Executive Search: Recruitment Beyond Borders

Recruitment beyond borders

Today’s global economy, by necessity, needs a global workforce, and this is especially relevant at senior and executive levels in all sectors of industry and business.

Organisations hoping to compete and succeed within an increasingly globalised economy can now extend the search beyond borders to source the very best candidates available. This is why many organisations are turning to executive search specialists who have a pool of specialised knowledge, extensive contacts at a global level and years of industry experience. This gives them the best chance of access to brand-enhancing top talent. 

Competition for Top Talent is Intense

With unemployment rates around the world at historic low levels and falling in some cases, it is vital that international and domestic organisations alike create and maintain an effective global recruitment strategy. But when the largest world economies – China, the US, Canada and the UK – are competing heavily to attract the best candidates, this can be a major headache for CEOs.

The most sought-after executives are virtually able to take their pick of locations, especially in the fields of technology where remote working is made possible by good internet connections. London, for example, is among the most attractive locations for executive workers with its abundance of desirable properties, good schools and transport links and cultural diversity.

What are the Challenges in Global Recruitment?

There have always been issues and stumbling blocks to filling executive and top-level posts, and in an increasingly globalised world, these have undoubtedly diversified. Brexit, followed by the Covid19 pandemic, provided a temporary halt to the recruitment of overseas workers. Language and cultural barriers must be taken into consideration. It is always an advantage for executive and senior level personnel to be multilingual. Even though the English language is widely spoken and understood around the world, where English speakers are engaging on an international level, they should also be expected to be able to adequately communicate in a local language.

It is also a distinct advantage to be familiar with local customs and cultures in order to not only avoid inadvertently causing offence but also to uphold the company or brand name and reputation.

Work visas are another challenge which must be overcome in good time, and it is vital to keep up to date with visa requirements. The most popular destinations around the world for ex-pat workers are the UK, US, Hong Kong and Singapore, and these all have different visa requirements. A prospective employer should strive to take care of any visa requirements for new executives and their families.

A strong, efficient and preferably not drawn-out end-to-end experience is essential to find the right candidates, so this means easy to understand and complete applications, good communication and expertly written job descriptions and employment terms. Studies have shown that new recruits are more likely to stay with a company if they experience a great recruitment process and a seamless move.

Advantages of Using a Global Recruitment Expert

An experienced executive search recruitment partner can be invaluable in the global search for top talent where their extensive experience and knowledge can make all the difference. With global recruitment comes the opportunity to choose from a huge talent pool with the right skills and a diverse workforce to improve and enhance the company brand. As technology and communication develop, employers are looking to hire those with relevant future skills to keep them ahead of the competition.

A globally diverse workforce is the key to increasing creativity and cultural concord in the workforce, as well as a sense of community with diverse language skills to advance a brand reputation.

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