Proptech Security Trends

Top Proptech Security Trends Every Multifamily CRE Investor and Agent Should Know

Investment in proptech reached $20 billion in 2020. If you’re investing in multifamily real estate, you need access to the top proptech security technologies...
Cybersecurity Tips For The Banking Industry

Top Cybersecurity Tips For The Banking Industry

The term "cyber security" refers to protecting electronic systems, such as computers, from being compromised by malevolent actors. Protecting computers and other electronic equipment...

8 Ways No-Code Business Process Automation Can Aid In Financial Forecasting

Financial forecasting is an important tool for any business owner, large or small. It helps you anticipate and plan for future income and expenses...

Why Is Privileged Access Management So Important?

Privileged access management is the process of managing and monitoring access to privileges that are typically reserved for system administrators. The high-level goal of...

5 Biggest Cybersecurity Mistakes Companies Make & How to Solve Them?

We all live in a digital world. As a result of new technologies and global digitalisation, companies face enormous data breaches and cybersecurity incidents....

Is It Safe to Use Credit Cards With a VPN? 

Credit card transactions are always stressful. You are typing out your financial information on a website, and you can never be sure of its...
ethical hacking

What is Ethical Hacking and Why is it Significant to Learn About it?

In computer science, cyber security is among the most rapidly expanding areas of work. Cell phones and connected products (IoT) have grown to be...
Cloud Security

Tips on How to Pace and Safe Public Sector Cloud Security

Cloud security is not a problem only for the private sector. Government bodies and other public institutions are the ones who are suffering from...

Why Digital Security Is Important for Finance Industry in 2022

It's no secret that digital security is one of the most crucial aspects of a business. But how often do we consider the unique...
cyber security

Beginner’s Guide to Cybersecurity

The attackers are utilising more advanced methods to attack the devices. The effect is experienced by people, big enterprises and small businesses. Cybersecurity is...

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