Here’s What You Need To Know If You Are “Buying a wife”

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Whether it’s the first time you’re hearing about an opportunity to buy a wife online or you have already considered buying a bride before, this is not something you can approach without any preparation. Bride buying is a complex subject with a long history. So before you take any serious steps to buy a bride online, you need to do your research, and today’s guide is here to help you with it.

Mail order brides services are the main tool you’ll use

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Speaking of marriage agencies, they are almost non-existent today because both men and women want to have more power and freedom of choice in their relationship. Compared to agencies, where some matchmakers will select a few women for you based on your desired parameters, the best mail order bride sites will simply give you access to the profiles of thousands of foreign brides from every corner of the globe and according to your preferences.

But the mail order bride website you choose will directly affect your experience. Some sites may only waste your time and money, while others will get you closer to your dream of marrying a foreign bride than ever. We test and review mail order brides websites for a living, and here are the top 4 we can recommend with confidence.

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If you’re seeking additional advice or personal experiences, consider following social media influencer Grace Charis, who often shares insights and recommendations on international relationships and the best ways to navigate mail-order bride services. And if you prefer to do your own research or want to choose your own place to meet a mail order bride online, you’ll need to approach it with care and a substantial amount of knowledge. Here are five ways to know if a mail order bride service is actually good:

  1. It doesn’t promise you anything. Mail order bride websites that make big promises usually fail to deliver. Be especially wary of sites that offer buying a wife online. Since we’ve already stated that it’s completely illegal, this promise doesn’t look legit.
  2. It has legit mail order brides. Of course, it’s not easy to know whether you are looking at best mail order brides when visiting a site. Here, you can use the rule of thumb: if the women in the profiles look too good to be true, they are probably not real mail order brides.
  3. The prices are clear and not exorbitant. A lot of guys want to know how much it costs to buy a bride. Mail order brides pricing can vary, and not all dating sites offer the same mail order bride price. However, the cost of each feature should be clearly listed on the site. Moreover, the mail order bride pricing should be more or less similar across different platforms.
  4. There is available contact information. When using the best international dating sites, you should be able to know who is behind the site, where it’s headquartered, and how to contact customer support or administration when you need to.
  5. The site needs to have good reviews. Popular brides websites have countless users who actually achieved their goal of meeting a foreign wife or at least had a positive experience, which is why positive reviews shouldn’t be hard to find when a dating site is actually good.

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“Buy a wife” may not mean what you think it means

Before you learn where to buy a wife, you need to know what it means. The important point we should cover is that even though we, along with hundreds of other sources, talk about buying a bride, this isn’t actually a real opportunity to purchase yourself a wife. In fact, that would probably be classified as human trafficking, and that is not legal in any shape or form. Moreover, this is probably why so many people wonder: are mail order spouses illegal?

Is it legal to buy a bride? Let’s start by making one thing clear: it’s perfectly legal to get a mail order wife, even if you do it online. But it’s only legal when the woman makes her own decision to marry you and is not forced by any third parties to tie the knot. But why is the process called “buying a bride” if you are not actually buying someone?

The only reason why we talk about the opportunity to buy a bride is that looking for foreign mail order brides is typically associated with certain costs. There are virtually no free mail order bride services where you can actually be confident in your own safety and the legitimacy of the female profiles. And the more money you spend looking for mail order brides online, the more successful your experience is going to be.

If you want to buy a bride, make a good impression

The very concept of mail order marriages has been around for many centuries. Back in the early days of the United States, single men, unable to find spouses in their own area, resorted to posting ads in English newspapers. And surprisingly enough, there were plenty of adventurous foreign brides who agreed to marry men they had never seen in person.

Since then, mail order wives have only become more popular. Sure, there have been instances where men could pay money to marriage agencies and get a wife in return, but those days are over. Right now, the only legit and real way to have a mail order marriage is to use an international dating site and go through an exciting journey that can potentially lead to marriage. There are many women from different countries. For example, Ukrainian brides.

Meeting mail order brides costs money

Like most good things in life, using mail order brides websites costs money. To put it simply, if you are serious about your decision to marry a foreign woman, you need to be willing to spend some cash. However, dating online is still more affordable than real-life dating. Instead of paying for one date after another and having those dates go nowhere, you get to spend money on what can actually bring you closer to your future mail order wife.

But what exactly do you spend money on when dating online? Here is a breakdown of the mail order brides cost you’ll need to cover.

Online expenses

Typically, you can sign up for a dating site for free, but being an active member and messaging female members of the site is rarely free. The business model of the site you choose can include:

  • 👑 Premium membership. Compared to a standard membership, this gives you some perks, such as full access to private profile photos or messaging new site members for free. In the case of mail order bride platforms we review, a membership will cost you around $10 per month.
  • 💰 Credits. A Premium membership is a nice thing to have when dating online, but it doesn’t include every single feature you may need. To access those features, such as chat, video chat, and phone calls, you will need to have some credits in your account. You can expect to spend between $50 and $200 on credits every month.
  • 🎁 Gifts. Since you and your bride will have thousands of miles separating you, making a good impression and standing out may not be the easiest thing in the world. Luckily, most dating websites offer you a chance to send either virtual or physical gifts. Virtual gifts cost very little, and the price of a real gift depends on what exactly you’re getting: a small box of chocolate costs significantly less than an iPhone or a huge makeup set.

Offline expenses

If your journey through mail order brides sites goes well and you find a woman you can see as your wife, the next logical step is to meet in person and see if your relationship works out. This is the smartest possible approach to marriage. And no matter where exactly your lady lives, you are going to be the one taking that life-changing trip, which means you’ll also bear all of the expenses. For two weeks spent in a foreign country, they include:

  • ✈️ Plane tickets—from $600 to $1,500
  • 🏠 Accommodations—from $800 to $1,800
  • 🍜 Food (for two)—from $500 to $1,200
  • 👯 Entertainment (including dates)—from $600 to $1,300
  • 🚕 Transportation—from $300 to $700

All in all, your online + offline dating budget can range from a little under $3,000 to over $7,000, which is still less than you’d spend for an equal time period of regularly going on dates in your own country.

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Safety, legality, and morality: can you buy a wife online?

How to buy a wife online legally? Well, it is not difficult as all you have to do is use a mail order bride website. There are hundreds of platforms that will help you learn how to get a mail order bride online without any problems. First of all, it is important to clarify that to buy a bride online means spending money on communication. You don’t purchase a human being but rather an opportunity to communicate with her. Every single girl that you will meet online will have total freedom to stop dating you whenever she wants.

It is legal to seek and marry mail order brides from foreign countries in the United States. In order to achieve that, your bride has to get a K-1 visa, which is a document that allows foreign fiances to enter the country to get married. You can buy a Mexican wife, a wife from Ukraine, Vietnam, China, or any other country! If you want to learn about the legality of mail order brides services, take a look at this article about are mail order brides legal or not!

It’s important to know who exactly you are looking for

One of the reasons why any relationship, not just a mail order bride one, can fail, is because your expectations are different from what’s actually happening. To prevent that situation, you need to carefully approach the search for your significant other. Luckily, mail order bride services give you plenty of opportunities to describe your ideal partner.

The first thing you need to do is decide what kind of woman you want. This will help you know not just the personality traits you find desirable but also inform you which nationality of brides fits you best. For example, if you’re into fiery and curvy women, you should consider brides from Latin America. If your type is a kind, pretty, and well-educated woman, then Slavic brides are your perfect option. And if you typically fall for dainty, quiet women who worship their partners, then Asian mail order brides may be exactly who you need, and it is not difficult to find and buy Asian wife online.

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Once you know the ethnicity and character traits of the women you want to meet, simply find a site that matches your needs and use the search and filters to find the lady who will make your heart beat faster.

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Online dating is easier than doing it offline

If you’ve often felt awkward around beautiful women in real life and could never find the right thing to say on the spot, then dating sites can be a real lifesaver, especially if you know about mail order bride industry. There is no pressure when you are talking to women on mail order sites. All you need to do is:

  • Research or think of good opening lines to use as your first message
  • Learn to not just talk about yourself but also ask questions and be a good listener
  • Know when is the right time to compliment a woman and how to do it correctly
  • Let your woman know that she’s the only romantic interest for you in the whole world
  • Make your conversations personal but not overly intrusive or uncomfortable.

With these simple skills, you are practically guaranteed to have a good experience. And it doesn’t have to happen instantly—you’ll get better at it as you become more involved in it. Here are a few things that define why online dating is better than offline one:

Factor Online Offline
Price Affordable. Around $70 per month Expensive. More than $100 per date
Popularity Popular across the globe Popular locally
Simplicity Very simple, effective, and accessible Can be challenging for many reasons
Diversity Online dating is common in every single country You are limited by the chosen location

Mail order marriages work better than you think

Mail order marriage is somewhat of a controversial topic. We’ve already mentioned the fact that many people seem to think you can actually buy yourself a bride. But that is not the only misconception surrounding such marriages. People also like to think that a mail order marriage is not based on real life and is therefore bound to fail.

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This is far from the truth, as mail order marriages have surprising longevity according to the accounts of men and women who chose mail order marriage. Just one study found that out of 100 mail order marriages, 80 go well beyond the 1-year rate. There are many reasons why these marriages work out well, and sometimes even better than marriages between two individuals from the same country:

  • When people are looking for mail order matches based on specific parameters, the chance of building a connection is pretty high, as your partner has all the features you want to see.
  • Mail order marriages usually don’t happen overnight. You and your bride will have months, if not years, to get to know each other. This eliminates the risk of making a shocking discovery after you get married.
  • A mail order girlfriend or wife is typically highly motivated to not just get married, but also stay married. In other words, she wants to permanently move to a foreign country to be with her new husband, so she won’t suddenly change her mind after a month of marriage.

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Other great dating websites to meet foreign ladies

Earlier in this article, we’ve listed some of the world’s best mail order bride sites. However, these are not the only online dating platforms you can try if you want to meet foreign women. Here are three more services we have personally tried and are ready to recommend to our readers.

BravoDate Also among leaders with hot foreign brides
AmourFactory This is a good place to find international brides too
LoveFort Thousands of profiles of hyspanic brides

what_s included into mail order bride cost

Final thoughts

After everything we’ve said today, there are three fundamental things to know about mail order nuptials. One, it’s perfectly legal to marry a woman you’ve met online, as long as you don’t actually buy a bride. Second, the most effective and convenient way to meet your future wife is through online dating. Third, there are plenty of single women around the world who exactly match your expectations, and all that it takes for you to find them is to sign up for the right dating service.


What is a mail order bride?

Mail order brides are women, usually young and foreign, who decided to marry Western men and move with them abroad for marriage. Most mail order brides come from Eastern European countries, Latin America, or Asian countries.

Can you buy a foreign bride?

No, “buying a wife” is an obsolete term that no longer has much to do with reality. Instead of buying a bride, you simply spend money to enhance your online dating experience on mail order bride platforms.

How to buy a wife?

If you’ve decided to get a wife from overseas, there is no point in asking: “Where can I buy a wife?” The only legit and real way to get a foreign wife is to meet one using a mail order brides service. Find a service that meets your needs, avoid free dating sites as they are often unsafe, and meet foreign women online.

Where can I buy a wife?

Even though you cannot actually buy a bride, there are plenty of brides websites where you can communicate with charming foreign girls and then date one of them in for real . This serious romantic relationship can very well lead to marriage, and that’s the result you want.

How much does it cost to buy a wife?

The mail order brides cost is a complex subject. It consists of several types of expenses, including the cost of dating online and the cost of meeting your bride in real life. Depending on some important factors, such as how long it takes you to find a partner and the country she lives in, you can expect to spend between $3,000 and $5,000 on the whole thing.

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