How to Start Saving Money Quickly

Saving money can be a long process, and sometimes, we need to get it done fast. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to do this! Most of them are very simple, and you may have heard before, but in case you haven’t, this list is for you.

Having a good savings account or emergency fund will save you from any unforeseen expenses that will put you in a financial crunch. One of the biggest problems that come with saving is those surprise moments. Needing a part for your car, medical bills, necessities, and other costs can put a dent in our efforts, but hopefully, no longer.

Here’s how you can start saving money quickly and reach financial independence quicker:


1. Sell unwanted things

Purging your home can be a big relief for your living space and your bank account. Go through all of your belongings and figure out what you don’t need. Not only will you be decluttering, but you can also potentially add some serious money to your savings.

There’s an outstanding amount of stuff we own that we never use that someone else will use. Go through it all and figure out what you don’t need or use, and sell it online or at a yard sale and pocket that cash for your savings or emergency fund.


2. Go on a spending freeze

One good way to start building your savings is to go on a spending freeze. We love the idea of a spending spree, but we don’t usually consider a spending freeze. There are so many times when you spend unnecessary money that eats into your bank account.

Consider how your spending habits are restricting you from creating a good emergency fund and correct this. You can even go literal and freeze your credit card in water and leave it untouched until you feel comfortable with your spending habits. The main goal is to build good spending habits. Stop spending money on junk that will make you happy now, and start saving so you can be happy for longer and later.


3. Tax refunds

Your tax refund is a small chunk of money you can stash away to help build up your savings. Many people don’t realize how easy it is to get and use this refund. Don’t see it as some extra spending money, but a good way to reinvest in yourself.

Getting your tax refund quickly electronically, through services at taxfyle, is a great way to quickly stash away some funds to beef up that savings. You may even get a significant amount, depending on how much of a refund you qualify for. Cooper parry offer tax services which you may also find helpful.


4. Team up with a Partner

Reach your saving goals quicker by working with a partner. If you are in a couple, this obviously makes it a lot easier. “One tactic we used to save enough money to travel all over Europe when we were 18 was to set a budget for expenses each week – say $500 – and everything over would go straight into a savings account”, say Nadia and Mike from Couple Travel the World.



Building a sizable savings fund for emergencies or for personal use is no longer a stressful and tough task. Small changes to your lifestyle, like selling unwanted or needed possessions, can free up space in your home and add extra cash for savings. Similarly, try cutting down on unneeded spending. Lastly, consider using your tax refunds as a way to add significant money to your savings.

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