A Marketer’s Guide to Call Tracking

A marketer's guide to call tracking

As a marketer, one of the most important things for your role is to ensure continuous, high-level engagement from your marketing activities.

Therefore, it’s just as crucial that you have all the necessary tools to help you achieve this, and execute your role as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The best tool to use for this job is call tracking software.

Read on for a complete marketer’s guide to call tracking, showing you what the software is and how it can significantly benefit you and your business.

What is call tracking software?

Call tracking software is an advanced tool for your business that allows you to accurately track every incoming and outgoing customer call. As well as this, the software can give you the means to extensively analyse these calls, providing a wide range of data through call tracking metrics.

On top of this, your call tracking software will also provide analytics for customer engagement. This will show you the levels of interaction across your entire marketing, and reveal the performance of your marketing activities across every campaign and channel.

To secure the best call tracking software, make sure you choose a professional and experienced provider – such as Mediahawk call tracking, for example.

How does call tracking work?

To track and analyse your customer calls, call tracking uses a range of detailed metrics. These metrics can reveal various things for your business – calls from your pay per click (PPC) activity, marketing activities that deliver inbound enquiries, website visits from each marketing source, relevant keywords mentioned in calls, and various other metrics.

For analysing customer engagement, your software provides a variety of insights and reports that can help you create customer journey maps. These maps will outline the journeys of each customer through your business, and show each touchpoint they visited before, during, and after they called – this will also be done for non-callers too.

With your detailed call metrics and meaningful reports and insights, you’ll have everything you need to monitor, assess, and control marketing performance for your business, in the most effective way possible.

What are the benefits of call tracking software?

As a marketer, there are a vast range of benefits you can gain from using call tracking. This can include:

  • Total marketing visibility

One of the main benefits of call tracking for marketers is that it enables you to have total visibility of your business’s marketing performance.

With the detailed insights and reports from your software, you’ll be able to observe all interactions across every marketing channel, campaign, and activity. This way, you can easily identify the number of leads and sales being generated from each area of your marketing.

This is crucial for marketers, since you’re only able to fully develop your leads, sales, and revenue if you have a clear and accurate picture of your marketing – and this is what call tracking provides.

  • Increased customer engagement

Call tracking can also benefit you as a marketer by helping you increase customer engagement across all your marketing activities.

The software’s data will help reveal the leads and sales being generated by each marketing activity, thus showing which areas of your marketing are generating the most. You can then assess the aspects of these activities that’s making them so successful – is it the marketing channel or source, the content, etc.?

Once you’ve identified the most successful elements, you can then replicate these in any new activities you create, to ensure they also receive the same heightened engagement from customers.

  • Improved return on investment

Another key benefit of using call tracking as a marketer, is that it can help you more accurately distribute your marketing budget for a higher return on investment (ROI).

As you use the data to analyse customer engagement from your marketing activities, you can easily establish which areas are delivering a high number of leads and sales, and which areas are failing to do so.

You can then direct the majority of your budget towards your successful activities – as well as strategies for replicating them – and remove investments from activities that are not providing adequate engagement.

This ensures you’re only directing your budget towards profitable marketing activities, therefore increasing your ROI.

As you can clearly see, the most superior tool for every marketer to use is call tracking. By using your own software, you can start bringing new levels of engagement and increased revenue for your business.

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