An Insight Into the World of Business Email Compromise

You must have come across different forms of scams resulting in the fraudulent transfer of money. Although there are discrete businesses involved here, together,...
Protect Your Laptop and Personal Data

Top Useful Solutions to Protect Your Laptop and Personal Data From Viruses and Cyber...

The importance of cybersecurity and the emergence of data breaches have increased to a large proportion in recent years. It’s true that the current...

The Financial Services Industry in 2021: Trends and Insights

The accounting and finance experts have spent an entire year grappling to meet new challenges head-on. While some businesses struggled to make ends meet...

Exploring The Cost of Dirty Data in Banking

By Michelle Knight Good people with good data continue to revolutionize banking, providing customers with better payment experiences. While trustworthy data promises better all-around banking...

HostZealot Review: Peculiar Features and Significant Advantages

The modern world is changing so fast. Nowadays more and more businesses go online. The stable functioning of your website depends on several aspects....

Commentary: Lessons from Estonia, the world’s most digitally advanced nation

By Dr Imitiaz Khan and Ali Shahaab The digitalisation of public services saved the government more than 1,400 years of working time and allowed the...
IT Infrastructure

How To Upgrade Your IT Infrastructure & When Should You Do it

Adding a virtual server, Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, or cloud service can be viable options for an IT infrastructure upgrade. A business that focuses entirely on IT-based...
VPS Review VPS Review 2021: Is It Worth Your Money?

Most businesspeople use VPS service as a high-quality hosting can contribute to business success. Aren’t you among them yet? Don’t waste time and choose...
Money Laundering

Can an AI Machine be Trusted to Fight Money Laundering?

By David Lukić Money laundering costs the government a lot of money. It circumvents tax obligations and enables many damaging crimes. A great way to...
Financial Scams

The Most Popular Financial Scams: 8 Ways to Slash Your Risks

There were approximately 1.7 million fraud complaints in the United States, according to national data from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Financial fraud was...


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