Empowering your Business through Global Citizenship

It is well known that the economic climate has a direct impact on all types of businesses. From unemployment, to changes in consumer income,...

Our Colleges and Universities Need to Innovate. Here’s How.

By Steven Mintz If American higher education is to meet the demographic, financial, equity, and career-preparation challenges that it faces, innovation – in curricular design,...

COVID-19: We Must Use Behavioral Science to Communicate Better during the Delicate Reopening Period

By Carlos Scartascini, Déborah Martínez, and Ana María Rojas  The number of people infected with the novel coronavirus has surpassed 5 million worldwide. However, a...

China’s Quest to be a Global Digital Economy Leader

By Rachel Gong and Yeu-Mynn Yeung China is on a quest to be the world’s digital economy leader. In December 2021, China released a five-year digital...

Asian American Experiences of Racism During COVID-19

By Sumie Okazaki From  the earliest days of the COVID-19 global pandemic, there has been a surge of anti-Asian hostility directed toward Asian Americans, ranging...

“Mega” wind and solar clean-energy bases – a stepping stone to China’s double-carbon pledge

By Xing Zhang At the UN General Assembly in September 2020, China’s President Xi Jinping announced China’s ambition to peak its carbon dioxide emissions before...

Regulating Cryptoassets: Overview of the UK Regime

By Effie Stathaki This article discusses the application of the UK financial services regulatory regime to cryptoassets and outlines the main UK policy developments. It...

How Flawed Thinking Limits America’s National Industrial Strategy

By Robert D. Atkinson The United States is one of the only developed nations without a national industry competitiveness strategy. Some of this failure stems...

Overcoming Resistance to Innovation

By Jim Euchner In “Lean Startup in Large Organizations1,” innovation expert James A. Euchner explores the reasons why corporations are hard-wired to resist change. More...

How Walmart Used Collaboration and Co-Creation to Build the World’s Largest Industrial Blockchain Solution

By Kate Vitasek Walmart has long been known for its supply chain prowess and muscle. But when it came to solving friction with carriers caused...

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