How are Military Monitors and Keyboards Different from Regular Ones


For several years, the military has been an avid supporter of technology and its advancements. From adopting  LCD technology as soon as it came out and ditching the CRT monitors, to upgrading their systems for speed, the military has always recognized the importance of technology and computing accessories in their operations.

This is why the computing industry now has an entire division known as military-based computing that consists of high-quality, rugged computing devices and accessories to ensure other people can also enjoy the quality of military-grade computers.

Military and Technology Go Hand-in-Hand

Whenever we hear the word military, there is a preset image that comes to our minds. Soldiers marching around with guns strapped to their chests, ready to be fired at the next opponent. Their marching style portrays a sense of pride and an impression of stamping their authority on anybody who wishes to disobey them.

However, the military is more than this. Since the movies have never focused on the more technical side of the military, many people don’t even know it exists. If we started to list the services and facilities acquired by the military, you would be astonished to find out the level of technology that the military has.

Just like any other field that has used computer technology to its advantage, the military has also yielded benefits from the use of computers and technology to ensure that their systems are fully updated and able to outsmart their opponents.

Difference Between Military-Grade Computer Accessories and Regular Ones

When the military is involved in a battle, they need all their equipment and tools to be of rugged quality to perform efficiently under stressful situations. This is why the military prioritizes the use of heavy-duty computer accessories as opposed to regular ones.

The military requires efficiency in their tools to ensure there is no lag or latency whenever they’re exploring new information. In this regard, the use of military display systems helps the IT department to be able to track different movements and situations without having to dig deep.

If we talk about the military monitors that are used in battle conditions, you will find the facilities like color calibration with projective capacitive multi-touch capabilities on the monitor’s panels that allow instant use of the monitors. Most of the monitors have a chipset installed in them that allows them to work without a dedicated CPU. Moreover, the keyboards differ from the regular ones in both their build quality and the number of facilities. Military keyboards generally come with an ergonomic trackball installed on the side that allows the operator to navigate through the screens without any trouble, and select the necessary commands in the blink of an eye. This level of efficiency in usability is what makes the military keyboards and monitors different from the regular computer accessories.

Importance of Rugged Computer Accessories for the Military

Rugged computer accessories have been in the digital industry for quite a while. Considering their form factor, they aren’t as popular as the regular ones. Due to the unpopularity of rugged computers and their accessories, the military prefers to use them to maintain the secrecy of their operations. Furthermore, the rugged property and sturdy design help the accessories to survive in testing military conditions.

Other than rugged monitors and keyboards, the military is known to use a variety of rugged wireless handheld computing devices. This helps them in maintaining the record of their supplies and equipment, recording data regarding the area’s coordinates, managing their shipments, and supporting other military operations.

Today, military accessories are required to be small and light.  They should consume low power due to the adverse conditions under which they are used, and must be multi-functional to ensure they provide more value to the military. Moreover, the accessories need to be fully secure as these accessories should not be the source of any data leaks. 

Since rugged computers have hard build qualities, they provide extreme-level durability and protection from environmental factors. Moreover, their software stability has also played a major role in them becoming a regular choice for the military.


The military’s job description always forces it to operate in adverse conditions. In such conditions, normal computing devices show a low productivity ratio and often malfunction. This used to be an important issue for the military. For this reason, the military demanded the digital industry provide them with sturdy build-quality accessories so that they can withstand the pressure of adverse conditions. This is why the majority of rugged computing devices and accessories hail from the military.

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