Top Crypto Podcasts in 2022


Nowadays, it is critical to have suitable sources of the latest information. Especially if you want to keep abreast of news and future trends in the blockchain. One of the options is podcasts. In this article, we have collected the best crypto podcasts in 2022, from which you can choose the one you like most. However, first a few arguments as to why podcasts are a convenient way to get information: 

  • Listening to a podcast can be combined with other things. Usually, this is swimming, running, and house cleaning. In this, they differ from YouTube, where you need to watch too.
  • They are easy to produce. High quality allows you to listen to podcasts on acceleration.
  • You can download them for places without an Internet connection.
  • All podcasts are free. You do not have to pay for them.

So, here is the list of best cryptocurrency podcasts.

​​“The Money Movement” – Digital Money Podcast

The decline of economics in 2020 is unprecedented. Emergency support measures have prevented further deterioration of the economic situation. After a year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the way out of the healthcare system and financial crisis is becoming more evident. But at the same time, the outlook remains highly uncertain. The pace of recovery will depend partly on the rapid deployment of effective vaccines worldwide. Much remains to be done to defeat the pandemic and avoid a persistent rise in national inequality and disparity in per capita income levels across countries. In his ‘The Money Movement’ Jeremy Allaire analyzes the modern economy. His episodes are built to explain complex terms through simple words.

“Unchained” – Top Crypto Stories

Its owner Laura Shin is a former Forbes editor and one of the first journalists on this topic. Also, it is one of the most trusted crypto shows at the moment. This is a one-hour episode with guest experts and a deep dive into the topic. This will be helpful because Laura does not talk about issues from her point of view but mainly asks questions to her speakers.

In this way, you will recognize many thoughts and choose the right path for yourself. The interview topics go beyond the crypto industry and touch on the impact of blockchain technology on our lives from financial services to the Internet of things and low casino deposits. Last one is a good way to make a quick start in the casino world. Use jackpot city $1 deposit and play while listening to podcasts.

“Unconfirmed” – Weekly Crypto News

Unconfirmed is another bitcoin knowledge podcast from Laura, a former Forbes editor and early BTC journalist. This is a weekly 20-minute discussion of the main updates and insiders of the week. Unconfirmed is the best choice for those who prefer short content over long conversations.

“Crypto Cousins” – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Podcast

This episode is released as an interview. It might seem like a bitcoin podcast interview in which a regular broadcaster on each episode talks to a new guest is the same as “two dudes talking,” but it is not. The purpose of the interview is to talk about the guest and his experience in trading, which can be helpful to listeners.


“What Bitcoin Did” – Tri-Weekly Bitcoin Podcast

Bitcoin is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. It has no banknotes, and it cannot be taken in hand because it is based entirely on cryptographic methods. Its most crucial principle is complete decentralization. It has no central administrator. It is not subject to financial regulators and banks. This makes bitcoin radically different from any unit of payment in the world and this has sparked the beginning of the era of BTC gambling sites, which have become very popular in the last year.

Show host Peter McCormack talks with experts in this field to get more first-hand information about BTC. The project started in November 2017. Since then, he has recorded more than 400 episodes with various invited people. This is evidence that WBD has different views on bitcoin.

“Stephan Livera Podcast” – On Bitcoin & Austrian Economics

The owner of this technical podcast is world-famous BTC expert Stefan Liver. These episodes are one of the leaders in the crypto space. After all, it is very well organized educational content. Stefan Livera is an Australian bitcoin podcaster, successful entrepreneur, and investor. He is also the Managing Director of Swan Bitcoin International, co-founder of the Ministry of Nodes, and a partner of Bitcoiner Ventures. 

The Stephen Liver BTC knowledge podcast focuses on providing knowledge about BTC and the economy, as it is Stephen’s main area of​​interest. Cryptocurrency is now more attractive as a source of enrichment. Few people understand how to invest in it and trade bitcoin and other altcoins properly. Stefan takes on the backbreaking and thankless task of telling all about it! He will teach in words how to trade and profit from it. In his episode, Stephan interviews prominent guests on Ethereum technology, crypto market, token generation events, BTC, libertarianism, Austrian economics, and macroeconomics.

“CoinDesk Podcast Network” – The Future of Blockchain & Money

CoinDesk has a series of different shows in its podcast network, including The Breakdown and SOB (short for “Speaking of Bitcoin”) hosted by Nathaniel Whittemore. The Breakdown covers trading, macroeconomics, crypto space, token metrics, analysis, geopolitics, and general power change. For eight years in a row, SOB (formerly Let’s Talk Bitcoin!) has had guests such as Joel Comm, Ryan Sean Adams, Travis Wright, Bryce Paul, Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Stephanie Murphy, Jonathan Mohan Aaron Malone, and Adam B. Levin for their discussions. Usually, they talk about the history, philosophy, and prospects of BTC and other ecosystems.


“Bitcoin Audible” – Knowledge of Bitcoin with Guy Swann 

Cryptocurrency is becoming more and more popular: digital money scares someone, and someone is preparing to become an investor on a crypto exchange. This currency seems incomprehensible, but it is possible to understand what is happening in the business and whether it is worth investing in crypto. Guy Swann and his Bitcoin Audible episodes will help digital money holders navigate the news flow and track essential tendencies. At the same time, newbies can understand the terms, assess risks and make money on this exchange. In the Guy podcast, he talks about cryptocurrencies. Guy shares the latest updates from the crypto exchange and explains what it means for investors.

“Cryptocurrency for Beginners with Crypto Casey”

This podcast is designed for those who are just beginning their journey into the world of bitcoin. It will help you understand the basic terms and methods of work and investment in crypto.

This podcast can be recommended to any beginner. Its author, Crypto Casey, has considered all the most critical aspects of BTC. It clearly explains how peer-to-peer transactions are processed using the blockchain and other technologies involved in the operation of the cryptocurrency network.

“Crypto News Alerts” – Daily Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

This podcast will provide you with daily info from the world of blockchain.

And most importantly! This crypto podcast has daily updates to keep you up to date with the latest updates. 

Also, there are such good podcasts that are out of our list as a:

  • crypto campfire podcast
  • token metrics podcast
  • bad crypto podcast


When you want to learn about crypto and altcoins, you are trying to understand or find the latest updates about cryptocurrencies. You naturally want to grasp this news and make an intelligent investment quickly. The easiest way to do this is to force yourself to take info from a podcast. There are hundreds of shows on the market, and the above list can serve as a starting point for most newbies. You can only determine the BEST according to your interests and requirements.

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