The Best CS:GO Maps to Play in 2023

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Maps and weapons in CS:GO are the most important components of the gameplay. If you want to be successful in the game, you definitely need to study all the maps and practice your skills to perfection in a particular area. Let’s take a look at the best CS:GO maps to play in 2023. Practicing on these maps will allow you to strengthen your position as an individual player and team member.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Map

We all know the joy of online CS:GO case opening. However, the game is not limited to just that. You have to make time for each CS:GO map. However, it is worth prioritizing when choosing a new location to explore, whether it’s mastering an existing map or creating a CS:GO map of your own. Focus not only on your own preferences but also on the popularity of the map among other shooter players. Master a new map only after you feel confident on the current map. However, from time to time return to the previous one to improve your technique.

Classic Maps

There are some classic CS:GO maps that you should know like the back of your hand.

Dust 2

Dust II map is a legendary classic map that players have enjoyed over the years of the game’s existence. This map has iconic positions. For example, the Mid Door gives players on the T side the ability to shoot enemies from almost the same position as they appear.

The A-Bomb Side is a position that opens up many interesting strategic and tactical opportunities for players. This location has a block in an open space without obstacles. Active hostilities usually take place in two positions – Long Doors and Long.

The B Side is a great place to ambush your opponent. Both terrorists and counter-terrorists need to think about how to successfully achieve goals in such locations.


This map opens up incredible opportunities for players to implement various complex strategies where they can unleash the potential in the team. The A-Side has several entrances for players on the T-side, as well as several vantage points for CTs who can hide there before the terrorists arrive.

The gunfights on the B Side are usually impressive. Players can act in a completely unpredictable way, which can be realized thanks to many hours of training on the Mirage map.


Inferno is one of the cutest and most colorful maps in CS:GO. It depicts a city with elegant buildings and is a surprisingly interesting place for fighting. Players on the CT side have the opportunity to quickly take control of two positions – A and B SIdes. However, the terrorists have a chance to implement the Rush B scenario and defeat the counter-terrorists through Banana. In addition, terrorists can defeat opponents through the use of an Apartment with Arch Side to plant on A.

New Maps

New maps for CS:GO players were introduced in 2020 and 2021. However, two maps, Guard and Elysion, were retired along with Operation Broken Fang.


Ancient is an incredibly interesting map for CS:GO that was updated on December 3, 2020. In 2021, this map fell into the category of Active Duty maps instead of Train. This is a difficult terrain that will surely appeal to those who like to develop new strategies and routes.


Guard is a map that was introduced on January 4, 2020 during Operation Broken Fang in CS:GO. It is a Bomb Defusal map designed by poLemin. The map takes place in the center of Prague, namely on the Charles’ Bridge.


This is the Bomb Defusal map that was created by the game community. She was introduced during Operation Broken Fang. The map developer is Big_SG21.

Fan-Favorite Maps

There are maps in CS:GO that simply drive players crazy with their decorations and possibilities.

Cache is the only custom map that has been added to the Active Duty map pool. Cache was introduced to CS:GO in operations such as Bravo and Phoenix. The map takes place in the Ukrainian location of Pripyat. Players can enjoy realistic scenery around the Chornobyl Power Plant.


Overpass is an interesting Bomb Defusal map that was introduced to shooter players during the Winter Offensive update. The map shows the area of Berlin – canal overpass and the park. The spawn point for CT players is on bombsite A, there is a disabled truck. The spawn point of the terrorists is at the bottom of the canal. The bombsite B is below the counter-terrorist spawn point. It is easily accessible from the stairs


Train is an incredible Bomb Defusal map. Players could explore this map in all versions of Counter-Strike. The map takes place in Russia in a railway depot. The terrorists are trying to blow up the wagons with nuclear waste. The Train map is quite large and interesting, which is why it is popular among shooter players. In this area there are places for camping, long distances prevail.

Wrapping It Up 

Success in CS:GO depends on your ability to handle weapons and navigate different maps. Do not neglect the study of maps and the development of strategies alone or with a team. When choosing maps, be guided by the popularity of maps among members of the community.

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