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A Tale of Two Games: Global Strategies of Multinational Companies in China’s E-commerce Market

By Xin Wang & Justin Ren Why has there been hardly any successful entry into China’s e-commerce market by western firms? From consumer-to-consumer markets to...

News Media Management in a Digital Age

By Gary Graham & Anita Greenhill How can local newspapers survive in a digital age? Gray Graham and Anita Greenhill examine findings from interviews,...

Twitter, the ‘Snoopers Charter’ and Online Privacy

By Paul Reilly Has the Internet, and micro-blogging site Twitter in particular, killed privacy? Well, not quite. In June 2011, Eric Schmidt used his keynote speech...

Business Analytics and Decision-Making: The Years Ahead

By Jay Liebowitz It is readily apparent that business analytics is an emerging and fast-growing field. Universities and colleges are developing programs in this area,...

Globalisation is Over: The era of transnational marketing and connected consumers

By Ibrahim Sirkeci In an article based on his recent book, Transnational Marketing and Transnational Consumers, Ibrahim Sirkeci argues that there is a paradigm shift...

The Future of Work

By Ian Pearson Many jobs didn't exist a decade ago. New technology creates new jobs, but can eradicate jobs too. Below, Ian Pearson discusses the...

Technology and Politics in Context

By Michael J. Jensen and Eva Anduiza Digital media have greatly expanded the repertoires and channels of political participation, communication, and information. Below, Michael J....

Limitless Vision Infinite Possibilities: The Story of Allied Wallet CEO Andy Khawaja and his...

“Keep on climbing, the sky is the limit and believe me you will never reach the top because it’s endless.” In this interview, CEO...

Google versus the Law

By Tatiana-Eleni Synodinou Google’s legal adventures in Europe are constantly demonstrating that Google is pushing the boundaries of European information law to their outer limits....

Vignettes from the Modern Workplace

By David Weil Working conditions are transforming as a result of a fundamental restructuring of employment in many parts of the economy. Below, David Weil...

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