Reasons Why Criminals & Terrorists Hate Cryptocurrencies

Reasons Why Criminals & Terrorists Hate Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have become widely known and widespread amongst different categories and sects of individuals, drawing the attention of so many to the sphere. Because so many good and right individuals are attracted to the cryptocurrency market, the wrong sort always gets a way to mix up with the right ones. Cryptocurrencies benefit folks, industries, financial organizations, public sector institutions, and even governments. They do this by facilitating and aiding financial empowerment, facilitating access to financial products, and significantly reducing the risks of scams, fraud, and corruption.

One of the significant and significant dangers and risks linked with cryptocurrencies is the capacity criminals and terrorists have to utilize the new technologies available to their advantage. Due to the rate of these fraudulent acts, there are several measures to prevent and end the success of terrorists and criminals. Of course, the value of cryptocurrencies has been fluctuating very unpredictably in the years; this does not mean that it still has not attracted a lot of criminal and terrorist activities. Because of this, people who don’t have any idea about trading are scared to invest in cryptocurrency. Developers and expert traders came up with the idea of trading robots to help new traders earn while on their learning path. One of these trading bots is BitIQ. BitIQ is a legitimate auto trading robot that ensures a good ROI for its investors. BItIQ has zero-tolerance for criminals and terrorists. They indeed have a very tight security system which makes the funds of all users, traders, and investors very safe and secure. If your choice is BitIQ, you might as well know that you have chosen security as well; such that you can rest assured that your funds are safe. A detailed review has been put together to enlighten you. Are you interested in seeing this? Then visit

5 Reasons for the Cryptocurrency Hatred

Money Laundering Impossibility

One of the reasons why criminals and terrorists hate cryptocurrency is because their money laundering activities may no longer smoothly run as they used to. Money laundering is when criminals obfuscate and transfer money made through illegal means without having to draw attention to them; they strive very hard to make sure that there are no loose ends. It is becoming quite impossible, unlike before, when cryptocurrency was impossible to find. Now blockchain’s public nature has made it easier for those investigating such matters to trace the money to the criminals and terrorists.

Police Tracking

Crypto has been used in several crimes ranging from financial fraud to human trafficking to wildlife. Whenever a theft occurs, victims of these crimes would reach out to the police to report it. The officers would then gather significant shreds of evidence such as cryptocurrency addresses, IP addresses, names, and kinds of data stolen. The police also track specific cryptocurrency addresses or wallets, which could help lead them to the suspect behind the crime transactions. Criminals and terrorists indeed hate cryptocurrency for this. They do the tracking from the address to the wallet to the user.

Better Regulation

The United States government has put several regulations in place because of its anonymity. Her Majesty’s Treasury in the UK put some rules, enforcing the users of digital currency exchange to reveal their identities. By doing this, the flow of finance to criminals and terrorists is disrupted.

Miners Security

Cryptocurrency miners are also urged to be more conscious and security conscious to deny access to criminals and terrorists. Cybercriminals and terrorists hate that passionately.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Security

Due to the uproar of the actions of the criminals and terrorists, several cryptocurrency exchanges have developed a tighter level of security, preventing access to the terrorists and criminals.

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