What Does “Provably Fair” Mean For Crypto Casinos?

Provably Fair

If you’re new to crypto casinos, you may have heard about provable fairness, or provably fair slot games. The elaborate technology is a trend in crypto and non-crypto online casino games. If you’re not familiar with it, here’s a brief introduction to the term essential modern bitcoin casinos.

Provably Fair Definition

Provably fair is the latest technology that graced online gambling. As it is new, most gamblers don’t know about it yet. The technology is primarily used in bitcoin or crypto casinos and games. To define it, provably fair is an algorithm that checks and verifies an online casino’s fairness towards its players. It relinquishes the fear of most players that online gambling sites will rip them off.

Provably fair uses three variables:

  • Server seed – this variable is provided by the site.
  • Client seed – this variable is given by the player’s browser and can be adjusted by them.
  • Cryptographic nonce – a number that grows parallel to the bets a player makes.

The process is a bit complicated, especially for those who are not versed with bitcoins or cryptocurrencies. First, the online casino produces a seed number. The number will be hashed and sent to the bettor before placing a bet or play. Hash functions or hashing converts a lengthy data string to a shorter one.

With hashing and the randomness of the server seed, the operators cannot easily change it. The same goes for the player wherein the seed is encrypted. In turn, the bettor’s browser will randomly generate a seed. Players are advised to calibrate the client seed before betting or gambling.

Once both seeds are present, they interact with each other to create the bet’s result. As for the nonce, the number will start at 0 or 1, depending on the website. It will increase every time you place a bet. The algorithm uses the seeds and the nonce in selecting a randomizable action in the game.

When the player is done, they will get the unencrypted version of the client seed and verify the game’s fairness. The bettors can confirm the results on-site through a verifier. Simply input the unhashed seeds to see if the value it produces is the same one in the game.

This way, Bitcoin casino websites allow you to verify their honesty. This approach will remove questions about possible fraud. There have been rumors among the players for a long time that in some separate draws the casino can cheat. Well, now you have the opportunity to check each draw and make sure that the result was really random.

Why Is Provable Fairness Better?

Here are some of the advantages when going to crypto casinos equipped with Provably Fair:

  • Transparency

The main catch of provably fair crypto casinos is the transparency they give to their players. Provably fairness offers a way for bettors to see the results of their previous games to ensure fairness.

  • No third-party authentication

Most online casinos have undergone auditing by testing labs or other third-party authenticators. However, due to the technology used by provably fair games, third-party authentication and auditing are slashed. With no third-party auditor, players of crypto casinos with provable fairness become the auditors, giving the highest transparency level.

  • Blockchain technology

The transparency of provably fair casinos and games run on blockchain technology. This innovation is also used in cryptocurrencies and makes casinos accountable for how they operate. Another way of making things transparent is through the blockchain ledger. Players can check it if they want to see their transactions.

Moreover, with the self-executing codes of blockchain technology, everything is fixed and unchangeable. Meaning it is not feasible to change or reverse it to favor the operators.

  • Higher RTP percentage

RTP percentage plays an essential role in any bettor’s gambling career. It stands for Return to Player, and it determines a punter’s chance of winning on a specific game. RTP uses the data from the player’s previous wins to calculate the percentage. For games with Provably Fair, the rate of winning is up to 99% instead of 99.5% or lower.

Are Provably Fair Games Always Legit?

Yes and no. Yes, there are provably fair games and casinos that are authentic and legit. These games offer you a safe way to gamble using cryptocurrencies.

However, the answer is also no, as there are still sites offering rigged provably fair games. These fraudulent operators know that it takes a very knowledgeable and devoted person to study the Provably Fair system. They can still change some tiny details undetected to the regular Joe. It is essential to check if the provably fair game on the site you picked is the real deal.

Can You Hack Provably Fair Casino Games?

Even though provably fair casino games are safe and secured, they are still prone to human tampering and hacking. On paper, as casinos make the game’s algorithm public, bettors can interfere with the games.

In the future, this theory can be achieved by more knowledgeable people about the intricacies of the said system. However, hackers are the least of the player’s problems for now. Punters need to be wary about crypto casinos with exploitative operators.

Though hacking will be detrimental to the operators’ business and can be challenging due to blockchain technology, it’s possible. As technology advances, so are the capability of people to tinker with its intricacies. A provably fair system is prone to the operator’s hacking attempts, especially if the site has hidden security flaws. It is wise to check the crypto casino site first before betting.

Now that you’ve been acquainted with provable fairness, you can make an educated decision in choosing the best crypto casino. Although Provably Fair makes crypto casinos safe, it’s still best to be cautious in every online transaction we have.

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