How and Where to Find a Wife in the USA

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Do you want to meet beautiful young girls from outside the USA? These reputable dating sites are for you! We gathered top sources for finding a wife online that offer multiple free features to make your search for a wife even more pleasant.

Top 10 Dating Sites in the USA to Find a Wife

  • SofiaDate. Best for meeting Eastern European women with 35 free credits.
  • SakuraDate. Best for ordering Asian girls at a discounted price for the first 35 credits.
  • LatiDate. Best for dating online with singles from Latin America on a special deal—discounted 35 credits.
  • BravoDate. Best for spending the first discounted 20 credits chatting with Slavic females.
  • LaDate. Best for talking with Latina brides with free initial 20 credits.
  • TheLuckyDate. Best for encountering girls from Eastern European countries with a welcome 2,000 credits.
  • EasternHoneys. Best for meeting Asian brides with a reduced 20-credit package.
  • UkraineBride4you. Best for international dating with Ukrainian women with two welcome credits.
  • JollyRomance. Best for online dating with Eastern European girls using a special offer of 20 credits.
  • ColombiaLady. Best for meeting ladies from Colombia and other Latin American countries with an introductory 2-credit package.

✅ If you want to find out which dating site is best for you, you can take this quiz to find a wife.

Why the Decision to Find a Wife Abroad Is the Way to Happiness?

“Long-Term Commitment”

Firstly, mail order brides are a guarantee of serious relationships because people investing in search of a partner from abroad always do it with the aim of long-term commitment.


Secondly, a mail order wife is someone who will care about you and will be by your side in hard times. Overseas brides are usually more attentive to their partners than local females.

dating sites for american men to find a wife

“No Loneliness Anymore”

Thirdly, mail order bride dating is the opportunity for you both to get rid of loneliness. Often, people seeking foreign partners are those disappointed in the local dating pool. That’s why they decide to look further to not be lonely anymore.


Last but not least: Why do men decide to find a wife online or offline? To build a family. If you are more of a family-type, calm man, you may want to have a wife by your side. And being married to a foreign wife is even more interesting because she will bring a lot of joy and a different worldview into your life.

Why Does a Mail Wife Look for a Foreign Partner?

Ladies registering on international dating sites to meet a partner from abroad never fall for short-term encounters. Mail order wives always look for serious partnerships because entering a relationship with a person of a different culture takes a lot of effort and… courage.

Usually, such females see happiness in creating a family and becoming a good mama and wife. Moreover, for many females, it’s important to feel feminine, but it’s hard to keep femininity alive when you are surrounded by not masculine enough men. That’s why women looking to get married opt for online dating sites, hoping they will find a dream man online.

Meanwhile, other girls seek a person from another culture because they see their future in a mixture of mentalities and cultures.

Top Sites for Those Looking for a Wife to Marry


sofiadate - find an international wife in the usa

The SofiaDate dating site is an excellent source for American men to meet a future soulmate from an Eastern European country because it offers various unique characteristics.

Free features:

  • Filter engine
  • Browsing profiles
  • Watching videos of pretty girls
  • Liking

Paid features:

  • Chatting and emailing
  • Sending stickers and media files, including audio
  • Contact request

SofiaDate has a pretty fair payment policy, offering a generous introduction deal, too—once you register, you receive 35 credits for just $2.99 instead of an average of $12.99. There are also other packages you can purchase: 50 credits for $19 and 100 credits for $33.

SofiaDate also provides some other unique features. Firstly, you can send a gift, for example, perfumes, which will vary in cost: some may cost 2,000 credits, others 3,000. Secondly, you can apply for a contact request, which costs 625 credits, to learn the actual phone number or other contacts of your online partner.


sakuradate - find an oriental wife in the usa

The SakuraDate dating platform can impress you with its rich selection of Asian beauties and quality services.

Free features:

  • Liking
  • Browsing profiles and photos of pretty Asian singles
  • Using search filters
  • Exploiting the Favorites storage section

Paid features:

  • Live chatting and sending letters
  • Using stickers and photos in chat
  • Watching introductory videos of girls

The cost of using SakuraDate is pretty reasonable: not only can you order the first 35 credits for $2.99 instead of $12.99, but you can also purchase other credit packages for a fair price: 50 credits—$19 and 250 credits—$75.


latidate - find a latin wife in the usa

The online dating world has another good website to let you encounter a hot female from Latin America. This source has a set of characteristics, both paid and free, which will let you enjoy your search for foreign brides.

Free features:

  • Liking and sending a “Hi” message
  • Exploiting filter options
  • Looking through the profiles of LatiDate members
  • Watching photos of females on their profiles

Paid features:

  • Texting via chat and email
  • Sending gifts and exchanging photos & videos with your partner
  • Requesting a contact

The LatiDate dating site offers such credit packs to buy: 2 credits—$15.99, 16 credits—$96, 100 credits—$399. However, this source is also generous to its newbies, providing the first two credits for only $3.99.


Slavic women have always fascinated American men with their obeying nature, caring attitude, and mind-blowing appearance. To enjoy communication with these girls, don’t miss using the features provided in BravoDate—a top source for meeting single Slavic ladies.

Free features:

  • Browsing girls’ profiles
  • Liking and sending winks
  • Using filter tools
  • Chatting with the first 20 welcome credits

Paid features:

  • Sending photos, stickers
  • Sharing gifts
  • Sending messages via chat and email

This free-to-register website has a fair cost policy and offers you to buy such packages: $9.99—20 credits; $19.99—50 credits; $44.99—125 credits; $69.99—250 credits; $149.99—750 credits.


If you want to marry a Colombian or Brazilian lady, register on LaDate, which can impress you with the number of its free and paid services:

Free features:

  • Browsing profiles
  • Using search filters
  • Checking News Feed

Paid features:

  • Emailing and chatting
  • Requesting contacts and setting up an in-person date
  • Looking private photos

The good news is that you can also try such charged features as chatting for free by using an introductory deal of 20 credits you receive upon signing up to LaDate.

Other credit packages include two credits—$15.99, 16 credits—$96, and 100 credits—$399.


TheLuckyDate is a source where you can be LUCKY to meet females from Eastern Europe, for example, Ukraine or Poland. Benefit from charged and free services available on the platform!

Free features:

  • Search filters
  • Browsing profiles
  • Making a Favorite list of females
  • Liking photos of girls

Paid features:

  • Live chatting and sending letters
  • Sharing virtual gifts
  • Using the smart matches option

How much do I need to pay for paid features to chat with girls on TheLuckyDate? If you are sure you want to use the whole functionality of the website, here is the package price list: 5,000 credits—$19.99; 12,500—$44.99; 25,000—$69.99; and 75,000 credits for $149.99


Do you want to have a foreign wife from China or maybe Thailand? Then, check on the opportunities of communication you can have at the EasternHoneys online dating site.

Free features:

  • Viewing photos on the girls’ profiles
  • Watching live streams from other members
  • Liking and sending winks
  • Using standard search tools

Paid features:

  • Sending text and mail messages
  • Using stickers and other media in the chat
  • Sending virtual gifts

EasternHoneys is an online dating site that cares about its members and, thus, provides an initial 20 credits for $2.99 only, while the following price hierarchy looks like this: 20 credits/ $9.99, 50 credits/$19.99, 125 credits/$44.99.


Gorgeous Ukrainian females wait to become your foreign bride at UkraineBride4you. Initiate a conversation with free mail order brides here by explaining this source’s top features.

Free features:

  • Sending first “Hi” message
  • Using filter engine
  • Exploiting smart matches option
  • Browsing profiles

Paid features:

  • Texting in a live chat or mail
  • Sending presents
  • Having audio or video calls

Does UkraineBrides4you charge a lot for its services? Not a lot. The first two credits you can buy for $3.99 only instead of the original $15.99. Other packages are $96—16 credits and $399—100 credits.


If you dream of meeting a soulmate girl from Eastern Europe, you’d better use the JollyRomance dating website! Start your interracial dating with the options this site provides!

Free features:

  • Browsing profiles of ladies
  • Looking through the photos and videos of profiles
  • Sending likes and stickers
  • Chatting with first welcome 20 credits

Paid features:

  • Unlimited chatting with girls
  • Sending presents and flowers
  • Requesting a real-life date

The JollyRomance online dating source lets its users start chatting with Slavic girls almost free of charge, offering to buy the first 20 credits for $2.99, while the original price for regular members for this package is $9.99. If you want to explore more features on JollyRomance, you can purchase the following credits: 50 credits—$19.99; 125 credits—$44.99; 250 credits—$69.99; and 750 credits—$149.99.


If you are one of the men looking for a wife from Colombia, don’t miss the ColombiaLady mail order brides service! At this source, you will not only meet cheap mail order brides but also enjoy cutting-edge services.

Free features:

  • Using manual and automatic matchmaking filters
  • Reading emails from girls
  • Browsing profiles
  • Downloading an app for Android

Paid features:

  • Communicating with girls via video chat, live chat, and voice calls
  • Sharing presents with females
  • Requesting a real contact of girls

The best thing is that you can chat with international brides using the first discounted two credits that cost $3.99 for newbies only. The next two credits will cost $15.99, while other packages are 16 credits for $96 and 100 credits for $399.

Free Dating Sites in USA Without Credit Card or Any Payment

“Can I find a wife online for free?”

Well, you can try social media as a free resource for looking for a partner. However, such platforms don’t guarantee a result because they are designed for socializing, not for meeting a wife, and, thus, can’t offer a set of features that can help to encounter the love of your life.

And are there free mail order bride websites that could help you encounter a woman for serious relationships? Probably. But they never guarantee safety. Usually, mail order brides services that claim to be free are scam sources that can steal your money and precious time. Reputable online dating sites always ask for payment, as the teams verify the accounts of their users to make sure they are real. However, these platforms can ensure not only paid but also free features.

What can you get for free?

  • Registering
  • Browsing profiles
  • Initial 10 (usually) minutes or credits of chatting
  • Sending winks

What do you need to pay for?

  • Chatting and phone/video calling
  • Sending videos or audio
  • Sending pics
  • Asking for a contact request
  • Sending virtual and real gifts

Where to find these trustworthy online dating websites? Check the sources we offer in this article. We ensured these platforms provide verification measures and clear fee requirements to make your mail order bride search pleasant.

find a wife in usa online

Are Mail Order Spouses Legal in USA?

The legitimacy of dating mail order brides is undoubted. Foreign wives arriving in the USA share the same rights as all legal immigrants. And when you hear the phrase “to buy a mail order bride”, it doesn’t mean slavery. It implies investing in relationships with such ladies, including online dating platforms, traveling expenses, visa application, wedding organizing, and so on.

The USA also has several regulations which help to protect foreign spouses and prevent abuse. The first one is The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA). When your foreign girl applies for a fiancee visa or a marriage green card, the government has to check:

  1. Whether your relationship is real;
  2. Whether you, as a green card sponsor, have a legal background that will ensure your spouse will be safe with you.

The second regulation is The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). This act finances the prosecution of violence against women, including mail order brides. Also, VAWA provides foreign fiancees with all the necessary info they need to know about their rights in the USA.

Is It Possible to Find a Wife on Online Dating Site: Statistics & Success Stories

   “Did any online dating website help a man like me to get a wife from abroad?”

Yes! Virtual sources are one of the best places to find a wife in another country because they allow for a rich selection of females to choose, convenience of usage, and making contact, which also helps you recognize the signs of a good wife quicker.

Thus, Forbes Health states that nearly 70% of individuals who use dating apps and sites manage to make it lead to romantic relationships. Also, the same source states that men are more lucky in finding a partner online than women: 75% to 66%.

free dating sites in the united states

American Men Marrying Foreign Women

Expectations Reality
  • The melting pot culture in the USA impacts the marriage choices of many men. That’s why they often want to try to discover new cultures, and marrying a girl from another background seems like a good idea.
  • American men often look for girls from countries with distinct gender roles because they are tired of too many emancipated American females.
  • They face differences in mentality, which brings a freshness to their relationships.
  • They meet foreign girls who not only don’t mind traditional gender roles but also are quite obedient.

How to Find a Good Wife Best For an American Man

If you don’t know how to find a foreign wife, you should take these steps!

  1. Use online dating services.
  2. Travel to the country of your dream nation to meet a girl.
  3. Attend events where there can be international girls.
  4. Apply for a student exchange, volunteer work, or short-time projects abroad.

What does a man look for in a wife? Usually, males find such features the most important (and they are important if you want to be happy in your interracial marriage):

  • Common interests—7/10: a man looking for a wife is also looking for a partner who could understand them, that’s why common interests are paramount;
  • Humor—5/10: it’s good to laugh together, but not all men seek a funny girl. Usually, they prefer someone serious;
  • Respect—9/10: males need to feel they are respected to feel their masculinity;
  • Femininity and stay-at-home partner worldview—8/10: a feminine girl can also help a man feel more mannish. That’s why it’s better to look for such a lady.

best place to find a wife in usa

Best Foreign Wives to Marry You Will Be Happy With

Are some females better than others in terms of marriage? Well, the best foreign wives to marry differ for everyone, but some nationalities can allure American males with their characteristics, which are a part of their growing up and mentality. Here are the top girls who can make excellent partners!

  • Free Way to Find a Thai Wife

Thai females are excellent wife decisions if you dream of meeting girls from Asian countries. These females are quite loyal yet easy-going, so you will find it easy to mate with one of them. Thai women also value family and can make caring partners and mothers. By the way, in Thai culture, divorce or splitting up is a rare thing. That’s why if a Thai girl chooses you, she will stay with you. Where to meet such a woman? Besides international dating websites, you can try this Asian country; the best decision is to go to big cities like Bangkok, Ayutthaya, or Chiang Mai.

  • Vietnamese Brides for American Men

Vietnamese females are not worth less than Thai women and also often become overseas wives for American males. These ladies are very gentle and feminine, which is visible not only in their obeying nature but also in fragile figures.

Like Thai women, Vietnamese women are also family-oriented and “PERK”—they are often good at cooking. Although doing household chores is not a default for these females, many of them are willing to take this role in a family. Do you plan on offline dating with these women? Then, start from big cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Hai Phong.

  • Find a Russian Wife for Free

If you need a stylish and self-confident wife, try to find it among Russian women. These ladies are also easy-going and fun to have time with, although some men who married Russian women say they may be too demanding of their partners.

The best way to find a wife from Russia is by using dating apps and sites, but you can also encounter these girls in the biggest cities of this country, such as Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, or Sochi.

  • Latin Wives

Wondering how to buy a wife with a hot temper and playfulness? Then, the best place to find a wife for you is Latin American countries—Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, and others—will become your search spots for passion girls. Latin women are excellent communicators who can make you feel heard and cheered up. These ladies are also very good at maintaining family units, as females often play the most important role in supporting parents and children. However, these ladies have quite a powerful spirit who seeks a strong man.

  • Ukrainian Wives

The bravery and flexible minds of Ukrainian women often conquer the hearts of men from the USA. These women are very hospitable and try their best to make a home feel really like home. Ukrainian girls also care about their appearance because looking elegant is a rule of thumb for them. Where and how to find a wife from Ukraine? You can go to the country, but there are a lot of Ukrainian girls abroad, for example, in Poland, Germany, or Slovakia.

  • Western European Wives

If you feel the mentality of women from Asian countries or Eastern Europe won’t fit, you should think of meeting females from Western Europe. Why would such a bride online become an excellent choice for an American man? Because the level of economic development, shared traditions, and similar mentality can make your union very harmonious, as you will understand each other. Western European women support equal duties, chase self-development, and also try to preserve their feminine side. The best countries to meet like-minded girls are Germany, France, Netherlands, Great Britain, and Denmark.

If you still don’t know who to choose, take our quiz that will help you define the best option for you.

best dating sites to find a wife in usa

Best Countries for an American Man to Find a Wife Online Free

Are there countries that love American guys? Although every nation has women who would prefer dating and marrying American men over their local males, still, there are several top countries to find a wife because the cult of handsome men from America is alive there.

Check the top features of females in those countries:

  • Czech Republic: focused on family, friendly, well-educated
  • Vietnam: tender, faithful, hard-working
  • South Korea: determined, loyal, social
  • Poland: elegant, open-minded, empathic
  • Ukraine: brave, flexible, hospitable
  • Colombia: honest, joyful, spontaneous
  • Brasília: confident, passionate, devoted
  • Russia: family-oriented, obedient

How to Buy a Wife?

The “How to get a wife online” guide includes such steps:

  1. Register on a dating site and invest in paid features to communicate with females unlimitedly.
  2. Be active to attract a girl, and once you are sure of your feelings, plan for a real-life meeting.
  3. When you are sure you are ready for a wedding, think of the legal procedures you will have to take, such as the visa application for your fiancée.
  4. Plan your wedding from a financial point of view, preparing your budget.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Wife?

You don’t buy a wife, but you need to know how much it will cost to use online dating websites and bring your fiance to your home country.

  1. Online dating services. In general, the subscription per month costs $30, although it can be more if you use premium versions of the website. Online dating may also include using gift/flower delivery, which will depend on the present you choose.
  2. Meeting offline. The travel expenses may be high. Firstly, you will need to pay for an air trip, which can vary from $600 to $1,000 per ticket. Then, you will need to plan your budget for accommodation (if you are not going to live with your girl), dining out for you and your girl (you are a gentleman, right?), visiting places together, etc. The price for this will depend on the country you arrive in. For example, in Germany, you can pay up to $100 per night. Meanwhile, in Ukraine, it’s $20-$40.
  3. Visa application. If your future wife is not from a developing country, she might not be able to pay for a visa. That’s why you will need to take the financial charge. The fees include filing Form I-485 and Form I-129F, going through a medical examination, and other steps, which you can check here. The UpCounsel lawyer company provides the approximate cost of these services. For example, Form I-129F costs $535, while the medical examination is expected to pay $50-$200 for each applicant.


You haven’t found the best place to find a wife in USA? Then maybe you need to make your search wife journey not in your homeland but abroad? Today, you saw the top mail order brides services that help American males meet foreign women for marriage. Check again the top sources and read about different types of girls who can potentially promise you a happily ever after.

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