Best 10 Problem-Solving Training Courses In Australia To Boost Creativity And Professional Capacity

Problem-Solving Training

Today you can hardly find a business or an organization that does not require problem-solving in this or that form. Whether figuring out how to deal with staff shortage on weekends in a small café or dealing with a productivity drop in a big company branch, decision-makers and teams solve problems every day, with different degrees of success.

Since this challenge is ubiquitous and inescapable, it seems reasonable to get equipped with tools and skills that facilitate the task. It is for this reason of high demand that currently, the market is flooded by offers of problem-solving courses, both in Australia and worldwide. The key problem is to pick a trusted provider and get the most of the time you paid for. 

Features Of A Top-Quality Course In Problem-Solving

Good professional training should contain certain components that render it applicable and useful across industries, organizations, and teams.

Solving a problem is much more than applying a temporary fix and forgetting about it. A solution needs to take into account deeper causes, complex systems at work in creating a problem, and outcomes that will arise in the short and long term. That’s why such a course often comes in conjunction with Root Cause Analysis and Critical Thinking.

The program of the training should include such sections (under different names, maybe):

  • the essence of problem-solving as a phenomenon,
  • self-evaluation of participants regarding their preferred approaches and styles,
  • process of problem diagnostics and its division into smaller parts,
  • selection and application of suitable tools and methods of problem-solving,
  • evaluation and selection of the best solution under given circumstances,
  • devising a plan for step-by-step implementation of the solution.

During these sections, you and your team will be able to master specific tools like SWOT analysis and Pareto principle, put them into practice in a simulated environment and get feedback on how to apply them properly. You will also learn about less obvious but essential issues like roadblocks, thinking patterns, attitudes that inhibit creativity and prevent finding a good solution.

Below, you can find the list of reputable providers of such training in Australia and the key advantages included in their service packages. 

  1. CMA Consulting
  2. CoCreativs
  3. Professional Development Training
  5. IRM (
  7. WeTrain
  8. IPAA South Australia
  9. Competitive Solutions
  10. CCE University of Sydney

We hand-picked each provider, and all of them will help you to unlock the full potential of your team. 

CMA Consulting

This training provider is widely known in the corporate world and offers excellent courses in a range of skills and best business practices. Its succinct but comprehensive course in problem-solving includes all the sections listed above, from self-diagnostics to tools, tactics, and evaluation of solutions. The one-day training is packed with theoretical learning and practical application, and after its completion participants will get templates, materials, access to the locked CMA resources, and regular follow-up emails from trainers. The quote is provided by request.


This provider offers its signature Antimajority Behavior and Creativity course comprising 3 modules, 2 hours each. Problem-solving is a part of this program, so you get 3-in-1 training at once (or pick the one you need). The training supplies basic theory and practical skills in problem-solving, with a special focus put on creativity, out-of-the-box thinking, and challenging the thinking stereotypes that lead the team into deadlocks. Pricing depends on what parts of the package you book and on the number of participants.

Professional Development Training

This provider presents a fused module of Creative Problem Solving, mixing problem-solving and creative thinking into a cohesive blend. The approach is laudable since creativity is a must for successful brainstorming or SWOT analysis. The course provides a full spectrum of information, from identifying the root issues to problem-solving and assessing the possible solutions. Training can be attended in the provider’s headquarters or booked as a field event on your company’s premises (in big cities like Melbourne, Adelaide, or Sydney).

Critical thinking and problem-solving usually go hand in hand, that’s why this provider has created a double module that shows how to apply these two skills in conjunction. The course supplies models of critical thinking, techniques, and tools for solving various workplace problems and in general preaches a structured and measured approach to problems. The course duration is 1 day, it’s delivered on campus. The price depends on the number of participants and booking conditions.


This provider has a very profound approach to learning, so their course in problem-solving skills includes two days of intense learning and 5 modules of information to digest and practice. They will guide you through the whole path, from problem detection and identification (problem owner, scope, impact) through finding a solution to critical evaluation of it. The bulk of data and techniques to master are immense, yet the testimonies say that experienced trainers manage to cram it all into participants and make it highly useful and applicable. So if you have two days to devote to learning, it’s a great option.

The provider’s idea is that dealing with problems efficiently is possible only at the crossroad of creativity, analytical approach, and careful application of problem-solving techniques. Hence, their course includes elements of root causes analysis, creative thinking, decision-making techniques, SWOT analysis, brainstorming principles, and other important pieces of the problem-solving process. The training can be ordered as is, or in a tailored version to fit your time and place parameters. The session can last from one hour (a brief overview) to several days of productive learning.

WeTrain Corporate Training

Two-day training combines problem-solving and decision-making into a powerful tool you’ll be able to apply in a wide range of situations. The course includes the proprietary Problem Solving Model, a matching intellectual toolkit, elements of analysis, creative approach principles, identification of a viable solution, making a decision, and implementing it consistently. The course is perfect both for teams and individuals. It is planned to last for two days but can be shortened to match your needs. 

IPAA South Australia

This training puts critical thinking forward, yet problems solving comes hardwired to it. The course will explain the principles of critical thinking, work with assumption and explanations, creative approach, and how it all fits into the right problem-solving approach. As a learning outcome, the course overview explains, you’ll be able to keep your critical and creative thinking skills agile and will apply them to solve problems cleverly and efficiently. Delivery and format can be tailored by request.

Competitive Solutions Australia

The provider offers a wide range of vocational and personal development training courses, among which is a short training program in performing root cause analysis and following it with problem-solving. The program highlights the ownership of the problem, associated responsibility and powers of a person tackling the problem, and the need to dig out the single root cause. From that point, a person can gather accurate information from different sources and apply it for an efficient solution to the problem. The course lasts one day, delivery can be tailored. 

CCE University of Sydney

The university is known for the high quality of education it provides, and among others, it delivers corporate solutions in the form of targeted topical training. So a company or an organization can purchase from them a ready workshop in the basics of efficient problem solving, or ask for a tailored approach and get the exact information and practical training they need. Content and delivery can be customized by request.

As you see, the choice is wide, and each provider is worthy of your trust and time. Look through the options, decide what course matches your needs in the best way, and get a chance to enhance your team and hit your goals.

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