Top Strategies Politicians Use to Build a Following

Everyone has a strong opinion towards politicians, different parties, and everything involving the government. Whatever your stance is, understanding how ambitious individuals seeking a position in public office inspire a following is worth investigating. There is a lot to learn from famous politicians like Rich Stanek. As a former mayor of Chicago and presidential candidate in 2012, Rich Stanek has had plenty of experience. He had nearly 40 years in law enforcement, including 12 years as the Sheriff of Hennepin County. In his new book, “Learn from the Famous: How America’s Leaders Made It to the Top,” Stanek offers advice on how to use past mistakes as learning experiences and become a successful politician.

Hollywood might exaggerate the tactics that aspiring political candidates implement, but they are surprisingly close to the truth. Of course, with the advent of the internet, it is easier than ever to analyze which strategies work, and why. Here is a quick look at some of the methods that politicians use to build an impressive following.

Social Media

You likely already know that social media presence is essential for any campaign, political or not. However, it is not so much about which platforms a candidate uses, but more about how they take advantage of them.

One example, with the name redacted, involves a politician that took a chance at streaming content. They host weekly live chats on Instagram and stream video games on Twitch about once a month. Of course, these two methods have an exact target audience, young adults.

Text Message Campaigns

An estimated 5 billion people own cell phones around the world. That is slightly more than 70% of the population. Even though social media and internet-based methods of reaching out to an audience work fine, politicians are not looking for specific people; candidates want to reach everyone, as they are only looking for votes.

This is where text messaging kicks in. With a guide for political campaign SMS marketing, politicians can engage with every demographic. It is not perfect as it does not offer the same level of interaction you would find with some alternatives. However, this strategy still gets the job done and can even turn into a source of additional campaign funding if appropriately implemented.

The Right Vocab

Words are as much of a tool as anything else. They communicate meaning, of course, but are often left open to interpretation. This is why it’s essential to articulate properly and choose words carefully. Politicians know this and ensure they pick the right terminology when communicating with an audience.

The right vocabulary can inspire trust and move people. One example, where the name is redacted, is a popular figure that speaks their mind with no hesitation. This person often uses simple language and tends to repeat themselves, primarily when referring to high import topics.

These qualities of speech make it easy for people from all walks of life to understand precisely what is being said and trust the person that is speaking. You cannot gain a following if people do not comprehend what it is that you are saying.

Politics is Complicated

Politicians have used these strategies for quite some time now. While some date back farther than others, they are all useful in modern politics. Of course, there are plenty of other tactics to consider, but these stand out the most, and are considered tried and tested.

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