I love Spotify Promotion Services!


Hello there. How was your 2021? Was it everything you were expecting? Have you traveled? Or in your country everything was closed? And if it was closed, what were you doing the whole year? If you are reading this, I guess I already know the answer – you were creating some good old music. Am I right? Maybe you have even tried to upload it. Spotify, right? Yeah, that’s what I have thought. Spotify now is the best place for a young and novice musician to start his career. Of course, not only his, but also her career, we are not sexist. And how is your music doing? Good? Bad?

Well, I think I know what you can do – you can try using Spotify promotion services. Wait, wait, wait, don’t close the article – I am not trying to sell you anything. I am just stating facts. According to my data, the number of musicians that have started using promotion services have increased by 24.8% since the last year. Such a huge growth in one year. Do you know why?

I will tell you why – isolation. Musicians are sitting home, people are sitting home, and not every usual person thinks about listening to music in such desperate times. So the number of active listeners maybe stayed the same, but the amount of time people really spend listening to the music has decreased, hence more attention needs to be gained by a musician.  End it is not as easy as it once was now to publish your music and get recognition for it. Even before these epidemics, it wasn’t that easy. And now, when everyone went online for their work and social life, the amount of effort and musician has to give is outstanding. Now you can’t just upload a track and wait for success, like you could have done five years ago. Now you have to promote it, to guide it to success. Social media, ads, music promotion – all those methods are your tools in this war for popularity. So, are you winning now?

Yes, music promotion doesn’t seem like a good option, but it really is. So many musicians have become popular just because they started promoting their music at the right time. And now it is the right time for you to do it also, because every year there will be more creators, and the competition will be higher. So you need to establish your audience and your popularity as soon as possible and buy some of the cheapest Spotify plays. You simply can’t wait for your followers and fans to appear naturally, which will usually take about 3 to 5 years of active music releases. Of course, if you are a music genius, it will take less, but what are the chances that you are a music genius? I am not trying to undermine your creativity, but just simply asking questions. What do you think, can your music use some popularity boost? Just look at the number of musicians that started using the promotion, the number speaks for itself – it is the thing you have to do now. And you are a small musician, right? You don’t create the rules of the game, you just play the game by the rules that were created by bigger players. And those are the rules of a music industry nowadays, not only on music streaming services, but in real life.

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