End of Tenancy Cleaning in London

Tenancy Cleaning in London

If you’re looking for end of tenancy cleaning in London, we’re sure you have some questions. The first may be what is end of tenancy cleaning? So, below, we’re answering some FAQs about end-of-tenancy cleaning in London to help you understand what you can expect from this service.

What is an end of tenancy clean?

An end of tenancy clean is basically a deep clean of your entire home. It is usually done by a team of professional cleaners. They will clean every inch of the property, including commonly missed areas in usual domestic cleaning like behind the toilet, the skirting boards and inside the kitchen cabinets.

These cleans are done after you move all of your stuff out of the property so that the cleaners can easily complete all of the cleaning tasks on the list. Some good quality end of tenancy cleaners actually use a list too. This is a checklist that many landlords and estate agents use after handover to ensure the property is in a fit enough condition for the next tenants to move in. If it isn’t, the owner of the property will need to have professional cleaners come in and make it right, and this is a cost that is likely taken out of your deposit.

So an end of tenancy clean wipes the slate clean. Turns your rental property into a blank canvas ready for the next people to move into. This type of cleaning is very difficult to do even if you have a checklist. A team of cleaners can do an end of tenancy in just a few hours, but for us mere mortals, it can take a few days. So, it is often much less stressful (especially as you’re moving home during this time, too) to get a professional team of cleaners in to complete all the cleaning tasks in your old rental property and ensure you receive as much of your deposit back as possible.

What is the point of end of tenancy cleaning?

The point of an end of tenancy clean from a tenant’s point of view is to get their deposit back, or as much as possible by leaving the property in as clean of a state as possible. This means that when the landlord inspects the property after you have moved out, they are left with a blank canvas for the next tenants.

For the landlords, an end of tenancy clean means that they can put their property up for rent straight away and aren’t faced with costs for professionally cleaning the property once you have moved out. It also means that a landlord may not need to do any renovation work on the property before renting it out again.

If you feel that the property that you’ve been renting is in desperate need of renovation work. So you choose not to have it professionally cleaned before handing back your keys. Don’t be surprised if you are stung with a cleaning bill by your landlord. Remember, it is up to your landlord whether the property is painted, renovated or more after you move out. So, you should leave it in the best condition you possibly can (or as you found it when you first moved in) to avoid any charges.

What isn’t included in an end-of-tenancy clean?

While an end of tenancy cleaning is one of the most in-depth cleaning services that a property can go through, there are some cleaning services that are not provided as standard. However, most cleaning companies will offer these as additions.

Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning isn’t usually offered as standard with end of tenancy cleaning services as some properties don’t have any carpet, so people will be paying for a service that they don’t require. Plus, professional carpet cleaning machines are extremely heavy, so if the cleaning team doesn’t need them, it makes no sense to bring them. However, most cleaning companies will offer carpet cleaning services if you require them. Some cleaning companies have in-house carpet cleaners, while others partner with other cleaners to get the job done.

Upholstery cleaning

If your property was furnished when you moved in, you might be required to have upholstery cleaning services too. Again, most cleaning companies don’t offer these as standard during an end of tenancy clean because they aren’t always required. Still, you can ask for them when booking your appointment.

Exterior window cleaning

There are not many cleaning companies in London that offer exterior window cleaning services at all, but the good ones will do the interior of windows during an end of tenancy clean. If your lease does require you to have the exterior of windows cleaned prior to moving out, you can ask the cleaning company you are using to do them. If they can’t do them for you, they may know a good window cleaning company in your area you can use.

We hope you found this look at end of tenancy cleaning services helpful, and it helped you understand the service a bit more and what is and isn’t included.

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