The Success of Shenzhen ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics Company

ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics Company

The Shenzhen ZHAOWEI machinery and electronics company limited stock code 003021 went to the public on SME board in Shenzhen stock exchange successfully on 4th December 2020.

ZHAOWEI Overview: Gaining momentum for the next decade

An Overview of ZHAOWEI Company

In this fund-raising round, the Company managed o offer 26.67 million shares in the public eye. This includes 26.67 million new shares going at an issuance price of 75.12 yuan/share.

The new IPO increased the fund to 2.003 billion yuan with total equity of 106.67 million shares.

ZHAOWEI company deals with R&D production and distribution of micro drive systems, injection molding, and precision molding.

By 2019, ZHAOWEI company had earned a total revenue of 1.783 billion yuan with a net profit of 357.0641 million yuan.

The mission & Vision of the Company are “Committed to advance in the micro-drives field to bring forth a better life.

What motivates the Company?

The Company’s core motivation values include

  • value creation/innovation
  • Persistence in Innovations
  • Unremitting endeavor/magnificent excellence.

The Purpose of the Company

The ZHAOWEI company, which was established in 2001, aims at supplying the best electrical machinery. Below are the progressive events the Company has undertaken and delivered exceptional services.

2005– ZHAOWEL managed to supply the best products to top brands, including Asi Optical, Nikon, Canon, Sanyo & Sankyo, and Panasonic.

2008– The Company diversified its operations and transformed into an Automotive manufacturer. This move led to collaborations with top establishments like GWM, BYD, Toyota, and Denso.

2009– ZHAOWEI grew bigger, and there was a need to include more products. As a result, the Company engaged in home appliances and IT industry products, another move that led to engagement withs top brands like STANDARD, AUX, Somfy, DOOYA, Tencent, and GREE.

2011– At this point, ZHAOWEI had gained the top position in the motor and gear industry. As a result, the Company engaged in micro gear transmission systems activities. This move made ZHAOWEI partner with FT500 companies like HUAWEI and BOSCH long-term.

2017– This is the turning point year of R&D. ZHAOWEI company because it engaged in several activities involving motor drive control. The Company also engaged in software design and smart hardware design. In late 2017, the Company was successful with IPO, and it was given substantial momentum for the entire upgrade of precision driving systems.

2018– This was when the Company managed to set up a technology center. To add to that, the chairman Haizhou Li won the “Talented Award for Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship. This is also the year that saw ZHAOWEI products get recognition as the top brand of Guangdong.

2019 – Finally, the Company’s industrial park was put in use successfully. The Company submitted the IPO listing proposal. This move saw the Company win the following:

  • Science and technology award on China Machinery Industry
  • Gold prize of China.
  • Good Design Award
  • 2nd class prize of the State Science Technology Advancement Award.

The Company has a dream, and it is working towards creating a smart and bearable lifestyle.

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