Comparison of the Best Online Brokers: DotBig and eToro


Investing in stocks is a way to make safe profits through various online platforms such as DotBig, Qtrade and eToro brokers. Both options provide the ability to make quick money with positive predictions. Still, it is always advisable to analyze a comparative analysis between DotBig and eToro brokers to consider choosing the best broker when investing.

The goal is always to have economic profit margins without the risk of fraud. Both platforms meet this goal, but each has its own particularities that satisfy some users more than others. Find out which one suits you best.

Commissions, spreads, and investments: DotBig or eToro?

The commissions of any investment are an important factor because they are part of the profitability. When commissions are usually high, investors hesitate and discard the choice of brokers because they can negatively influence the acquisition of profits.

Private Trading

Although the gains are also significant, there is a high risk of losing money with CFD instruments or personal trading. In the case of DotBig brokers, it is considered the best alternative for online trading on your own account, as it has eliminated commissions.

Meanwhile, the spreads with DotBig are higher on the buy-side and lower on the sell side of the asset, leaving 0.8 pips. On the other hand, eToro is also a commission-free broker with a spread of 0.9 pips. And although the spread is kept at a reasonable price, it is a bit more expensive than DotBig. 

DotBig and eToro spreads are dynamic, and there is a possibility that they change, as they depend on the lower asset they present on Forex, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and others. DotBig has good underlying trades and importance in CFD investments and leaves it as the winner of CFD trading and competitive spreads, making it one of the most popular internationally.

Social/Copy Trading

Unlike CFD trading, social trading is the opportunity to make the same trades and investments as other people. Social or Copy Trading is effective and only available at eToro, which gives it worldwide recognition and superiority over DotBig.

Another of eToro’s excellent advantages in social trading is that it considers the charging of the basic fees for investments and CFDs. In other words, it does not issue any extra commissions. Moreover, read this eToro review and learn how to trade crypto on their platform. If you’re fretting over earning crypto, you can switch to a  Bitcoin rewards credit card.

Shares on the Stock Exchange

The eToro broker’s platform provides social investments, copies, and tables for sorting trades. This allows you to buy shares on the stock exchange and take advantage of unique offers. DotBig broker is not the most suitable option because it does not work with the stock market. Still, eToro guarantees zero commissions for each investment due to its money through proprietary trading and social trading.

Minimum Investments

There is no minimum deposit at DotBig on all investments from the first one onwards. eToro is the platform with the highest cost on the number one deposit with $200, but the rest of the reloads can be $50 to keep the funds active.

In short, if an investor wants to practice CFDs, it is preferable to choose a DotBig broker. The rest of the investments are offered by eToro, and without a doubt, it is the best option compared to other brokers. In addition, it is advisable to have sufficient liquidity at DotBig and eToro.

What are the DotBig and eToro platforms like?

DotBig and eToro have differences in functionality, features, and platform versions. DotBig users report that it is possible to find relevant information and few trading tools, as the website’s design is strategic and is made up of fast and accurate execution of trades and investments. DotBig is used through the basic WebTrader, the W10 Trader, and the digital application with simple, clear handling and no social interaction, leaving the investment to one’s own intuition and knowledge.

eToro, on the other hand, offers two digital versions, the WebTrader and the application available for electronic devices, reflecting statistics, data, quick and effective information, trading techniques, tips from other investors, and examples for higher returns and lower volatility. With eToro, users socialize as they do on social networks, comment on profiles and manage watch lists of their choice.


The two platforms have a lot in common, but each suits a different purpose. Before making a choice, it is advisable to understand your trading style and evaluate your experience. Both platforms are good at what they do, and each has its own user. If you are looking for another platform, you can check bitcoin motion to know more information about trading.

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