What Are Real Estate Affiliate Programs and How You Can Benefit From Them

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Did you know you don’t need a certificate to make money selling real estate? You may want to make it in the industry, but getting licensed as a real estate agent can be challenging.

Forget about the licenses and certifications. There’s a way to earn big bucks selling homes or rentals without these. How? You can join the growing affiliate marketing network. This article will show you how to take advantage of affiliate programs to make a living in real estate.

Top 9 Affiliate Programs You Can Join

1. Real Estate Express

Since 1996, this investor has been leading in real estate education. Their online courses teach students how to be real estate agents or brokers. You can make a 20% commission through these real estate affiliate partners by sharing their links to promote their courses on your site. The good news is that signing up is free, and you get a decent free trial period upon enrolling. 

2. Foreclosure Affiliate Program

You can earn a 25% commission as an affiliate marketer for Foreclosure, a top distressed property provider. The upside of this program is its user-friendly website. Plus, they have some of the highest sales in the industry. They offer a six-month cookie period.

3. Buildium

With Buildium, you can promote property management stuff. The 2002 platform has been helping teams boost their portfolio. For instance, they are big on property management software to help people track budgets, take care of their listings, and ease the handling of tenant screenings.

Your take-home as an affiliate marketer in this program is a commission of 25%. You can also use their marketing materials in your work.

4. Real Estate Affiliates

As an affiliate marketer with one of the top networks, you can make money in three ways:

  1. The Cost Per Action method: You can earn money when the people you refer become a lead
  2. The lead method: You get cash for sending the registration of your referrals.
  3. Revenue share plan: You can earn a commission whenever your referrals transact with advertisers on the website.

On top of these methods, you make a commission of 25%, making this network one of the best paying.

5. Vrbo Affiliate Program

Vrbo is in the vacation rentals business. To earn on this platform, you can refer your website visitors to vacation rentals. Each time a referral uses a link, you make money.

Every referral who rents a listing earns you a 3% commission. Additionally, you also earn $20 every time a listing is made through you.

6. Property MOB Affiliate Program

Like Real Estate Express, this network offers courses on real estate. However, their niche is real estate wholesaling. The company also sells virtual assistant products for firms in the industry. Setting up the product is free, but the billing is hourly.

As an affiliate marketer on this site, you can make money in two ways. One, you can get a 50% commission from buyers of training courses. Two, you stand a chance to earn monthly revenue from subscriptions.

Property MOB Affiliate Program

7. Corporate Housing by Owner

If you’re traveling for work, the Corporate Housing by Owner offers a homely place to stay. Founded in 2005, the site helps owners of vacant homes to get corporate clients to rent for months.

For professionals, the site saves them the headache of looking for a friendly place to live. Homeowners get money in return. Although vacation affiliate programs are known to pay poorly, CHBO offers a 15% commission.

8. BoldLeads

If you don’t want to sell properties or rentals, BoldLeads might be the place for you. Their idea is to create lead generation and such systems to help real estate agents.

You can register on their site to earn $20 for each sale.

9. Lex Levinrad

This investor has been around since 2003. Besides selling homes, they also flip properties and show learners how to do it. With a 50% commission rate, Lex Levinrad’s program is one of the most competitive. The condition is that at least 1,000 unique daily visitors to your website be admitted into this program.

Your website background is one of the factors of consideration for approval. The investor will then offer you banners, marketing props, and other tools for your campaign.

Making money in the real estate industry doesn’t have to be complex. You can leverage affiliate marketing. If you want to make a 50% commission, try Lex Levinrad. But, Real Estate Affiliates is perhaps the best paying as you can earn extra on top of your commission. 

For a 25% commission, consider the Foreclosure Affiliate Program and Buildium. If you aren’t interested in property sales or mortgage sales, then you can still earn with BoldLeads. Which of these programs do you want to give a shot?

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