Instagram Likes Secrets: How to Make Your Business Profile More Engaging


For some people, Instagram is a mysterious place that’s hard to understand. It does not have to be that way, though. Like any form of social media, there are best practices that businesses can use to gain the public’s trust and generate a loyal army of supporters. 

This following base will ideally become buyers. If you’re attempting to use IG for monetization purposes, that’s what you want. The average business entity will try to use this platform to get people to buy goods or services from them. You might also want someone to:

  • Visit your company’s website;
  • Sign up for your email newsletter;
  • Give you some free promotion by sharing your posts. 

All those things are possible if you utilize the proper Instagram techniques. Join us as we talk about how to make your company’s profile more engaging and score more IG likes. 

An Artificial IG Engagement Boost

Before discussing the best organic ways to get individuals to respond positively to your company’s profile, it makes sense to bring up how to do it artificially. If you are interested in the IG platform, you can buy 20 likes on Instagram from Espresso.Digital, and you’ll never regret the purchase. 

You don’t have to feel funny about buying things such as IG hearts. Purchasing engagement is a proven method of boosting your new profile up the rankings and getting it noticed. There are other organic methods you can use to get more Instagram likes, though, so let’s get into some of those. 

Make Location Part of Your Strategy

Some people logically assume that if you’re running a profile for your business, you need to conduct yourself differently there than you would if you had a profile for your personal life. That is true, but only to some extent. Most companies that have a social media team running their Instagram profile to gain many IG likes use the following strategy:

  • They mostly post content from one or two specific locations;
  • They avoid posting about anything that doesn’t directly pertain to their business;
  • They have a set posting schedule that they adhere to each day.

Having a set posting schedule for your company’s account makes sense since anyone following you will expect that regularity. The other two strategies are a little suspect, though. For companies to develop a successful Instagram brand, one mistake you should avoid making is only posting content from one or two of your store locations. That won’t bring many likes. 

Part of what’s so magical about this platform is that you can go out into the world and geotag any locations where you’re taking pictures and videos. It will help you collect more IG hearts from people from those locations.


Anyone following an account will expect this, and it applies to companies as well as influencers. To allow people to make an organic connection with your brand, whoever runs your account should post content and tag it from many different places. That gives the impression that whoever is following your account is going on a globe-trotting adventure. 

You might instruct your social media content creator to post while spending time at street fairs, in locations that are naturally beautiful, or anyone else that is likely to garner you more Instagram likes. This strategy is proven to work for non-business profiles, and there’s no reason it can’t work for company accounts too.

Use Hashtags Correctly

Hashtags still have to factor into your social media strategy. That’s true with YouTube or Twitter just as much as with IG. When trying to come up with a hashtag strategy, remember the following:

  • You don’t want to use too few or too many;
  • You want to come up with something succinct and catchy;
  • You’re trying to come up with a phrase that’s likely to go viral to bring you more Instagram hearts.

We know these pointers are easy to read about but not necessarily to implement. Coming up with a viral hashtag isn’t something you can do at a moment’s notice unless you’re blessed with some kind of intuitive social media brilliance and gain many Instagram likes.

At all times, you should try to have your whole social media team thinking about hashtags that they believe will help your brand grow its target audience. However, you can also ask the rest of your company’s employees to think about possible hashtags for your ad campaigns as they go about their day.

The right viral hashtag can be immeasurably valuable to your company. It can help you get hundreds or thousands of IG likes and the other positive engagement and sales that go along with them. 

Hashtag Strategy

Emphasize Charities and Other Socially-Responsible Pursuits

Another likely way to get more Instagram likes for your company’s IG profile is to create posts focusing on charitable enterprises or other worthy causes. This might seem like a cheap ploy for positive social media clout, but it does not have to be that way.

There’s no reason to be cynical if you can promote a worthy cause on your account and convince your followers that you’re sincere about it. You might put your money where your mouth is by saying that for every dollar your followers contribute to the charity in question, you will match it. If you have the money for such an endeavor, you’ll find that likes for Instagram will come flooding in, and the cash you contribute is tax-deductible. 

These techniques should get you well on your way toward the most likes for IG you can obtain from your audience. If you use them effectively, you should see all of your other positive numbers swell as well.

Remember that if you’re not seeing instant success, you can use a system of trial and error. We’ve included tips in this article that we feel are universal. However, every niche’s social media audience varies, so your particular following might be more inclined to respond positively to some kinds of content over others.