FabriikX Drops British Comedian, Photographer Steve Best NFTs on Day 2 of BSV Global Blockchain Convention


Digital financial services firm Fabriik COO Steve Bailey is one of the presenters for Day 2 of the BSV Global Blockchain Convention taking place at the Grand Hyatt in Dubai. The three-day event kicked off yesterday, May 24, and will end tomorrow, May 26.

Bailey begins his presentation with updates on what Fabriik has already delivered, which includes its institutional arm Round Rock, its all-new crypto wallet, Fabriik Weave API and the community-centric NFT marketplace FabriikX.

“As a digital financial services company, our vision is for everybody everywhere to be able to reimagine prosperity in the digital economy. It’s been a long road for Fabriik, but we entered the delivery stage in November last year. And with delivery comes a lot of focus and solid execution,” Bailey began. 

“We spun off the institutional arm of our business, so now, Round Rack can dedicate a hundred percent of its focus serving large liquidity customers and its white-glove concierge trading services. This also allows the Fabriik team to focus our time on delivering products and services to meet the individual investor,” Bailey added. 

Fabriik’s crypto wallet is self-custodial, multi-currency and mobile-first. Launched just last month, Fabriik wallet is built on the BRD wallet open-source code, which then allows users to restore their previous BRD wallets. It now carries over 40 cryptos for buying, trading and storing. Batch by batch, Bailey promises that its listing of cryptos will continue to increase. 

According to Bailey, Fabriik Weave API, “a super simple crypto to crypto exchange tool that allows users with the ability to swap cryptos in just three easy steps,” affords websites a seamless interaction with their front end. Users need not go out of the website to do an exchange. 

Bailey saves the highlight at the end of his presentation, revealing that FabriikX has been working with popular British comedian and photographer Steve Best to create a series of NFTs entitled “Comedians Back to Front.” Although Best could not make it to Dubai, he was seen in a short video explaining what his NFTs are all about and letting people know that his NFTs have just dropped earlier that day. 

“This will give my fans and followers an opportunity to own a unique, one-of-a-kind, multi-sensory digital collectible that will capture a moment in history that’s never been shared before… So, a digital and physical collectible, so you have the complete package. I’m very excited about this,” Best said. 


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Best, who has performed all over the world, has also released two books, “Joker Face” and “Comedy Snapshot.” Artists like Best choose FabriikX because its minting platform is built on the BSV Blockchain, which has enabled limitless scaling; thus, allowing for its transaction fees to be as low as fractions of a penny. 

“Because of the superpower of BSV and the low transaction fees, [artists] are able to list them for lower pricing than they would. Lower pricing, obviously [means] more sales, as well. And again, its full asset minted on the chain. So, it’s there [forever] and it’s instantaneous,” Bailey shared. 

FabriikX has also recently collaborated with Ukrainian American Yuriy Porytko to release “The Ukrainian Relief NFT collection. Composed of two charity NFTs sold at $100 each, all proceeds will go to the United Ukrainian American Relief Committee (UUARC) to help residents affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

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