Things You Need To Know About Portable Generator Covers

Portable Generator Covers

You must be aware of the role that a portable generator plays in your life especially if you are residing in a region where power cuts are very frequent. Besides being useful a generator set is also an expensive thing. They require utmost care and protection from outside weather conditions. If you have a portable generator set, TheDrive got you covered and listed some of the best portable inverter generators to choose from. Some generator sets are there that do not function properly when kept covered, the best solution in such conditions is to place your generator inside a shed. In this article, we will discuss some important things about portable generator covers that you should be aware of.

What is a Generator Cover Set?

A generator cover is a solid canvas available in various shapes and sizes. They protect your generator from all those things that can bring down the lifeline of your generator means, things that can harm your generator and affect its functioning in the long run such as heavy rains, scorching heat, or strong gusts of wind. A good cover protects your generator from all these things and ensures that you can utilize it to the fullest paying little or no attention to the weather conditions outside. Most generator covers are made of polyester, and according to Beezly, polyester belongs to the group of those fabrics, which besides, being 100 percent waterproof also allows proper air circulation inside.

How Does a Generator Cover Functions?

The main purpose of a generator cover is to protect your generator from outside weather. Some people prefer putting their generators inside sheds but honestly speaking, sheds are not always effective especially at times of heavy rains and storms. You can use canopy covers as they are a great alternative to sheds. To keep the generator fully functioning, it is very important to protect it from dampness. You can use collapsible shelters for protecting your generators from rain and wind. Straightforward canvas covers are also available that are raised using posts. All these options are good for protecting your generators but are not capable enough to withstand gusts of strong winds. A complete 360-degree generator cover with a drawcord is the best for keeping your generator safe in all weather.

Benefits of Using a Portable Generator Cover

  • Protects your generator set from outside weather conditions.
  • Keeps all the vital electric parts of your generator dry.
  • By using a portable generator cover, moving your generator from one place to another will become very easy for you.
  • With a portable cover, you can refuel your generator even with the cover on. 
  • As the generator covers are made of polyester, it maintains a steady and sufficient air circulation inside that helps to keep your generator cool. 
  • Portable generator covers also help to maintain the temperature inside when the generator is operating even when covered.

The tent-type generator covers are a great option to use for camping and other outdoor recreational activities.


These are some things about a portable generator cover that you must know. So summing up, a portable generator cover provides complete protection to your generator against bad weather and helps it to serve you for long.

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