’ve just met. Russian brides scam can be easily avoided in case you take more time and think twice about potentially harmful actions.
  4. Think if it looks too good. Another way to fall for Russian wife scam is to believe in a perfect picture created by a scammer. If mail order brides from Russia you’re dating online seem too ideal, and you start suspecting something, suggest a video call or contact customer support figure everything out.
  5. Don’t share any personal information. Avoid Russian women dating scam by hiding any of your personal or sensitive data (phone numbers, address, emails, religious and political beliefs, and similar).

In general, cases of Russian marriage scams are rare because dating sites take all necessary security steps and care for their members to feel protected. Still, be a wise dater and stick to the tips from above to make sure you’re safe.


Do Russian mail order brides exist?

Yes, you can meet Russian brides online today on various dating platforms. Moreover, there are success stories that daters regularly share, too. They prove Russian beauties for marriage exist and are ready to date and marry foreigners.

Do Russian brides really work?

Yes, due to the services of online Russian brides platforms, there are thousands of international couples today. Marriages between foreign men and Russian female order brides occur regularly and demonstrate that this all is real and achievable.

Can you really order a Russian bride?

Men can’t order or buy Russian mail order brides. They can use the services of dating platforms where Russian women are looking for husbands. Such websites have everything for meeting and dating. This is similar to offline relationships, the only difference is that it starts online.

What kind of women usually register at Russian brides sites?

Russian brides for sale on dating websites are usually interested only in serious relationships. Ladies are mostly young (20-40 years old), pretty, and ready to create a family. Nevertheless, you can choose your Russian girl for marriage of any age, appearance, or family status as the choice is big and diverse.

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