5 Effective Marketing Ideas For Medical Offices

Marketing Ideas For Medical Offices

Your practice is busy as usual. You have a million things to do, but you just can’t get ahead. So here are 5 great marketing ideas for medical offices to keep in mind.

The medical industry is evolving, with patients seriously considering treatment options online before showing up to an appointment. However, in order for this process to work, it’s important that you have solid healthcare marketing strategies in place.

Considering you will likely be spending more time in your marketing budget than your actual practice, it’s important to test several ideas in order to identify the most effective marketing plan possible. Effective marketing is one factor in achieving your medical practice revenue growth which is also important to keep in mind.

People are also more likely to seek out healthcare services due to convenience. They might not always go to the closest facility, but they will go to the one that’s most convenient for them. With smartphones, tablets, and other hand-held devices at their disposal, these patients can research the top medical practices in their area, read reviews of these clinics from those who have used them. This has made it more crucial than ever before to have an experienced marketing team ready to reach out online to those looking for a medical clinic near them! So, what are the best ideas for marketing medical practices? Check these out:

1. Optimize your Google AdWords Section.

Are you paying too much for your Google AdWords? Have you been told by an expert to optimize your Google Adwords but you have no idea where to start?

If you are planning on running Google AdWords ads for your medical business, optimizing this section is very important. You should have separate landing pages for different keywords or phrases that trigger your medical ad. This arrangement allows you to create a lead capture page that is very specific to the keywords being searched. The leads captured by the ad will be sent directly to this page, where you can present them with information related to their inquiry.

2. Update your website and social media frequently.

social media

Think about the last time you went to a website to find out about a certain medical treatment. Was it a few months ago? The chances are, whilst you might have used the service during that time frame, it is incredibly likely that you have been for a check-up since then. The internet has changed everything from the way we shop to how businesses advertise their products. In this article, we take a look at five great ideas for marketing your medical industry business, all of which revolve around staying top-of-mind whilst remaining relevant in the online marketplace.

When people search online for a healthcare provider’s website, it is often because they need immediate attention and care and want to make sure they go to a business with high quality services and lots of experience in the industry. It is very important for the medical marketer to secure their online presence by making sure that their website can be viewed by potential patients, visitors, patients seeking information on surgeries, treatments, or other medical conditions. Being able to find your website in the top rankings of Google is important in connecting with your ideal customer once again proving just how vital it is for medical professionals to secure their online presence in Healthcare Marketing with powerful physical addresses where potential patients can come in person.

3. Talk about healthcare in ways that aren’t scary or boring.

There is always a perception that the medical industry is both scary and boring. The challenge for you as a marketer is to take the healthcare message and turn it into ways that don’t scare or bore your audience. Here’s where we delve into some of the best tactics and strategies to promote the medical professionals and services that your clients and customers need. This includes finding creative ways to speak about healthcare to those who could use it now, those who will need it in the future, and those who want to avoid it now and forevermore (probably doesn’t apply here, but you never know).

Skip those medical jargons that nobody usually cares about. You are not an IT Blog! Don’t let your brand think that way. The healthcare industry has very high stakes, so it’s crucial to tread lightly while still informing customers.

4. Use Consistent Branding.

If you want to stand out, keep your brand consistent. Your logo, colors, website design–even your equipment–are part of your brand. Consider these elements your brand’s defining traits. Brand consistency makes it easier for patients to connect with you and make appointments. And when patients like what they see, they’re more likely to recommend you to friends, too.

Remember that despite how confident you are in your professional skills, patients often think of you as part of the larger healthcare system. Research suggests that patients are unable to identify the different kinds of doctors–primary care vs physician specialists–or their various kinds of practices. Even within the same practice, women are less likely than men to be able to name or locate their own physicians. That’s why branding is so important—to make you stand out from other medical providers.

5. Evaluate the online patient experience.

We live in a world where buying products and services is as easy as a few clicks from your computer. People have become accustomed to having an extensive amount of information at their fingertips. Yet, online patient experiences within the medical industry are often not receiving the attention they require. Even though your business is already online, are you really embracing this patient-first experience? Are you giving your patients the best possible online experience?

So, what is an online patient experience? Social media can be an important part of this, but it’s not just about what people say about your brand online. The online patient experience also includes things like your navigation structure, your timelines for appointment or delivery of care, and what you do with any personal data you ask patients to fill out at the start of their journey with you.


Now that we’ve covered the five bright ideas to increase revenue, we want to keep it simple and offer a few tips on how you can create your own medical marketing plan. Implementing a marketing strategy that’s relevant to your target audience can actually pay off with more profits down the road. When done correctly, you can reach the most attractive consumers for your medical practice. And with these various ways to reach out to this unique crowd, you can make sure they will remember you long after the appointment!

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