The Advantages of Spending Time Near Water


Something about being in or near water, whether it is the brisk sea air, the soothing sound of waves, or the glimmer of sunlight off a rippling surface, is incredibly therapeutic. The Victorians were aware of this, so they advocated exposure to ocean air as a remedy for depression. In the same way, the French have long believed in the curative powers of nature’s own springs and have sent their sick to them for ages. Scientists are finally catching up now.

Today, more than ever, we appreciate the value of spending time in natural settings. Health policies and urban rehabilitation initiatives are being implemented as a result of hundreds of research documenting the good impacts in an effort to encourage people to spend more time in nature and so reduce some of the health risks associated with contemporary living.

However, before we rush out to embrace nature and get the benefits to our health and psyche that come with it, we should probably take a moment to think about where we’re going. While spending time in green spaces has become more popular, many new studies suggest that time spent in blue spaces, or those near water, may provide even greater advantages.

Enjoying the water is a multisensory experience

The simultaneous effect of water on our five senses creates a fully-encompassing sensation. Think of yourself as a swimmer in a tranquil bay. You can feel the water trickling and rippling across your skin as you walk. You might detect a salty aftertaste in the air. Perhaps you detect an aroma of seaweed. You look over the river and see the sunshine playing over its surface, creating a kaleidoscope of colors. There is no more peaceful setting than this.

You don’t have to travel far to experience the benefits

You don’t have to fly to exotic locales or spend a month at the beach to experience these advantages of being near water. You may simply spend time at local rivers, beaches, or lakes. Having informal social gatherings like playing with your kids, paddling, and sunbathing can bring you all the same benefits. If you live in Australia (or not), we suggest you travel and rent a Reef Fishing Charter in Narooma. This way, you won’t be traveling far, but you’ll gain a new experience and spend that much-needed time near the water.

Saltwater is a powerful healing agent

Living beside the water may also be good for your physical health. A number of minerals found in seawater provide healing and anti-inflammatory properties on the skin. These include magnesium, chloride, sodium, potassium, iodine, and sulfur. Some people confirm from their own experience that exposure to both saltwater and sun helped them with skin conditions such as dermatitis and psoriasis.

The air near water bodies is better for you

Air near the ocean is purer and less contaminated. According to studies, there are more negative ions in the air around water and woods than there are in urban areas. Raising the mood-regulating chemical serotonin, they also provide us with more stamina to get through the day.

Being near the seaside also increases our exposure to natural light as we spend more time outside. Fantastic news for people who suffer from seasonal affective disorder throughout the long, chilly winter months. Perhaps this is evidence that taking a short trip to the beach during the off-season can do wonders for your sanity.

It may improve your physical fitness

Those who live closer to the seaside, especially in economically depressed regions, tend to have better health.

Living by the water is associated with an active lifestyle. Those who are geographically proximate to the ocean or other bodies of water are more likely to enjoy the outdoors and engage in regular physical activity. Moving while submerged in water and taking in the fresh air is a double bonus. The way of life is stimulating and energizing, in addition to encouraging self-care.

The color blue is healing

Light waves from the water are enchanting you as you observe their ever-changing blue hues. Because of the wavelengths at which different shades of blue are seen, blue is often believed to have a balancing impact on the human nervous system.

Some experts believe that the calming effects of blue are a result of our evolutionary history in a world covered in water and sky.

You will feel more gratitude

Everyday difficulties make it easy to develop a pessimistic outlook on life. Looking out to sea, though, most of us can’t help but experience a glimmer of gratitude, a potent first step towards happiness.

With so much going on in the globe right now, a trip to our lovely coastline is a terrific chance to reflect and recall all the positives and beauty we have around us. it’s easy to be sucked into a downward spiral of pessimism and despair. This is why we need to step back and give ourselves some space,

In summary, if you spend a lot of time close to the water, particularly the ocean, you’re sure to reap some benefits like breathing more quality air, being more physically fit, and being at peace. Living close to water has been linked to improved health and happiness on various fronts.

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of The World Financial Review.