Super Crypto – How Cryptocurrency is Saving the World (or at least Transforming it for the Better)


The long-term effects of cryptocurrency are reaching far beyond simply “breaking tradition”, as the world is just beginning to understand how beneficial decentralized digital finance can be through the help of popular crypto platforms.

For nearly as long as it’s been in existence, cryptocurrency has been shrouded in controversy. But as more time passes, the benefits that its supporters have always claimed would come to be, have finally arrived.

“Super Crypto” might be a bit of a stretch, but it’s not too far off. Although crypto won’t solve all the world’s problems, many would argue that thanks to de-fi, the world has been making strides in a better direction.

How Crypto is transforming the world

While some can’t seem to get over the uncertainty of decentralized currency, others tend to focus on the life-changing and even world-changing potential it holds.

Stoking an increase in economic activity

Cryptocurrency has opened the flood gates of economic activity, as it’s created an entire industry around itself. Although crypto doesn’t require any centralized management, the various currencies do have institutions of people that supervise the goings-on and make transactions possible.

Bitcoin alone has given countless people, small businesses, and startups huge incentives to continue to grow. When a company has more options as to how customers can pay, that company sees more avenues of income and a wider range of clients. Similarly, entrepreneurs themselves have more financial freedom when they invest in their businesses through the use of decentralized currency.

And with cryptocurrency, big-name Wall Street bankers aren’t the only ones that can make vast amounts of money through investing and trading. The playing field has been leveled.

No bank, no problem

Access to banking services isn’t a given in all parts of the world. In fact, more than one-third of the global population lacks access to centralized banking. And those that do are subject to unfair, unrealistic, and unavoidable interest rates.

Those without bank accounts consequently can never ask for loans during a financial crisis and have no checking account for day-to-day use. Unfortunately, in many of the countries that lack bank amenities, crime runs rampant, as people are faced with an uphill financial battle.

And this is where cryptocurrency and blockchain technology can make a world of a difference.

With just a smartphone and basic internet connection, anyone, anywhere can take control of their financial possibilities through cryptocurrency and its blockchain technologies. No restricting borders or proof of address or income.

In the long run, putting cryptocurrency in the hands of more people will bring us towards a future of global financial freedom.

Increased Transparency

The wonderfully unique aspect of cryptocurrency that has so many people head over heels in love with it, is the level of transparency that comes with it.

Hiding fraud is much more difficult when all transactions and digitized and displayed on a public ledger. And this is the aspect of cryptocurrency that could quite possibly be the most beneficial in the long run.

Corruption is the main cause of pain and misery around the world today. Not to mention the number one thing holding back underdeveloped and impoverished countries. Progress can only happen when people can hold their governments and leaders accountable for their actions.

Platforms like Coinbase have revolutionized global finance

Cryptocurrency platforms like Coinbase are a part of the financial transformation by helping people gain control over their own personal finances through ease of access and low fees. Crypto platforms come in the form of website or apps and even offer users financial incentive to watch educational videos before you invest.

Crypto platforms and markets like Coinbase allow people to purchase a multitude of different currencies fast and in a simple and beginner-friendly way. From hugely valuable coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ether to smaller coins that are just starting to make a name for themselves.

While cryptocurrency does hold the power to transform the world, it is volatile and can be unpredictable, and should always be invested in with caution and after doing proper research and study.

Bonus tip for Coinbase users

Recovering your crypto wallet after losing a private key isn’t pleasant to think about. But Coinbase recovery wallet service providers can help if such a nightmare turned into your reality.

A trustworthy and effective Coinbase wallet recovery service is something you think about before disaster strikes, in order to be best prepared in handling tough situations.

Cryptocurrency can be unexpected, but planning ahead can save yourself and your investments unnecessary headaches.

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