Getting The Correct Courier Insurance This Christmas 


2020/21 has seen a huge rise in the number of people choosing to shop online. Whether it’s gifts, furniture or groceries, the world has gone mad for online shopping. As a result of this increase in demand, delivery services have had no option but to keep up with this new way of life. Courier drivers have been working tirelessly since the pandemic began and, there’s no sign of things changing anytime soon. So, with the consistent proliferation of eCommerce this year, where has this left Courier drivers?

The run-up to Christmas 

Whilst the world has adapted to its ‘new normal’ and bricks and mortar businesses are back open, many people are still left fearful of shopping in person. With some people still isolating, suffering from long-covid, or protecting their family members, the highstreets will remain quieter this year. What’s more, as the government discuss new COVID-19 variants and talk of another lockdown begins, people will be more inclined to do their Christmas shopping at home. So, what does this mean for Courier drivers?

A huge surge in demand should be expected. What’s more, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals taking over the eCommerce world, online shopping is busier than ever. 

Difficulties for Drivers 

For Courier drivers to keep up with the demand for online shopping, they end up getting pulled in all directions. The more people that are waiting for deliveries, the more time Courier drivers need to complete their jobs. However, there has been a recent increase in complaints and claims regarding poor delivery service and damaged or missing goods. Courier drivers argue that this is due to the immense pressure of the recent demand for deliveries. Therefore, the once personal service has now become a test of speed. 

Courier insurance 

It is a legal requirement that all courier drivers get courier insurance if they use their van for commercial use. Whether you own your delivery service or run a larger fleet, courier insurance is necessary. So, protect yourself, your business, and the goods you carry by insuring your van with the right policy. 

There are two main types of courier insurance you can get:

  • Comprehensive 
  • Third-Party, fire, and theft

Do your research to find the right policy for your needs. Each policy covers you for different things, so it’s important you add any extra cover you need, these could be liability insurance, goods in transit, and more. So, take your time to carefully consider your policy. 

To ensure you stay safe and your business runs smoothly this festive season, mandatory courier insurance and sensible option. 

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