Is it time to scale your small business? Look out for these tell-tale signs!

For many business owners, the idea of growth can feel daunting. As you’re probably aware, it comes with risk and if you’re pushing ahead with scaling your business before it’s even ready, then a dive in your revenue and customer satisfaction could be likely. Poor timing and misjudged prospects often lead to treacherous business decisions, so it’s vital that business owners are familiar with the signs that indicate exciting opportunities for growth and profit.

So we’ve gathered together some tell-tale signs that now might be the right moment to consider scaling your small business. Read on to find out more.

You’re Getting International Leads

Whether you’re offering a series of services from your physical store, or you’re selling a wide array of products on your eCommerce site, if your business inbox is becoming flooded with international queries and requests, then it’s a positive sign that your business reputation and brand is already gaining traction within other international markets. If you’re hoping to expand your growth within your chosen market, knowing that there is interest within your business can justify your desire to scale your enterprise. You can get started processing international payments, easily – just click the link.

Your Profits are Growing

Is business good? If your revenue is healthy and your bottom line expanding, then it’s a strong indicator that expansion could be a viable option. A strong period of financial success, spanning at least two years is a robust sign that you’re ready to move on up. In addition, your stable profits and healthy bottom line means you already have a strong foundation in place to scale your business and push yourself into other markets.

You’re Struggling to Keep Up With Demand

Are you and your team run ragged? Is demand exceeding capacity? If you’re persistently faced with orders you’re struggling to fill because you don’t have the manpower or product numbers to meet customer demand, then it might be time to consider increasing your production rate and strengthening your business model. Scaling your business with more staff, better training, larger premises and even updating your supply chain to increase efficiency are all effective ways to scale your business and reach the next rung on the ladder of success.

Your Team is Strong and Reliable

Your team is the beating heart of your business, without them, production would essentially stop. As a key player within the success of your business, if your team is committed to your company then it will show within their work, repeat customers and through customer satisfaction reviews and recommendations. Scaling a business can bring up all kinds of issues and stress, so knowing that your team is comfortable and strong within their roles can give you the confidence to move ahead with your scaling strategy, without upsetting the day-to-day of your business model.

It’s also worth remembering, that having staff who are stretched too thin and failing to scale up your employee numbers to meet the demands of your growing business, can harm morale, employee satisfaction and efficiency.

Final Thoughts…

So, is it time for you to scale your business? If you recognise any of these tell-tale signs, it might be time to consider pushing your success forward.

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of The World Financial Review.