Cyber Security in Exchanges From All Around The World

Earlier in March 2021, there was quite a big incident that occured in one of the top companies (Microsoft) that gave us a prompt...
Cryptocurrency law

Kleiman v Wright Day 14: Plaintiff Strategy of Painting Craig Wright as Serial Forger...

It is Day 14 of the controversial Kleiman v Wright trial, which is centered on the real identity of the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto who...
Online Payment

9 Steps for Easier Payment Processes for Online Customers

Making the checkout process easier could increase your level of sales and conversions. Never underestimate the checkout page. It's the final gateway for buyers...
Financial Savings

Cybersecurity Risk Considerations in Financial Statements

“ The safe way to double your money is to fold it over once and put it in your pocket”  - Kin Hubbard This is...
Privacy After COVID

Privacy After COVID

By James A. Lewis The COVID pandemic highlighted privacy.  Lockdowns and restrictions on in-person meetings made digital networks an essential tool. This reliance on digital...

How are Military Monitors and Keyboards Different from Regular Ones

For several years, the military has been an avid supporter of technology and its advancements. From adopting  LCD technology as soon as it came...
Tools for Loan Companies

Top Fraud Prevention Tools For Payday Loan Companies

Payday loan businesses are one of the fastest-growing business sectors globally. And why not. After all, there are very few businesses that can offer a...
Code Obfuscation

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Code Obfuscation

By Vala Flynn Code obfuscation is the process of changing executable code such that it is no longer understandable, interpretable, or executable. The source code...
cyber security

What is a DNS Leak? How Can I Prevent It?

A domain name system or DNS resolves the alphabetic web address you put into your address bar and provides the browser with the IP...

Four trends in the Fintech industry

The past couple of years have turned how everyone engages with finance on its head. From dismantling business across the UK and EU in...