Inverter Battery – Working, Types & Benefits

We all seek some relaxation from the daily hustle and bustle of life. Sometimes we look for relaxation within the comfort of the four walls, we call our home. As one gets used to the modern lifestyle, it is impossible to imagine a day without the backing of electrical power. These days due to the usage of many large appliances, AC power is becoming popular as DC power cannot supply sufficient voltages. An inverter battery is designed for different situations such as- climate change, severe temperatures, and long duration power cuts.

An inverter is important, but it is the battery that is the workhorse. A battery can make a day and night difference between the type of output you are getting and hence is the most critical buying component. Therefore, it becomes important that one should invest in the best inverter battery for their power backup system to enjoy an uninterruptable supply of power.

What is an Inverter Battery?

An inverter battery is designed to provide a small amount of current for a longer duration of time. All the power backup solutions, like inverters, and UPS operate by converting the DC current into AC current as all of our electrical appliances run on AC power.

The primary function of the best inverter battery is to adjust the supply of electric charge. Reliable brands like Luminous offers a comprehensive range of the best inverter batteries, and you can choose online according to your needs.

To have a better understanding of the best inverter battery, let us look at its different types:

1. GEL Battery

When you are searching for the best inverter battery, look for GEL batteries, which are  similar to the traditional lead-acid batteries and has silica added inside. Deep cycle lead-acid GEL batteries are built sturdy, and they do not require much maintenance; making them an ideal choice for the inverter. The GEL batteries are sealed, valve-controlled, and completely safe, and environmental-friendly.

2. Flat Plate Inverter Battery

A flat plate inverter battery is like any other lead-acid battery that is made of positive and negative plates. The battery is known as a flat plate because of its geometric design. The shape of the battery is flat. The two visible components of these batteries are:

  1. Structure- this part is responsible for the transmission of electricity produced on the plates and other active components.
  2. Reactive Chemicals- It generates electricity within the battery.

Flat plate inverter batteries are a suitable choice for instant high current applications because of the larger surface area of plates.

3. Tubular Plate Inverter Battery

When you are looking for the best inverter battery, you will find that a tubular plate battery is similar to any lead-acid battery, and it is connected from positive and negative plates. Here the structure of the positive plate is tubular while that of the negative plates is flat. Such types of inverter batteries have a tubular support system around the reactive chemicals, therefore, ensuring that the responsive portion stays in place throughout the battery life.

Importance an Inverter Battery

Connect your AC and DC power inverter to a battery and plug your devices into power. This will ensure that you will have access to power all the time whenever there is load shedding. The inverter draws the power from the battery that is of 12 voltage. The battery should be changed from time to time because the power we receive when there is no electricity is taken from the battery. Another way by which you can charge it is by using a battery charger by connecting it to an AC outlet.

Regular power cuts are one of the biggest problems faced by the people in India. However, investing in the best inverter battery for your inverter is an excellent choice. With the right choice of an inverter battery for your power inverter, you can get an adequate power backup solution that ensures low maintenance and high reliability.

Benefits of an Inverter Battery

Listed down below are some of the benefits of an inverter battery:

  1. The inverter batteries are rechargeable
  2. The batteries help in faster charging and produce a large amount of current
  3. An economical choice
  4. The inverter batteries work with great efficiency and are highly reliable
  5. The batteries do not produce any harmful emissions

Renowned brands like Luminous offers some of the best power solutions, with the best and an extensive range of inverter batteries. The Luminous inverter batteries are carefully designed for durability and long life.

Buy the best inverter battery for your inverter today!

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