Jigsaw Trading Review 2023: Pros, Cons and Pricing

Trading Review

Are you a day trader looking to enhance your trading skills and stay ahead in the fast-paced world of trading? Jigsaw Trading might be the answer you are looking for. This comprehensive suite of tools and educational resources is designed to help day traders effectively trade using order flow charts.

Order flow trading is a unique approach that differs from traditional technical analysis, but it has gained popularity with the rise of high-frequency traders and the rapid pace of modern trading. Jigsaw Trading is well-suited for beginner and experienced “tape traders” alike, who are seeking to refine their trading strategies.

In this Jigsaw Trading review, we will explore how it can benefit your trading journey. Whether you are new to the concept of order flow trading or looking to enhance your existing trading skills, Jigsaw Trading offers valuable resources to meet your day trading needs. 

What Is Jigsaw Trading?

Founded in 2011 by Peter Davies, Jigsaw Trading has made a significant impact in the trading industry. With a global customer base of over 3,500 traders, Jigsaw Trading has earned its reputation as a top-rated software product among the crowded field of trading applications.

In the world of stock market trading, having the right broker is crucial for success. Jigsaw Trading understands this and provides innovative solutions tailored to the needs of day traders.

At the core of Jigsaw Trading is a platform that focuses on teaching and supporting traders interested in book order trading. The platform offers a wealth of educational resources, trading tools, and comprehensive support services.

Jigsaw Features

  • Jigsaw Trading Tools: Jigsaw Trading offers a range of tools, including signals and indicators, that visualize the order book and help traders make informed decisions. These tools enhance a trader’s understanding of order book trading and can lead to more effective trades within the same time frame.
  • Jigsaw Trading Education Resources: Jigsaw Trading provides three levels of education resources. The first level is available, for free, with purchase of the trading platform and toolkit. It offers an in-depth introduction to order flow training. The second level includes advanced order flow training that teaches traders the techniques used by successful order book traders. The third level is designed for traders who want to learn institutional-level order book trading strategies.
  • Jigsaw Trading Support Services: Jigsaw Trading offers various support services. Their technical support services are highly regarded, providing prompt and effective resolution of technical issues. Traders can also engage in the lively daily chat room, where they can discuss experiences, ask questions, and learn from experienced traders and Jigsaw Trading staff. The platform can be set to demo mode, allowing traders to practice their strategies with live data.
  • Jigsaw Daytradr: The main feature of Jigsaw Trading is the Jigsaw Daytradr trading platform. It offers a wide range of tools for a seamless trading experience, including visual tools like heat maps and the DOM tool, which displays data such as realistic slippage, balance of trade, and order queue position. The platform also serves as an order entry tool, supporting automated exit strategies and one-click trading.

Pricing & Plans

When it comes to pricing and plans, Jigsaw Trading offers a range of options to cater to traders’ needs. They have both free and paid offerings available, ensuring there is something for everyone.

Currently, Jigsaw Trading is running a free training promotion, allowing traders to access valuable training resources at no cost. This is a great opportunity for those looking to explore the platform and learn more about order flow trading.

For those interested in accessing additional features and advanced education, Jigsaw Trading offers three paid plans. The Independent plan, priced at $579, provides access to the Daytradr platform, Journalytix, trade calendar, leaderboard, chat room, trade simulator, support, and basic training. It serves as a solid foundation for traders to begin their order flow trading journey.

The Professional plan, priced at $879, builds upon the Independent plan by offering advanced order flow training. This plan is suitable for traders who want to deepen their understanding of order flow trading and enhance their trading strategies.

The Institutional plan, priced at $1,979, provides the most comprehensive package. In addition to the benefits of the Independent and Professional plans, it includes institutional training and 12 months of group therapy sessions. This plan is designed for traders who are seeking a more intensive and immersive learning experience.

Jigsaw Trading Review: The Pros & Cons


  • Jigsaw Trading offers a wealth of great education materials that cater to both beginner and advanced traders. These resources provide valuable insights and knowledge to enhance traders’ understanding of order flow trading.
  • The platform is supported by an excellent customer support team that is readily available to assist users with any inquiries or technical issues they may encounter.
  • With its well-designed order book software, Jigsaw Trading provides traders with effective tools that enhance their trading experience. The visual tools, such as heat maps and the Depth of Market (DOM) tool, offer valuable insights into market dynamics and order flow, enabling traders to make more informed trading decisions.


  • One drawback of Jigsaw Trading is its pricing. The basic platform, education materials, and subscription fees can be considered expensive for some traders.
  • Jigsaw Trading focuses solely on order book trading, which may be limiting for day traders who prefer to incorporate other trading strategies or technical analysis methods into their trading approach.
  • Jigsaw Trading lacks a market replay function, which allows traders to review and analyze past market data.

Jigsaw Trading Alternatives

If you’ve reached this point in this Jigsaw Trading review and feel that it may not meet your trading needs, don’t worry. There are alternative platforms available that might suit you better. TrendSpider is one such option worth exploring. 

With its advanced machine learning algorithm, it offers a unique approach to automatic technical analysis. To learn more about this impressive platform, take a look at this comprehensive TrendSpider review.

For a broader range of options, you can also explore this list of the top 10 algorithmic trading software of 2023. This comprehensive list provides insights into the best software solutions available in the market, helping you find the one that aligns perfectly with your trading requirements.

Final Thoughts

Jigsaw Trading offers a robust suite of tools and educational resources for day traders looking to leverage order flow charts in their trading strategies. With its user-friendly platform, comprehensive training materials, and exceptional customer support, Jigsaw Trading has established itself as a leading provider in the order book trading space. 

If you’re ready to take your trading to the next level with order flow analysis, we encourage you to give Jigsaw Trading a try and see how it can empower your trading journey. Click Here to take action today and experience the power of order book trading with Jigsaw Trading.

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