Alexis Ren Popular Instagram Bats for Cryptocurrency and Claims USD based Economy is Collapsing.


Many know Alexis Ren; yes, she is a famous Instagram star. She has also appeared in Sports Illustrated based swimsuit edition and was a contestant at one of the US editions of Dancing with Stars. She is known to have 15 M followers on Instagram. But she is also making news for her supporting statement for digital currencies. She is also the founder of the tech-based platform called, wherein she hosts several shows, meetings and classes like a mentor and guide. There she has spoken about crypto-based assets as well. Hence she has a fair amount of understanding of how digital things work, including virtual currencies. In the recent event called the Web Summit organised in Lisbon, she was seen talking about her new venture and some unusual moves about economics and digital currency. She ended up saying that the US dollar-based economy is collapsing, and for her, it appears to be a terrifying one. 

If you explore crypto sites and their, one can find complete details about her. Well, now let’s continue what she said and what comes out from her. With this statement, she seemed to have inclined her interest towards digital currency. Therefore, she has driven her with different doubts taking to different travel directions and the dollar-based economy. In her video that she published way back in April, she said the economic structure she is living in seems to be based on lies and delusion. Also, she came up with an agreement that seemed to have come along with something better and effective. Thus bitcoin and the digital currency remains the ray of hope for all. Ren also claimed that she does not favour the current economic system that seemed to have come along for a long time, requiring a change in the coming times, making things scary.

She said she seems to fear a lot when it comes to USD as it is now hurting too many people around, and thus the economy will fail. She opened up about digital currency and claimed that the economy would not sustain for long and it could move along with us. Several inflationary devaluations have made the USD appear like a real problem, and one should check the goldendoodle barking over the background. They need to check the printing thing more precisely, and it comes up with no value. It seems to have been used with the golden background and may not be seen coming up anymore. We also have no idea about it except that they have faith and belief in the system, which gives fear all around. 

Ren also went out of the way to say that the economy will soon collapse based on fiat currency – USD. She gives it because it has less value now, and with passing time, it is declining. However, experts feel that this is not true as one can see USD gaining a good against other currencies like British Pounds and European Euro by 6 and 7 per cent. As we see, the economy of the US is also growing and not going towards the decline, feels the experts. The GDP of the country seems to be 2 per cent. However, people who count more on the fiat currency based economy would never support the crypto-based economy and vice versa. Ren further said that the country seems to be in debt, and by printing more and more new notes, they will remain active and keep away from the black hole. However, she feels the bubble has to burst sooner or later and thus, and we will face the music.

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